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Vineyard Side Nets are narrow width nets which cover and protect the fruiting zone of the vine while using less netting fabric thereby reducing crop-protection costs. Side nets allow adequate sunlight and airflow to the canopy and economical bird protection.
EyouAgro Side Netting is a close mesh netting that is particularly good for insect protection and prevents birds from pecking the fruit, while allowing air flow around the vines and shade is minimal.
The technical parameters used to in vine bird netting are:
Width (Inches, Feet or Metres),
Length (Feet or Metres),
Weight (Oz./Sq. Yd., or Grams Per Sq. Metre),
Mesh size/hole size (Inches or Millimetres).
According to customer’s feedback, we optimized the sizes, now we supplier the standard sizes are 0.75x500m and 0.9x500m . we could also accept the customized size.
Mechanical handling and physical damage to nets are primarily caused through rubbing, snagging, and tearing. Rubbing can occur on post tops or any other rough surface,which may be in contact with the net. As the nets move due to the winds, it increases the chance of wind rub.

The heavier the weight of the nets, the greater the degree of resistance to rubbing, snagging, and tearing. Lightweight and extruded nets offer far lower resistance and thus have shorter life spans.

Ultra Violet Light breaks down untreated plastic netting. Nets produced from polyethylene without being treated for UV, will weaken and start breaking down in years of being exposed to the sun and elements. UV protection additives are added in several ways to the production process when the yarn is extruded.

It is almost impossible to determine the type and percentage of UV additives in netting, without a scientific analysis. A net with very little, or a low grade UV additive can look identical to a net fully treated with the best additive, but would have a fraction of the life expectancy. The UV treatment forms a significant portion of the cost of production, so emphasis should be placed on the UV warranty offered on the netting.

Quality netting generally come with a significant UV warranty. For example, EyouAgro offers a 5 year pro rata UV warranty on standard nets and 10 year pro rata UV warranty on extra quality nets.

There have been a couple studies done with mixed results largely because there are so many other variables that affect how the grapes turn out. White nets have been used traditionally; however over the last five years demand for black nets has surpassed the demand for white nets. The choice of colour still remains a personal preference.

the different advantage of Black nets and white nets :

1. Carbon black additive used is a natural UV inhibitor adding to the UV resistance, and life of the nets.
2. Black nets are aesthetically better as they have a low visual impact tend to blend in with the vines whereas white is quite conspicuous.

3. The white net can make it easier for birds to discover, preventing birds from entering your orchard, stealing your grapes, and crops.
4. Grapes and vines are easier to inspect through the white nets.

Correct storage of nets is important to get the most out of the life of your nets.

Unnecessary exposure to the sun and other elements, storing when wet or in areas where rats and mice may nest, will decrease the life of your nets dramatically.
EyouAgro supply the special net fastening clip and winter fix to help you store the nets easily.

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Bee Netting: The Buyers Guide (2021)

There are solutions to control the bird’s interaction in the vineyards. Birds netting is an effective technique used to discourage birds from entering the grapes farm. It is an easy, effective, and cost-efficient way to save the crop field.

Table of Contents

What is the function of the vineyard netting?

Birds are considered the biggest enemy of the agriculture community. For farmers, it is difficult to control them with the proper guide. There are solutions to control the bird’s interaction in the vineyards. Birds netting is an effective technique used to discourage birds from entering the grapes farm. It is an easy, effective, and cost-efficient way to save the crop field.


What is the vineyard netting materials?

Vineyard netting or anti birds netting is a technique to prevent birds. Vineyard netting material is made up of HDPE Knitted Netting that comes in different shapes, sizes, and forms. The most commonly used net is a small mesh, which is usually in a triangle or diamond mesh made up of polypropylene.

Which vineyard netting is best?

There are different types of vineyard netting available in the market. Depending upon the need of your yard, consider the one from the below:

  • Extruded

Extruded netting is made up of the versatile polymer black polyethylene. It is light in weight and is UV safe. It has a ¾ inch mesh size that can be used to cover under, over, or all around the yard. It’s best for big beak birds, but for smaller birds, one needs to add another layer of this net.

