Windbreak Netting

Help control erosion, control air blown litter and dust, reduce evaporation, etc

Best Windbreak Netting Suppiler

The Best Choices for Protect Your Orchard or Vineyard.

EyouAgro Windbreak Netting is made from knitted polyethylene monofilament,frequently used in horticulture to protect crops from heavy winds. 

  • Control Erosion
  • Control Air blown litter and Dust
  • Enhance Habitat Diversity
  • Reduce Evaporation
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General Application For Windbrak Netting

Shade cloth has the following wide range of applications , Inquiry us for more solution.

General Hot Selling Products
Windbreak Netting to Protect Your Orchard

Find the rights WindScreen below for your farm; All of our products are provided with up to 5 years warranty.

30% wind reduction
35% Wind Reduction

35% WindScreen is one of the screens protecting the growth of plants or crops from been destroyed by winds. This wind net has been widely used in the agricultural industry.

  • Weight: 110grm
  • Wind Reduction: 35%
  • Dimensions: 1,00m x 100m  | 2,00m x 100m | 3,00m x 100m | 4,00m x 100m | 6,00m x 100m
  • UV Warranty: 5 Years Pro-Rate UV Stability
50% wind reduction
50% Wind Reduction

50% WindScreen is a major component of successful agricultural and commercial operations throughout the world. They can help control erosion, blowing snow, enhance habitat diversity, control air blown litter and dust, reduce evaporation, etc

  • Weight: 135grm
  • Wind Reduction: 50%
  • Dimensions: 1,50m x 50m | 2,00m x 50m | 3,00m x 50m | 3,00m x 100m | 4,00m x 100m
  • UV Warranty: 5 Years Pro-Rate UV Stability
70% wind reduction
70% Wind Reduction

70% WindScreen is made with windscreen fabric weave which we all know to be a high-density material with high water and wind resistance ability. This mesh has up to 70% wind/visibility blockage, and also adequately prevents UV penetrations.

  • Weight: 180grm
  • Wind Reduction: 70%
  • Dimensions: 2,00m x 50m | 3,00m x 100m | 4,00m x 100m
  • UV Warranty: 5 Years Pro-Rate UV Stability
EyouAgro is a Windbreak Netting Manufacturer in China.
We can produce windscreen netting, wind block netting, wind protection netting for your orchard.
No matter if you are looking for a wholesale supplier or if you need a custom-made windbreak fabric , we can all help.
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A Brief Self-Nomination​, Why Choose EyouAgro?

Founded in 1996, EyouAgro uses Knitted and Woven technology to design, develop and manufacture Agriculture Protection Textiles.
EyouAgro offers clients a wide choice of standard and customized Polymer Netting for their farm or orchard needs.

Windbreak Netting Suppiler in China

Keeping the plants protected from Heavy Strong Winds!

EyouAgro has a significant windscreen manufacturing capability.

  • Certified by ISO9001, REACH, Rohs, SGS certification.
  • Automated Raschel production line, create over 10,000sqm per day.
  • Manufacture directly, large scale production and Well trained workers.

Whether you need windscreen or need to custom any netting products.
EyouAgro always satisfies your needs.

We Have Great Answer
Commonly Asked Questions

Well, the material can tear but one thing is sure that will be after a long period considering the level of durability of the EyouAgro windbreak materials.

Whether the material will tear or not is also dependent on the type of windbreak net you go for.


It's not made of organic materials but rather synthetic fibers and plastic so it's not biodegradable hence, wouldn't and can't rot in any condition.

Absolutely, Yes.

Windbreak net purchased from EyouAgro do exactly what they are designed to do.

With the least wind resistance capability of 35%, you shouldn't have any worries using this product.


There are several grades to windbreak nets available on the EyouAgro platform, with each of the windbreaks constructed with different materials and a varying price range. Windbreak nets manufactured with strong materials are quite more expensive than normal windbreak nets.

EyouAgro doesn't build windbreak nets with the sole aim of keeping rodents out. Although the nets are made of durable materials, rodents still find it easy to chew the nets up. Doubling the net material could probably keep rodents out but it's untested.

