Agriculture Netting

Helps Your Crops Reduce the Level of Exposure to Pests, Birds, and Extreme Weather Conditions.

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The Best Choices for Covering Your Garden or Greenhouse.

EyouAgro Agriculture Netting also called, Agri Net, or Agro Netting is a crop protection covers to ensure your crops yield maximum returns.

    • Made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE).
    • Strong durable lockstitch technology
    • Nontoxic,  recyclable, waterproof, and durable.
    • Not unravel or ladder even when punctured.
agriculture netting
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General Application For Agriculture Netting

Agriculture Netting has the following wide range of applications , Inquiry us for more solution.

General Hot Selling Products
Agriculture Netting to Protect Your Crops and fruits

Find the rights agriculture netting below for your crops; All of our products are provided with up to 5 years warranty.

Shading for floriculture
Agricultural Shade Cloth

EyouAgro Agricultural shade cloth is used to protect and shade plants, flowers, fruits, and vegetables. It is made from high-density polyethylene to make it high strength.

  • Made of polypropylene
  • Uses anti-pollution and anti-UV materials
  • Has a shading range from 8 – 95%
hail netting for orchard
Agricultural Hail Netting

EyouAgro Anti Hail Netting, also called hail protection net, or hail netting, is a specially knitted net that serves the purpose of protecting the crops from hail even during violent hailstorms. Additionally, it protects the crops from wind gusts that might damage them and reduces the sudden temperature changes. 

  • Reinforced margin edges that eliminate yarn displacement
  • Easy to handle and position due to its lightweightness 
  • No unraveling or laddering in case of puncture 
  • Strong and durable due to lockstitch technology
Bird Netting
Agricultural Bird Netting

Agricultural bird netting is a premium netting designed to protect your crops and property from birds. It can be installed as an exterior barrier or inside buildings, depending on the desired effect. 

  • Lightweight and made of high-density polypropylene.
  • Non-toxic and harmless for your farm.
  • Offer UV protection netting.
  • Help to assure the usage life last up to 3-5 years
insect netting
Agricultural Insect Netting

 Agricultural Insect Netting is a cost-effective way to keep insects out of your garden while still letting the sunshine in. Eyouagro Insect Netting can be used year-round and won’t damage plants or flowers like other insecticides do!

  • Protects from insects, birds, and other animals 
  • Be tailored to fit any size space 
  • Does not allow water through, 
  • Cost-effective when compared with the expense of pesticides.
EyouAgro is a Agriculture Netting Manufacturer in China.
We can produce Shade Netting,Bird Netting, Hail Netting, Insect Netting for your crops and fruits.
No matter if you are looking for a wholesale supplier or if you need a custom-made agricultural netting , we can all help.
Send inquiry to get an instant quote now!
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A Brief Self-Nomination​, Why Choose EyouAgro?

Founded in 1996, EyouAgro uses Knitted and Woven technology to design, develop and manufacture Agriculture Protection Textiles.
EyouAgro offers clients a wide choice of standard and customized Polymer Netting for their farm or orchard needs.

Reliable Agriculture Netting Manufacturer in China

Keeping the plants protected from adverse weather conditions!

EyouAgro has a significant Agri Netting manufacturing capability.

  • Certified by ISO9001, REACH, Rohs, SGS certification.
  • Automated Raschel production line, create over 10,000sqm per day.
  • Manufacture directly, large scale production and Well trained workers.

Whether you need Agriculture netting or need to custom any netting products.
EyouAgro always satisfies your needs.

We Have Great Answer
Commonly Asked Questions

Yes, Agriculture Netting works magic in protecting your crops.

Agriculture Netting is very versatile, you can shield your crops from wind, sun, hail, frost, and weed.

The netting also manages microclimate. They help plants to absorb the power of nature,  water, air, and the sun. The netting further allows your crop to enjoy protection from external climatic events and insect attacks.

Farming nets are made of HDPE Materials.

HDPE is a Type 2 plastic used extensively in the production of milk, motor oil, shampoos, bleaches, detergents, conditioners, and soap bottles.

EyouAgro Netting is a high-quality and long-lasting crop protection. This plastic mesh will last for many years outdoors!

