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Agriculture Crop Covers

After learning about the benefits of agriculture netting, you decide to try out a few; or you have seen agriculture netting in action, so you decide to cover the whole orchard.

Now we are faced with a whole new set of questions:

  • What type of structure is the best to use?
  • Also, what kind of netting is the best?
  • If you need it to be installed, who are you going to get to do the work?
  • Where can you get materials, and who can offer advice?

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hail netting (4)

How to choose Hail Nets: Raschel vs. Leno?

Discover the key differences between Raschel and Leno hail netting in our latest blog. Learn about their distinct market preferences, manufacturing processes, product characteristics, and pricing. Understand how Raschel nets offer customization and cost benefits, while Leno nets boast greater strength and longevity. We delve into their unique applications and emphasize the importance of selecting the right hail netting for optimal crop protection

vineyard netting installation

What are the two different methods of installing vineyard netting?

Discover the key techniques for installing vineyard netting to safeguard your grapes. Learn the differences between drape and side netting, understand their unique benefits, and get practical advice on removal and off-season storage. This guide provides essential insights for choosing the right netting method to maximize protection and ensure the longevity of your investment.

hail netting installation (1)

Which of the Hail Netting Installation Methods is Right for You?

Choosing the right hail netting installation method is crucial for optimal crop protection. Dive deep into the various methods available, weighing their pros and cons, to make an informed decision. Whether you’re looking for comprehensive coverage or a balance between protection and ventilation, this guide offers insights into each approach. Discover which method aligns best with your agricultural needs and ensure your crops remain shielded from unpredictable environmental challenges. Your crop’s safety and productivity depend on it.

raschel netting (2)

What’s the difference of 3 kinds of Raschel Netting?

Raschel netting, a specialized knitted fabric, comes in three distinct types: Mono+Mono, Tape+Tape, and Mono+Tape. Each offers unique features, from durability to shading capabilities. This guide delves into the differences, from the fibers used to their technical aspects, such as the 3-bar to 9-bar netting variations and the distinction between waterproof and regular shade cloths. Equip yourself with this knowledge to select the perfect Raschel netting for your application.


Do HDPE Nets Contain Harmful Phthalates?

Learn about the safety of HDPE nets, which are phthalate-free, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly, ensuring safe and sustainable agriculture.

color of netting

Are Shade Nets Colored Using Added Dyes?

Explore how shade nets attain their color through eco-friendly, durable masterbatches during production, ensuring color longevity and plant safety

Chilean Cherry Orchard
The orchard owner was surprised to see how many cherry trees were damaged. It was the first time he had seen that many birds in his orchard.
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Australian Vineyard
Tasmanian vineyards use anti bee and bird netting for grapes. This helps to protect the grapes from damage and makes it easier to harvest them.
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NewZealand Apple Orchard
Hail netting is very useful in New Zealand apple orchards. It protects the fruit from hail storms and it also keeps birds off the trees.
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