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close up of two fruit bats hanging upside down in a tree. australia.
Fruit Tree Care Tips

How to Keep Bats Away from Fruits

Every year thousands of dollars in crop damage can be caused by fruit bats. Here are some tips on how to keep bats away from fruits, vegetables, and flowers.

olives, olive branch, fruit-357851.jpg
Fruit Tree Care Tips

10 Tips for Harvesting Your Olive Fruits

Olives are among the best trees in the world. Its fruit is popular worldwide. This post will give you some simple tips for harvesting olive.

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Analysis of Global Cherry Export Market 2020

Cherries can be divided into sweet cherries and sour cherries. The cherries we usually buy in fruit supermarkets are sweet, and sour cherries are mainly used for cooking,baking, and also can be made into canned cherries.

Global Warming

Global Climate Changing and Fruit Growing

Scientists believe that global temperature will still rise within the future. More than 10,000 scientists from IPCC predict the change of the earth’s temperature. They think Global warming has brought various extreme climates.

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In agricultural world it might be very complicated to explain how a product is developed and the most efficient way to use it; For this reason we realized a video series, showing our products history, from production in our factory to their practical installation in orchards and vineyards and learn how to use them at best.

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