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Crop Tips

Learn about tips about crop cultivation. Know about how, when, where and all of the crop which culture.
Provide the information includes Scientific Name, Agro Climate, Soil, Land Preparation, Sowing and Planting Season, Plant Spacing Method and Seed Rate, Crop Estimate, Manures and Fertilizers, Irrigation

Fruit Tree Care Tips
001 fruit tree
What You'll Learn

This knowledge of fruit tree care will help you understand the variety of ways you can grow your own fruit trees. You will learn how to prune, pollinate and fertilize your trees along with basic fruit tree designs.
We are confident that if you follow the methods and tips discussed here, your new orchard will get off to a great start!

Vegetable Care Tips
005 vegetable 2
What You'll Learn

This will guide you in planting vegetables, how to plant and when to plant in your greenhouse or plantation. In these articles you will get information about varieties of vegetables and also here you can learn about the best vegetables for seed planting, ideal temps for different vegetables & more.

Flower Care Tips
008 iris
What You'll Learn

You will get the best tips and advices for the care of the flowers and plants can grow in a greenhouse, from roses and geraniums to tomatoes and peppers.
Treating each plant differently will help ensure their health and prolong the lifetime of your greenhouse.
We’re sharing our top tips for caring for different types of flowers.

Orchard Management
013 pin
What You'll Learn

In orchard management, there are techniques which you could apply in order to improve the quality of fruit production. Such methods enable a better fruit harvest and a greater amount of profits. Learn about these basic orchard management tips for improving fruit production.

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