LED Linear Wall Washer Light for Your Facade Lighting Projects.

We carry a wide variety of LED Wall Washers for your architecture facade lighting projects.

LED Wall Washer to Support Your Projects

Find the right wall washer lights below for your facade projects; all of our products are provided with up to 5 years warranty.

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Net Fastering Clips
rc ln1911a
Net Fastering Clips
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Net Fastering Clips
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Net Fastering Clips

LED Wall Washer Manufacturer in China

RC Lighting is one of the best exterior facade LED wall washer manufacturers. We produce the led wall washer products in our dust-free workshop to ensure all the goods you received are of great quality.

Our automated production lines and skilled workers can ensure that you can receive our products within 7-15 days after you place your order.

Our LED wall washer including recessed linear outdoor and indoor LED wall washer, RGB and RGBW LED wall washer, etc.

Custom Perfect LED Wall Washer for Your Projects

Are you looking for a special led wall washer for your projects? RC Lighting can provide you with a one-stop solution. Modify beam angles, color temperature, sizes, wattage, lumens, and much more. Turn ideas into reality easily.

hail netting for vineyard
Why RC Lighting Can Be Your Best LED Wall Washer Supplier

All of the R&C Lighting’s services are client-centric. We have built a proper streamlined procedure starting from taking design inquiries to delivering the best products at your doorstep. Each process is strictly supervised according to the ISO standards.

Our dust-free manufacturing plants make use of premium quality materials, silicon bars, control systems, and fixtures from trustworthy raw material suppliers. Cree, Osram, Mean Well, Philips and Tridonic are a part of our big family.

Our long-lasting LED Wall Washers consume less power and are highly economical as they require lower maintenance afterward. We are fully willing to provide all sorts of on-line and on-site technical help. To ensure superb efficiency, we perform 13 vigorous tests on each unit.

Illuminate hotels, malls, restaurants, parks, and other outdoor areas with our immaculate LED Wall Washers. Create an ambient mood with customized color temperatures, voltages, beam angles, and intensity specific to your area.

We can take orders in any quantity and deliver within 7-15 days in customized packaging based on your requirements. Save your time and money and get 5-years of warranty for LED wall washers.

R&C Lighting has achieved the highest trust level from all kinds of clients, wholesalers, retailers, and project managers alike. We never compromise on quality; we are a dedicated team built to serve!

Your Trustworthy LED Facade Lighting Supplier in China

R&C Lighting produces a broader range of facade lighting products, including LED wall washers, linear light, floodlight, and pixel lights. All our products come with a warranty and replacement policy because we always put our customers first!

All our products are tested and guaranteed to be durable for a lifetime. Our units are produced in a dust-free environment and have high-rated hours, water, and heat-resistant properties.

We can customize the facade lighting to suit your projects, from appearance and performance to control systems and packaging.

R&C lighting has helped many companies realize their facade lighting dreams in residential buildings, restaurants, concerts, malls, and plazas. You can be next!

Our Past Success

In the past decade, We have delivered our prodcut solution to 55 countries and 150+ top orchards to protect their plants. 

trusted by clients

Trusted By

In the past decade,
Our team has helped client’s from over 55 countries.
We provide professional advice, customized solutions and customer service to help 150+ top orchards to protect their fruits and palnts.

trusted by clients
Manufacturing and Certifications

Our strict ISO compliant manufacturing process and vigorous testing procedure have built solid credibility over the last 12 years. Most of our products are CE, ETL and RoHS certified.

Want to Discuss Your Vineyard Protection Solution ?

Submit Your Inquiry to EyouAgro,All The Inquiries Will Be Replied Within 12 Hours.

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Vineyard Side Nets are narrow width nets which cover and protect the fruiting zone of the vine while using less netting fabric thereby reducing crop-protection costs. Side nets allow adequate sunlight and airflow to the canopy and economical bird protection.
EyouAgro Side Netting is a close mesh netting that is particularly good for insect protection and prevents birds from pecking the fruit, while allowing air flow around the vines and shade is minimal.
The technical parameters used to in vine bird netting are:
Width (Inches, Feet or Metres),
Length (Feet or Metres),
Weight (Oz./Sq. Yd., or Grams Per Sq. Metre),
Mesh size/hole size (Inches or Millimetres).
According to customer’s feedback, we optimized the sizes, now we supplier the standard sizes are 0.75x500m and 0.9x500m . we could also accept the customized size.
Mechanical handling and physical damage to nets are primarily caused through rubbing, snagging, and tearing. Rubbing can occur on post tops or any other rough surface,which may be in contact with the net. As the nets move due to the winds, it increases the chance of wind rub.

The heavier the weight of the nets, the greater the degree of resistance to rubbing, snagging, and tearing. Lightweight and extruded nets offer far lower resistance and thus have shorter life spans.

Ultra Violet Light breaks down untreated plastic netting. Nets produced from polyethylene without being treated for UV, will weaken and start breaking down in years of being exposed to the sun and elements. UV protection additives are added in several ways to the production process when the yarn is extruded.

It is almost impossible to determine the type and percentage of UV additives in netting, without a scientific analysis. A net with very little, or a low grade UV additive can look identical to a net fully treated with the best additive, but would have a fraction of the life expectancy. The UV treatment forms a significant portion of the cost of production, so emphasis should be placed on the UV warranty offered on the netting.

Quality netting generally come with a significant UV warranty. For example, EyouAgro offers a 5 year pro rata UV warranty on standard nets and 10 year pro rata UV warranty on extra quality nets.

There have been a couple studies done with mixed results largely because there are so many other variables that affect how the grapes turn out. White nets have been used traditionally; however over the last five years demand for black nets has surpassed the demand for white nets. The choice of colour still remains a personal preference.

the different advantage of Black nets and white nets :

1. Carbon black additive used is a natural UV inhibitor adding to the UV resistance, and life of the nets.
2. Black nets are aesthetically better as they have a low visual impact tend to blend in with the vines whereas white is quite conspicuous.

3. The white net can make it easier for birds to discover, preventing birds from entering your orchard, stealing your grapes, and crops.
4. Grapes and vines are easier to inspect through the white nets.

Correct storage of nets is important to get the most out of the life of your nets.

Unnecessary exposure to the sun and other elements, storing when wet or in areas where rats and mice may nest, will decrease the life of your nets dramatically.
EyouAgro supply the special net fastening clip and winter fix to help you store the nets easily.

If there are no informations you want in the FAQ pages? It doesn’t matter.
Click the “Contact Us Button” and fill in your questions, we will reply you within 2 hours.
If your question adopted by EyouAgro and showing in the FAQ Pages.
You will get 3% discount or 100 USD coupon in your first order, your email address will be the only evidence.