Protection Netting

Employed as agricultural protection netting to guard gardens and fields against sunlight, pests, wind, and birds.

Best Agriculture Protection Netting

The Best Choices for Covering Your Garden or Greenhouse.

EyouAgro Aluminet Shade Cloth is a special metalized HDPE knitted shade cloth to protect your crops, pets, flowers, or vegetables from harmful weather effects.

    • Minimizes greenhouse heat load.
    • Keeping the plants protected from adverse weather conditions.
    • Gives diffused light to your plant’s canopy
    • Be used as a thermal blanket
aluminet shade cloth
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General Application For Protection Netting

Agriculture Netting has the following wide range of applications , Inquiry us for more solution.

General Hot Selling Products
Agriculture Protection Netting to Protect Your Crops and fruits

Find the rights agriculture netting below for your crops; All of our products are provided with up to 5 years warranty.

Sun Protection Netting

EyouAgro Sun Protection Netting is used to protect and shade plants, flowers, fruits, and vegetables. It is made from high-density polyethylene to make it high strength.

  • Made of polypropylene
  • Uses anti-pollution and anti-UV materials
  • Has a shading range from 8 – 95%
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Hail Protection Netting

EyouAgro Anti Hail Netting, also called hail protection net, or hail netting, is a specially knitted net that serves the purpose of protecting the crops from hail even during violent hailstorms. Additionally, it protects the crops from wind gusts that might damage them and reduces the sudden temperature changes. 

  • Reinforced margin edges that eliminate yarn displacement
  • Easy to handle and position due to its lightweightness 
  • No unraveling or laddering in case of puncture 
  • Strong and durable due to lockstitch technology
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Bird Protection Netting

Bird protection netting is a premium netting designed to protect your crops and property from birds. It can be installed as an exterior barrier or inside buildings, depending on the desired effect. 

  • Lightweight and made of high-density polypropylene.
  • Non-toxic and harmless for your farm.
  • Offer UV protection netting.
  • Help to assure the usage life last up to 3-5 years
insect netting.jpg
Insect Protection Netting

Insect Protection Netting is a cost-effective way to keep insects out of your garden while still letting the sunshine in. Eyouagro Insect Netting can be used year-round and won’t damage plants or flowers like other insecticides do!

  • Protects from insects, birds, and other animals 
  • Be tailored to fit any size space 
  • Does not allow water through, 
  • Cost-effective when compared with the expense of pesticides.
EyouAgro is a Agriculture Protection Netting Manufacturer in China.
We can produce Shade Protection Netting,Bird Protection Netting, Hail Protection Netting, Insect Protection Netting for your crops and fruits.
No matter if you are looking for a wholesale supplier or if you need a custom-made agricultural netting , we can all help.
Send inquiry to get an instant quote now!
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A Brief Self-Nomination​, Why Choose EyouAgro?

Founded in 1996, EyouAgro uses Knitted and Woven technology to design, develop and manufacture Agriculture Protection Textiles.
EyouAgro offers clients a wide choice of standard and customized Polymer Netting for their farm or orchard needs.

Reliable Protection Netting Manufacturer in China

Keeping the plants protected from adverse weather conditions!

EyouAgro has a significant Aluminet shade cloth manufacturing capability.

  • Certified by ISO9001, REACH, Rohs, SGS certification.
  • Automated Raschel production line, create over 10,000sqm per day.
  • Manufacture directly, large scale production and Well trained workers.

Whether you need Agricluture Protection Netting or need to custom any netting products.
EyouAgro always satisfies your needs.

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Commonly Asked Questions

Yes, It is highly useful.

The method ensures 100% crop protection.

Shade protection netting is used for preventing heat build-up; thus increases the yield of crops by reflecting the infrared spectrum of the light.

Bird protection netting prevents birds from feedings on crops. It is made of material resistant to microscopic pests in bird droppings.

Thrips protection netting is made up of very small meshes(sizes of .15mm) so thrips do not invade the plants and cause damage.

Consider the following things before installing a windscreen (wind protection netting) .

  • A distance of 1.5 and 2 m away from the garden/ trees is optimal for maximum wind reduction.

  • A 90 gram per msq will effective privacy, going higher in density will increase the privacy.

  • Young plants will benefit most if winward wind block is applied(also giving a neat canopy).

  • If you have an existing fence, fix the wind block every 1m

  • If you do not have a fence, erect support every 2m and use wires and posts for a wind block.

Yes, there is a special type of insect protection netting against each insect.  For grasshopper, beetles, and bugs netting of 1.3 mm in size is preferred while thrips need netting or mesh size .29mm x .8mm.