Yes. Using cable lines, nails, or any other fastener, you can attach your windbreak to a larch fence.

Windbreak nets at EyouAgro, are designed to prevent erosion, and soil erosion causes one of the major damages to vegetable patches. The windbreak net will help reduce possibilities of soil erosion, air-borne diseases as well as other possible damages to vegetable patches that result from bad weather conditions.


Preventing ultraviolet rays from gaining entry into your farmland is one of the basic functions of the windbreak net. However, depending on the material used in its construction, there are different degrees to which the net can withstand U.V. rays penetration. With the right material, you’ve no problem.


In as much as the windbreak netting is not positioned directly on the sharp edge’s flat top just like a barb wire is constructed, the windbreak netting will fit perfectly.

Strengthening your windbreak net installation solely depends on the material you use for both your frame and net. Frames constructed using wood planks wouldn’t be as strong as frames constructed using light metals. Asides from the quality, the quantity also matters. You can further apply strength to your frame by doubling whichever material you use. For firm nets, you should make use of strong synthetic fibers that will hardly wear/tear over time.

Windbreak Netting:The Buyer Guide 2021

Heavy wind at high speed will not only cause major damages to your homestead, but it will also affect temperature variations in your homestead, affecting your plant’s growth rate and health generally.

Windbreak netting helps provide constant and adequate protection to your homestead, guiding the homestead against gale-force winds, and it does this without competing with your farm produce for nutrient, resources just like living windbreaks do. Windbreak netting has also been recorded as one of the best ways to protect the homestead from evaporation and disease outbreaks.

Table of Contents

What is Windbreak Netting?

Windbreak netting is also called dust-proof netting, it’s a barrier for wind/dust invasion used in industrial, domestic, and engines activities. It’s constructed using frames and nets which serve mainly as the barrier. The net is most times made of high density polyethylene which helps maintain its firmness and build on its shading property.

windbreak netting application 800x400
Windbreak Netting

What are the different types of Windbreak Netting?

There are three major types of windbreak netting and these include:

  • Super Strength Windbreak Netting

These types of windbreak netting are the strongest you’ll find in the windbreak industry, having a tensile strength of up to 30kN/m and a well-constructed weaving pattern that stabilizes ultraviolet light, and increases the net’s longevity. These types of windbreak nets are highly durable and are available in a 1mtr roll. This makes it capable of being layered to give a high-level wind obstruction.

  • Low-Cost Windbreak Netting

The low-cost windbreak nets have light weights but are flexible, strong, and very affordable. These types of windbreak nets are also ideal for reducing the effect of high wind speed by approximately 50%. Low-cost windbreak nets are stabilized against ultraviolet light and are not lethal to farm crops.

  • Paraweb Windbreak Netting

Paraweb windbreak nets comprise a very tough material, Paraweb. The paraweb makes the bet heat resistant, removes toxicity, and stabilizes ultraviolet light passing through the net. Paraweb makes the net unaffected by saltwater or rain hence, erosion is avoided using this type of net. Durability is also one thing that’s assured, using this type of windbreak. The paraweb windbreak netting is mostly used in snow fencing.

windbreak netting 800x500
windbreak netting for agriculture

Benefits of Installing windbreak Netting?

Windbreak net users are assured fundamental security in their homestead, nurseries, and cultivated lands as ruinous breeze, erosion, and precipitation are adequately prevented. Securing your farmland by constructing wooden fence posts to uphold the windbreak nets serves as insurance to your farmland.

Made from top-notch materials as EyouAgro windbreak nets, they have the following advantages;

  • Windbreak nets are UV stabilized, therefore ultraviolet light invasion is adequately prevented

  • The good wind speed regulation is assured with the right windbreak nets

  • Positioning your windbreak nets at tunnels protects your farm produce from high heat, ruinous wind, and bad ventilation during summer.

  • Micrometeorological modifications of weather conditions that have adverse effects on farm crops are adequately shielded by windbreak nets

  • Both open field/tunnel damages to crops could be prevented when you’ve windbreak nets as barriers.

