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Vineyard Side Nets are narrow width nets which cover and protect the fruiting zone of the vine while using less netting fabric thereby reducing crop-protection costs. Side nets allow adequate sunlight and airflow to the canopy and economical bird protection.
EyouAgro Side Netting is a close mesh netting that is particularly good for insect protection and prevents birds from pecking the fruit, while allowing air flow around the vines and shade is minimal.
The technical parameters used to in vine bird netting are:
Width (Inches, Feet or Metres),
Length (Feet or Metres),
Weight (Oz./Sq. Yd., or Grams Per Sq. Metre),
Mesh size/hole size (Inches or Millimetres).
According to customer’s feedback, we optimized the sizes, now we supplier the standard sizes are 0.75x500m and 0.9x500m . we could also accept the customized size.
Mechanical handling and physical damage to nets are primarily caused through rubbing, snagging, and tearing. Rubbing can occur on post tops or any other rough surface,which may be in contact with the net. As the nets move due to the winds, it increases the chance of wind rub.

The heavier the weight of the nets, the greater the degree of resistance to rubbing, snagging, and tearing. Lightweight and extruded nets offer far lower resistance and thus have shorter life spans.

Ultra Violet Light breaks down untreated plastic netting. Nets produced from polyethylene without being treated for UV, will weaken and start breaking down in years of being exposed to the sun and elements. UV protection additives are added in several ways to the production process when the yarn is extruded.

It is almost impossible to determine the type and percentage of UV additives in netting, without a scientific analysis. A net with very little, or a low grade UV additive can look identical to a net fully treated with the best additive, but would have a fraction of the life expectancy. The UV treatment forms a significant portion of the cost of production, so emphasis should be placed on the UV warranty offered on the netting.

Quality netting generally come with a significant UV warranty. For example, EyouAgro offers a 5 year pro rata UV warranty on standard nets and 10 year pro rata UV warranty on extra quality nets.

There have been a couple studies done with mixed results largely because there are so many other variables that affect how the grapes turn out. White nets have been used traditionally; however over the last five years demand for black nets has surpassed the demand for white nets. The choice of colour still remains a personal preference.

the different advantage of Black nets and white nets :

1. Carbon black additive used is a natural UV inhibitor adding to the UV resistance, and life of the nets.
2. Black nets are aesthetically better as they have a low visual impact tend to blend in with the vines whereas white is quite conspicuous.

3. The white net can make it easier for birds to discover, preventing birds from entering your orchard, stealing your grapes, and crops.
4. Grapes and vines are easier to inspect through the white nets.

Correct storage of nets is important to get the most out of the life of your nets.

Unnecessary exposure to the sun and other elements, storing when wet or in areas where rats and mice may nest, will decrease the life of your nets dramatically.
EyouAgro supply the special net fastening clip and winter fix to help you store the nets easily.

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Why You Choose Eyouagro?
Why EyouAgro
Raw Material

Eyouagro used 100% pure virgin HDPE Resin as material, it is non-toxic, eco-friendly.

UV Stabilizer

According to global different areas, we make the special UV stabilizer formula for them. 5-8 Years guarantee.

Innovative Agrotextile

Special lockstitch knit makes the fabric more strength. High technology and quality for Agriculture Protection Textile

5 Reason to Choose EyouAgro
Certified by
Our Past Successes

In the past decade, We’ve delivered our product solution
to top orchards in the industry

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Method of Manufacture
C02 Manufacture 02
Vineyard Side Netting Installation
Side Netting Installation

Net Fastening Clip is an innovative concept of clips. It’s the best solution for fixing side netting in the middle of the row. 

50/bag · 1000/case

Vineyard Side Netting Install 2
Side Netting Installation

Net Fastening Clip is an innovative concept of clips. It’s the best solution for fixing side netting in the middle of the row. 

50/bag · 1000/case

Want to Know More Installation Guideline?
EyouAgro Butterfly Clip
Butterfly Clips

Butterfly Clips are durable and innovative concept nylon clips shape to security fastener side netting to the structure.

100/bag · 2000/case

Side Netting Clips
Net Fastering Clips

Net Fastening Clip is an innovative concept of clips. It’s the best solution for fixing side netting in the middle of the row. 

50/bag · 1000/case

Winter Fix
Net Winter Fix

Winter Fix is durable nylon clip , ideal for the security fastener and collection the side netting in the winter. 