We currently have many types available in a combination of different hole sizes, lengths, heights, and colors. Take a look at our Agriculture Netting to see what’s on offer.

Some vital installation accessories that you should get when installing an Agri Net include:

Shade Cloth Clip

If you want to attach shade cloth, hail net, and bird net to structures, use the clip. The clip is UV stabilized to last more than 10 years. You can thread a string through the clip to tighten your netting.

Hooks for elastic wire: Use  it if you want to links clip and elastic wire

You should   follow these steps to erect your netting

Step 1: Prepare the Frame

You should erect poles and anchors or create a support frame.

Step 2: Weave a Net wire through the net selvage.

When doing this, you do not need to widen the net.

Step 3: Affix the Net to the Perimeter

Use hooks or another fastener to hold the support wires of the grid close to the net wires.

Step 4: Tension Net and Support

Ensure you do this to their correct tension.

Step 5:Intertwine Net to Right Angle

This is to allow  for extra strength

Choice of Agriculture Netting that will serve you and your plants satisfactorily.

You should consider the following:

  • Location

Various locations experience different climatic conditions. For instance hail, sun, wind, frost, and others. You should consider these variations when you choose the size and structure of your net.

  • Crop

you must choose the right net type and color for your crop.

  • Variety

Different fruits require different levels of shade

Agriculture Netting:
The Definitive Guide 2021

When I began practicing agriculture  I kept on farming without realizing maximum returns. I encountered challenges from birds, climate, insects leading to the death of my crops.

If you are a farmer, you will agree with me it has changed in our modern times. And guess what,  the main change is an increasing need to protect the crops from their cultivation environment.

A study on developing on promote the use of agriculture protection netting in India highlights the following benefits associated with Agriculture Netting.

  • An increase of yield by 33%

  • An increase in the average selling price by 30%

That’s where EyouAgro agriculture netting comes in handy.

Table of Contents

1.What is Agriculture Netting?

Agriculture Netting ensures you reap maximum returns by protecting your crops and livestock against wind, sun, hail, frost, and weed.

When you use the Netting, you slow erosion and improve soil health. Also, you improve water availability, prevent weeds and help control pests and diseases.

2. What Are the Different Types of Agriculture Netting?

The popular types of agriculture netting protect against wind, sun, hail, frost, and weeds. The Netting is:

  • Shade net
  • Anti hail net
  • Insect Netting
  • Windbreak Netting
  • Weed fabric
  • Rain cherry cover

3. Why is Agriculture Netting Important?

So as a grower, you need Agriculture  Netting if:

  • Your region is experiencing climate change especially the extreme events
  • You have been pushed to unsuitable areas by urbanization.
  • You experience a rise in market demands for quality agricultural products.
  • You want to reduce chemical and fertilizer

4. Benefits of Installing Agriculture Netting

Some of the essential benefits of Agriculture Netting are

  • Creating  suitable conditions for plant development when compared to growth in open areas
  • Reducing pesticide infestation.
  • Increasing your yields in comparison to open areas.
  • Protecting your crops against adverse weather conditions and ensures continual cultivation of produce throughout the year.
  • Helping your crops develop and ripen faster than regular nettings and ensures the production of quality products.

5. Where is Agriculture Netting Used?

Agriculture netting has a wide application. You can also use the net with

  • Net houses – Poles and light frames and cables that support the net
  • Greenhouses – air vents are covered with nets or the walls of the greenhouse are made of nets
  • Walk-in tunnels- completely covered with nets or covered with net and PE sheets

If you want to protect your crops against protection against insects, birds, and smaller animals, you can use bid netting, insect netting, cherry rain covers among others

Where favorable microclimate is desired you can use shade nets.

Do you manage an orchard, And you want to harvest your  olive fruits, walnuts, and other little fruits, you can use the Agricultural Netting

If you want to cover your soil, you can use permeable covering.

It is not easy to associate Agriculture Netting with any application because they accomplish many functions at the same time.

6. 5 Steps on How to Choose Agriculture Netting?

Step 1: Choose a Reliable Agri Net Manufacturer

If you choose a reliable manufacturer like EyouAGRO you get only the best product quality.

Step 2:Check the Weight

When selecting nets, you should ensure it is lightweight.