Where is Windbreak Netting Used?

Windbreak nets could be used in a couple of places, serving its sole aim function- protection. Some of these places include:

  • Homestead

  • Garden

  • Vast farmland

  • Poultry farm, and lots more

windbreak netting for vineyard
windbreak netting for vineyard

7 Steps on How to install Windbreak Netting for Your homestead?

The performance of your windbreak net also depends on your method of installation. Below is a stepwise procedure on how one can successfully install a windbreak net:

• Step 1

Poles installation. The net needs a stand and this stand represents the pole. The poles have to firm into the ground, you can achieve this firmness by using a concrete base. Make sure the space between the poles you erect isn’t more than 3m. Indicate points on pole for cable attachment after erection

• Step 2

Roll out the net on a flat surface so it’s properly stretched. Pass cable through eyelets which are always available on the nets. It’s advisable to make use of steel polyester cables as your tension cables, they assure rigidity.

• Step 3

Fold the net then attach the cables through the net, to the first pole.

• Step 4

Upper cables tend to have loose ends, fix these loose ends using a tackle and fix the end to the last pole. Repeat this procedure for other loose ends found

• Step 5

Nail the first pole to the net using a batten. Subsequently, unfold the cables and nail all poles to the net also using battens.

• Step 6

Connect the net’s eyelets to the first and last pole using cable ties. The cable ties should be situated close to the pole and tightened, this assures firmness.

• Step 7

Lastly, check if the upper and lower cables are properly nailed. If yes, reaffirm rigidity using staples at the poles.

When to install the Windbreak Netting to get the timing right?

One of the major issues of cultivators is a ruinous breeze, especially when the cultivation is done in tunnels. The wind has lots of adverse effects on the farmland some of these adverse effects include; plastic film breakages, deformation of passage structures, and so on. Persist breeze could also damage construction joints on the farmland. You don’t have to wait until all these downsides occur, invest in windbreak netting when you get signs of a rainy season approaching. Credits to weather forecaster one can easily depict rainy season periods, make use of this information and construct windbreaks beforehand, this investment will yield in the long run.

Tips for Windbreak Netting

Talking about Windbreak netting means talking about tips for securing the best windbreak net. The selection of the best windbreak net solely depends on the environment, crops, and what you intend to use the windbreak net for. Some windbreak nets are used to protect tender plants, while some are used to protect strawberries from birds. You have to be smart when trying to purchase a windbreak net. Here are some of the features you should look out for when buying a windbreak net.

  • Quality

There are several windbreak nets available in the market at cheap rates. However, most of these cheap nettings are not always of top-notch quality and rarely serve their purposes in the long run. You always get to change them after a short period. Therefore, it’s advisable to always test the windbreak net’s density, resistance, and UV stabilization before making purchases.

  • Net’s Rigidity

Always invest in rigid nets as they provide the best support to plants. A rigid net can serve several purposes ranging from effective fencing and cages for food supplies. Look out for rigid nets.

  • Check out the net’s weight

Heavy nets provide the best protective function. These types of nets are active against ruinous winds and hail. Besides, rodents find it hard to pass through heavy nets.

  • Patronize Greenhouse Netting

Greenhouse netting adequately protects your plants from scorching heat and alongside protects them from ruinous wind and erosion.

Getting a net with all of these features might seem tasking for rookies. However, once you have a good supplier like EyouAgro, you won’t have a problem getting nets of this quality.

agricultural windbreak net 2
agricultural windbreak net

How to buy Windbreak Netting?

Getting a windbreak netting installation is quite straightforward.

Visit our official website drop your specifications and a list of windbreak nets would be provided. Make a choice and place your order!


Getting the best windbreak net solely depends on your manufacturer.

It’s important to work with a reliable and well-experienced manufacturer.

Only a dependable manufacturer like EyouAgro can provide you with quality windbreak nets suitable for all-around use.

Why worry about where to purchase a windbreak net when our website is one click away?

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