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Agriculture Crop Covers

After learning about the benefits of agriculture netting, you decide to try out a few; or you have seen agriculture netting in action, so you decide to cover the whole orchard.

Now we are faced with a whole new set of questions:

  • What type of structure is the best to use?
  • Also, what kind of netting is the best?
  • If you need it to be installed, who are you going to get to do the work?
  • Where can you get materials, and who can offer advice?

Check out our FAQ’s or contact us for more information.

If there are no information you want in the FAQ pages? It doesn't matter.
Click the "Submit Your Question" and fill in your questions. We will reply to you within 2 hours. If your question is adopted by EyouAgro and showing in the FAQ Pages.
You will get 3% discount or 100 USD coupon in your first order, your email address will be the only evidence.

Chilean Cherry Orchard
The orchard owner was surprised to see how many cherry trees were damaged. It was the first time he had seen that many birds in his orchard.
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Australian Vineyard
Tasmanian vineyards use anti bee and bird netting for grapes. This helps to protect the grapes from damage and makes it easier to harvest them.
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NewZealand Apple Orchard
Hail netting is very useful in New Zealand apple orchards. It protects the fruit from hail storms and it also keeps birds off the trees.
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