Fruit tree protection netting can not be used as it does not discourage the insects in the same way.

Insect protection netting is also resistant to the chemical secreted by the insects.

You should apply Citrus protection netting before flowers bloom. The two optimum netting installation times are before and after harvest.

As the netting is going to be on trees for at least  3 weeks, planning prior(up to 4 months)  is most effective.

This is done so that seedless oranges are produced which makes the oranges easy to peel.

You should buy protection netting of Polyethylene material as it has a longer life compared to other materials.

The manufacturing process makes certain it does not get rot or affected by humidity. It is much lighter than nylon.

Also, it is UV resistant as the UV protection is injected prior to extruding filaments and is in chemical bonds.

Buy hail protection netting after considering the following tips.

Color considerations:

  • If you live in a region having high temperatures, use dark green protection netting.

  • For colder regions, use yellow as it allows most sunlight.

Pattern considerations:

  • For sunlight-hungry plants, use leno(for longer rows) protection netting with a mesh size of 7*2.8 for most sunlight.

  • Use triangle hail protection netting if you prefer lightweight netting.

  • Use Quad crossover protection net if you prefer long-term solutions but do not might have little weight.

Q7: I need construction building netting, what type of protection netting should I buy?

It depends on the application. Following are the types of netting most commonly employed.

· Fall protection Netting:

o  You can use fall safety nets to prevent injuries from falling.

o These are long horizontal nets that are placed near the edges of the building to be constructed.

o These protect people from injuries if they fall.

· Guardrail protection Netting:

o Netting used for work on roofs.

o Direct prevention from falling.

o You can mount them on roof safety scaffolds.

· Debris protection Netting:

o Protection from small falling parts.

o You can employ them to prevent serious nuisances during construction.

o Used in combination with guardrail net.

Metal netting and polypropylene netting are usually available.

Use metal protection netting if:

  • You want a durable solution.

  • You do not mind visibility.

  • You want a long-term solution.

Use polypropylene mesh  if:

  • You wish to have flexibility

  • You can pay extra for high-end material.

  • Prefer the netting to be invisible.

Protection Netting: The Definitive Guide 2021

In this post, I am going to show you how netting can be used for numerous purposes. (preview)

Protection netting has been the most common method of protecting agriculture products(among others) and it is also the most effective.

In fact, statistics have proved it to be the single most cost-efficient methodology for a myriad of purposes.

Protection netting includes many different types of netting, each with its unique use. (proof)

It can be used as pond covers, or it can be used as a rodent inhibitor, during construction and also during sports events. Do you wish to avail all of these benefits, then keep on reading. (bridge)

Table of Contents

What is Protection Netting?

Protection netting is an umbrella term used for a variety of netting which is used for different purposes such as bird-excluders, heat-screens, thrips prevention, fall-damage reducers and inhibitors, and as pest deterrents.

These are usually made from virgin HDPE.

Bird prevents are made so that they prevent birds from damaging crops.

Heat screens filter the light spectrum and reduce temperature.

The strength and elasticity of building netting (fall netting, debris netting ) make sure workers do not get hurt.

Insect netting provides protection against insects and the damaging effects of their secretions.

What Are the Different Types of Protection Netting?

There are three main categories of protection netting. Their usage depends on the application.

Some most common type of these categories are based on their use are below:

Agriculture Protection Netting:

The type of netting most commonly employed for crop protection, and yield enhancement.

o Insect Protection Netting: Prevention against insects.

o Vineyard Protection Netting: Used in vineyards for bird exclusion.

o Aluminet Protection Netting : All-purpose heat management and ventilation.

o Shade Cloth Protection Netting: For Shade and for cooling.

o Hail Protection Netting: Protection from hail in violent hailstorms.

o Citrus Protection Netting: To produce seedless citrus fruits.

o Vineyard Protection netting: Prevention of bird damage on grapes and also from insects.

o Windbreak Netting: Damage control against harmful effects of winds.

Building Protection Netting:

These are a type of netting which are used in construction sites.

o Fall Protection Netting: Used for reducing fall damage.

o Debris Protection Netting: In conjugation with fall netting for debris collection and management.

o Guard RailsProtection: Employed on roofs at corners for prevention from falling.

o Heat Prevention Netting: These are the type used to reduced heat absorption by general-purpose buildings.

Sports Protection Netting:

o Ball/ Puck stopper: These act as ball and puck stoppers in cricket and ice hockey.

o Barriers: Act as privacy boundaries and division between players such as in Tennis.