Step 3:Check the Durability

Your Netting last for a longer time if you check its durability

Step 4: Check the Shade percentage

If you check the netting percentage, it will indicate whether the netting offers good light shade and proper light control.

Step 5:Ease of Installation

Ensure your netting is easy to install and connivent

7. How to Install Agriculture Netting

You can Install your AgricultureAgriculture NNetting in 2 main ways. You can choose either a canopy or a tunnel.

Step 1: Unfold the Net or Untangle

The net will unfold easily. If it the net you had used last year, untangle

Step 2: Lay the Net over You Crops

Arrange your plants and crops where you want to install the netting.

You should avoid tearing the net during the installation

Ensure you do not leave gaps or openings.

Step 3: Secure Your Netting on the Ground

You should use pegs to secure your Farm Net on the ground with weights such as bricks or blocks.

Step 4: Suspend the Netting

To suspend the netting, tie the eyelids on the opposite sides and corners with something that can handle constant rain and sun- This is where a rope comes in handy. Use a nylon rope as it is durable and light.

Step 5: Tie the Material to Suspend Your Net

Know where to tie the material to suspend your net- Use a perimeter wall or erect anchor posts.

Since the net lacks a hard solid frame- it is crucial to maintain even tension across all the connection points as much as you can. Otherwise, your net will be stretched on one side and loose on the other.

Step 6: Tie the Rope on the Eyelet

Use a bowline knot to tie the rope on the eyelet. The knot is reliable, solid, and stable. Also, it’s easy to untie it even after severe tension is applied.

Step 7: Use Adjustable Knot

On the anchor end of the rope, use an adjustable knot. This enables you to slide or move the knot to increase or decrease the length of the string.

Use the knot to adjust the rope’s tension at the eyelet to keep the shape of your netting as rectangular as you can.

Follow these steps, and you’ll have your netting set up in a moment.

7. 5 Steps on How to Choose Horticulture Netting for Your Projects?

Now that you know all about Horticulture Netting, let’s see how you can make a good choice.

Step 1: What is the Weight of the Net

You should check the weight listed in grams per square meter.  This is an indicator of netting durability.

Step 2: Take into Account the Thickness

You should also check the thickness indicated in millimeters. The thicker Agriculture Netting has strong tensile strength.

Step 3: Is the Net UV Stabilized

Check whether your Agriculture Netting is UV stabilized. If your Horticultural is not UV resistant, it may degrade within a short time

Step 4: Which Color to Go for?

You can choose colors depending on your preference.

Step 5: Where to Buy?

The purchase of the Agriculture Netting entirely depends on your location.

You can also order online from EYouAgro.

Local clients can visit the manufacturing site and make their purchases after the necessary negotiations with the manufacturers.

International clients can import if they do not wish to travel to the manufacturer.

8. 5 Tips for Agriculture Netting

Once you acquire Agriculture Netting, here are the crucial dos and don’t


  1. Be aware of the size of where you want to place the netting.
  2. Choose the right netting- with so many horticultural netting types,
  3. Know what you want to stop e.g. bird netting to protect your strawberries, or trellis to support your climbing beans.
  4. Check the quality- there are cheap and expensive nets in the market. If you want your netting to last go for UV stabilized, high density, extruded, knotted, and high tensile strength
  5. Leave the access to allow  watering and lighting
  6. Ask samples  to ensure you are getting the right netting before buying a big pack


  1. Follow all the steps you need to take without cutting corners. You’ll save yourself loads of stress.
  2. Do not use harsh chemicals or strong detergents to maintain your Agriculture Netting. This is to avoid damaging your Agriculture Netting.
  3. If you are not using your Agriculture Netting, ensure it is dry and store it in a dry condition.
  4. The net is not going to last forever. With time, Agriculture Netting will degrade. For long-lasting results, you should be prepared for regular maintenance.


You will find netting useful in all your horticultural activities –  cabbages, greenhouses, and so on.

Have you become interested in knowing more about our Agriculture Netting?.

Visit www.eyouagro.com or contact us at info@eyouagro.com and select the perfect Agriculture Netting.**

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In the past 24 years, we have helped 55 countries and 150+ Clients like farms, orchards , vineyards to protect their plants. The purpose of this article is to share with the knowledge related to agriculture growing protection for making the plant healthier and stronger.


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