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Shade Cloth Clip

Shade Cloth Clip

EyouAgro’s Shade Cloth Clips are designed for effortless attachment of shade cloth, hail nets, bird nets, and more. Made from 100% Virgin Polyethylene, these clips are eco-friendly, and UV-resistant, and ensure a secure grip on various fabrics.

  • Ideal for Connect net and fabrics on the wire on the top
  • With UV resistance to atrocious weather for lasting durability
  • High bite force to ensure the safety of net
  • Ideal for anti-hail net, shade net, anti-bird net, etc
  • Easy to install on netting selvage
  • In Stock & Ready to ship
    • 2000 pcs per package


Shade Cloth Clips are made of 100% Virgin Polyethylene, It is Eco-friendly and inodorous.
The plastic clip grommets can be used as a fastener to tight shade cloth, screens, tarps, and any other type of knitted fabrics.

They are a fast and easy way to attach your shade fabric to a variety of fixtures.

Perfect to attach shade cloth to a variety of frameworks, including chain link fencing and cables. Gripping teeth holds fabric tight to ensure a secure attachment.


  • Versatile Use: Compatible with shade cloths, hail nets, bird nets, and other knitted fabrics.
  • UV-Resistant: Made to last with UV stabilization, ensuring longevity.
  • Secure Grip: Features gripping teeth for a tight and reliable attachment.
  • Eco-Friendly: Manufactured from 100% Virgin Polyethylene, ensuring environmental safety.
  • Easy Installation: No special tools required, suitable for various frameworks.


  • Temporary Fencing: Ideal for cladding temporary fencing structures.
  • Privacy Solutions: Can be used for privacy on perimeter gates or sectioning off areas.
  • Sun Protection: Provides shading from the sun’s harsh rays.
  • Garden Greenhouses: Suitable for garden greenhouse structures.
  • Vehicle Shading: Can be used for shading vehicles.


  1. How long do the Shade Cloth Clips last?
    • Designed with UV stabilization, they can last in excess of 10 years.
  2. How many clips are included in one package?
    • Each package contains 2000 pcs.
  3. Are the clips adjustable or flexible?
    • The clips are designed to provide a secure grip, but they can be attached to various frameworks.
  4. How do the Shade Cloth Clips handle exposure to sunlight?
    • The clips are UV-stabilized, making them resistant to the harmful effects of prolonged sun exposure.
  5. How do I install the Shade Cloth Clips?
    • The clips are designed for easy installation. Simply clip them onto the desired fabric and attach to your structure. They can be used with various frameworks, including chain link fencing and cables.
  6. Can these clips be used with fabrics other than shade cloths?
    • Yes, they are versatile and can be used with hail nets, bird nets, and other types of knitted fabrics.



100% Virgin High-Density Polypropylene








10 mm

U.V. Resistance



8 Years Pro Rate UV Stability

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