Benefits of Installing Protection Netting

Each type of netting has its own purpose and specific benefits. The benefits of each protection netting are as under:

Agriculture Protection Nets:

The bird netting prevents damage from birds and increases yield.

Citrus netting increases sales by producing seedless varieties of oranges and other citruses.

Insects netting and thrips netting is used for helping the plants against the pathogen in gardens, from insects and pests such as thrips.

Cherry rain nets for protection against heavy rain in rainy areas.

Drape netting lessens the damage, especially from bats and sunburn.

Aluminet and shade cloth increases internood leaf width and length by a selection of the suitable light spectrum.

Transparent energy, an innovative fiber used for increasing light transmission as well as heat retention for reducing energy management costs and for increased airflow.

Building Protection Nets:

These help to save workers from injury. Their strength allows reducing fall damage of blocks of building material.

This, in turn, reduces construction costs as well as human costs as well.

Sports Protection Nets:

These act as barriers and thus prevent sports material from getting lost.

Act as a division of space between players for fair play such as in tennis.

Where is Protection Netting Used? (Application area)

Each category of protection netting has different application areas.

Agriculture Protection netting is used most commonly in the following scenarios.

Heat Retention and Heat Loss for Greenhouses:

Aluminet and shade cloth is most commonly used for heat retention in greenhouses. The capacity of heat preservation is useful. The type of shade cloth needed depends on the plants which are in the greenhouse.

Aluminet and its different variants act as a barrier against excessive sunlight, prevent burns,  and increase yield.

Solar Radiation Management in greenhouses and plant canopies:

The usage of netting allows infra-red light conditioning as well as the removal of UV rays that heat up the plants.

The use of energy netting selects a certain band of light for optimum plant growth.

Wind Barriers in Fields:

Windbreak netting is commonly employed in fields to prevent high-speed wind damage.

Building Protection netting is used in construction for reducing damage to workers and as well as for residential apartments for reducing temperature.

Sports Protection netting is used in sports for acting as barriers, warding off spectators, and allowing fair play.

The Roles of the Protection Netting:

Yield Increase in farms:

Usage of specialized protection nets such as thrips netting and citrus netting increases the annual yield of the crops.

In conjugation with the prior usage, when these nets are used, they provide effective sunblock which reduces plant damage.

Ventilation and Airflow in Greenhouses:

Usage of agriculture nets such as shade cloth increases ventilation and airflow in the greenhouse.

These are also made from breathable material preventing plant desiccation and suffocation.

6 Steps on How to Install Protection Netting for Your Need

Different steps need to be followed for different protection netting. However, the most common ones are listed below:

Step 1:

After having a measurement, cut the netting according to the partitions in your usage.

Step 2:

· For Greenhouses and farms, place the net on the top of the frame on the greenhouse and on the canopy in farms.

· For buildings and sports avenues, ward off the area/building by horizontally placed nets.

Step 3:

· Bring the excess nets from both sides to lower it enough to meet the side nets in the case of greenhouses/ farms.

· Join the partitions of the netting in the case of the building by using netting accessories.

Step 4:

Cut the nets from the sides if it gets frayed and joins it with tape or something.

Step 5:

Fasten the nets in the ground by making use of clippers and bolts.

Step 6:

Use polyester wires in the case of buildings to fasten them to the building parts.

5 Tips for Protection Netting


  1. Get the measurement and estimate done by professionals.

  2. Make sure to use the customized product for your usage, a hail netting won’t suffice as a heat screen.

  3. Get portions of the product cut according to your need.

  4. Employ the protection mechanism before the actual need.

  5. Install the netting by following the guide given.


  1. Assume that maintenance won’t be needed.

  2. Clean your netting with detergents not listed on the guide handbook.

  3. Store the netting in a damp environment to protect it from damage.

  4. Install it in the rainy season or during wind storms.

  5. Skip on reading the experiments tests especially related to building safety nets.

Contact and Buying:

EyouAgro products can be bought by sending us a quote and by contacting us in the following ways:

● Message us by visiting our website (URL: https://eyouagro.com/contact-us/)%20).

● Leave an email for us at: info@eyouagro.com

● Remind us by calling us at +8613816514856


In conclusion, it is highly beneficial that you use protection netting for your application, be it in agriculture, construction or sports.

EyouAgro is a leading producer of all kinds of agriculture nettings. We supply the top-notch products in the market to ensure your field bloom to the fullest. (summary)

Do you wish to be the most effective farmer or manager of workers? If yes, then you will need the protection nets for farms and buildings. (question to invoke deep thought)

It is the most cost-effective model for so many complications.

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