  • Knitted

Knitted netting is manufactured from high-density polyethylene, which fits heavy-duty needs. It is durable and strong than extruded netting. It is fireproof and more durable that prevents birds effectively from damaging the vineyard. Easy to install and light in weight that will not damage the fruit.

This industrial-strength knitted netting available in the vineyard market that is beyond extruded, and knotted netting. HDPE monofilaments are used in order to have great strength. It also has UV and has water resistance and fireproof properties.

  • Knotted

Knotted is similar to knitted netting. It is manufactured from high-density polyethylene. The difference lies in the twine knot; that knot is tied at the time of manufacturing, making it more durable. This netting can bear more than 47 pounds. Because of its durability and strength, it is mostly purchased by commercial vineyard owners—the best option for commercial yards.

Vineyard netting accessories

Vineyard netting also requires different accessories that help in installing and maintain it in a specific position. Below is the list of accessories that needs to be purchased along with the net for easy installation and removal.

Wire rope and tensioning products to install and join net at different points.

Vineyard Netting clips

Vineyard Netting applicator

There are different applicators available in the market that apply the net without any hassle. The machine does all the work. All you need to have is the netting material. The machine applicator is a fast, safe, and economical way of covering vineyards with the net. Different netting has different applicators look for one that best suits your need.

How to check the quality of vineyard netting?

Companies manufacturing vineyard net pass the net through different quality control checks to provide the perfect product to its client. While buying, carefully read out the material of the net as it should be as of your requirement. Also, companies mention the quality lab test reports check them before buying them. I prefer to go for ones that offer a warranty so that if it does not come the way, you have an option to claim the warranty.

How to pack the vineyard netting before shipping?

Vineyard netting or any kind of anti-bird netting is packed in jumbo rolls and packed tightly and safely to secure net material or any damage. The jumbo rolls also are great savers for the agriculturist or the farmers. Usually, netting is sold in jumbo rolls, but locals and retailers also sell it in small packages depending upon the needs of the customer.

What is the main vineyard netting manufacturing process?

Vineyard netting material is extracted from denier 630, which is usually 0.3mm thick, a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) monofilament.

HDPE is available in the form of beads and grains, which are used after melting. The liquid is then mixed with color, UV filter, and fireproof material before making it a 0.3mm monofilament.

The monofilament is twisted in bundles many times to form a mesh form. The final mesh has a strength of bearing 14kg weight. The bearing strength of the net can be much stronger. The knots in the mesh pass through a high heat source to prevent slippage. Nets are finished by hand through highly skilled labor. Nets are squared off and finally cut to size or joined to form a large one.

Joining the mesh to form the net accurately and finely is a highly skilled job, and all is done by hand during the manufacturing process.

How to choose the right type of your vineyard?

There are different types of vineyard netting, as mentioned above. Think of your farm and think of the birds that are in the area. Consider the thickness of the net, weight, material, and shade your grape farm require. Then contact or visit There, our team will guide you and answer all the queries to get the best-fit vineyard net you want. Choosing the right fit is mandatory, so choose the type and then contact for further guidance.

When to plant vineyard netting?

The birds usually damage the plant when it is ripe. The best time to install a net in your yard is right after the bunches of grapes develop. Normally the time of mid-spring. Some of the grapes started to rip at the end of august, implying that grapes are full of flavor and appealing to birds in the early summer times. The color of the grapes is developed almost three weeks before their ripeness. One should net the grapes before the birds can find them—the time when bunches are developed but not soft and colorful to attract the attention of birds. Make sure to fully secure the grapes because birds can manage to get in the net from the bottom to get the fruit. The net should be in the yard until you are ready to harvest it.


Eyouagro is a leading provider of agriculture protection textiles and accessories since early 1996. Whether you need to protect your vines or grapes from birds, insects, bugs, or external weather conditions, you need the right tools for it. Eyouagro proudly provides you with shade protection, wind protection, hail protection, bird control, and many accessories that you might need to install your nettings.

Our years of experience have allowed us to ensure your crops and grapevines are protected against all external factors that can damage your vines. Allowing us to incorporate our expertise with your knowledge of growing healthy vines will enable you to protect yourself from any financial losses or losses in the form of damaged vines.

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