100/bag · 1200/case

Looking for Your Installation Accessary?
Eyouagro Agrotextile 3
EyouAgro Agrotextile
Professional Manufacturer
Helping Growers Since 1996
Protect Your Crops, Farms, Orchards
EyouAgro Shade Netting
Shade Netting
Eyouagro Bird Netting
Bird Netting
Insect Netting
Hail Netting
Hail Netting
Insect Netting
Want to discuss Your Agriculture Protection Solution?
Triangle Mesh 60grm

Triangle Mesh

Triangle mesh vineyard side netting is the most popular. Allow light and air to get trees. Special strong selvage. 

60g/m2 · White

Triangle Plus Mesh 60grm

Triangle Plus Mesh

Triangle Plus mesh vineyard side net is a special and innovative design. It’s the best solution for Bird, Wasp protection. 

60g/m2 · White

Square Mesh 50grm

Square Mesh

Square mesh side netting is an innovative design for water permeability and does not impede spraying procedures. 

60g/m2 · White

TypeMesh SizeWeight ShadingSizeColourUV Warranty
 [mm][g/m2] [%][m]
Triangle Mesh8.5×2.5/26025%0.7x500m – 0.9x500mWhite/Black5 Year
Triangle Plus Mesh8.5×1.0/26040%0.7x500m – 0.9x500mWhite/Black5 Year
Square Mesh8.5×26020%0.7x500m – 0.9x500mWhite/Green5 Year
Bird Netting to Protect Your Fruit and Plants

Find the right Bird Netting below for your farms;
All of our products are provided with up to 5 years warranty.

bnt 2020

Lightweight Bird Netting is one single-use design. It is a low-cost option but non-durable. Allow light and air to get trees. 

20g/m2 · 20x20mm

bnt 1535 2
Fruit Tree

Fruit Tree Bird Netting is the most popular for bird protection. Cost-Effective. 5years Warranty.
Special strong selvage. 

35g/m2 · 15x15mm

bnt 1045

Multipurpose Bird Netting is ideal for bird protection, hail protection, Wasp protection. It is a special and innovative design.

45g/m2 · 10x10mm

bnt 1560

Canopy Bird Netting is a Heavy duty innovative design. Strong Twist strands mesh, ideal for resisting the big birds, like parrots

60g/m2 · 15x15mm

Product No.Mesh Size [mm]Weight [g/m2]Shade Value Width [m]Windbreak UV WarrantyIdeal for 
BNT-202020x20mm2010% 4 -8 -12 -16 – 2421%3 yearsLight Weight | One single use
BNT-153515x15mm3523% 4 -8 -10 -12 -1824%5 yearsCost-Effective  | Fruit tree bird protection
BNT-104510x10mm4528% 4 -8 -10 -12 -1840%5 yearsMultipurpose | Bird and Hail Protection
BNT-156015x15mm6024% 4 -8 -10 -12 -1825%8 yearsHeavy Duty, Strong | Popular for canopy
Want to Customoize Your Orchard Bird Netting ?

We will contact you within 1 working day, please pay attention to the email with the suffix “@eyouagro.com”

Agriculture Protection Textile

Agriculture Protection Crop Covers are mostly used to prevent and manage microcliamte.
They are used primarily to slow erosion, improve soil health, enhance water availability, smother weeds, help control pests and diseases, increase biodiversity and bring a host of other benefits to your farm.

Eyouagro Logo 1000x

The favorable microclimate makes plants healthier and stronger. Less chemical treatment is required. Plants can put their energy into fruiting.

We help farmers minimize loss by providing them with sustainable, green, healthier solutions to their protection needs and establish favorable microclimate.

Ideal cultivation conditions increase the photosynthesis of plants, thereby producing polyphenols. The increase in polyphenols means that A safer, healthier food, Better health for humans.

Why You Choose Eyouagro?
Why EyouAgro
Rich Experience

Ets.1996, 25+years’Export and Industry Experience, Serving more than 55 countries and areas.

Excellent Convenience

One-Stop Service, from Customers’idea, sampling, testing, producing, package delivery, and after-service. Solution-finder for agriculture  issues

Multiple Choices

Large product offering available to the agriculture protection, construction protection to garden decoration markets and their related accessories.

5 Reason to Choose EyouAgro
Certified by
Our Past Successes

In the past decade, We’ve delivered our product solution
to top orchards in the industry

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Beginner Guideline
007 startup
What You'll Learn

If you are a beginner and have a new orchard and have been thinking about how to better protect your orchard, we hope this article will provide some useful help and insight.
We are confident that if you follow the methods and tips discussed here, your new orchard will get off to a great start!

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