Heavy Duty Bee Netting

 Bee netting is a simple and straightforward solution to all your problems of bee invasions and unwanted pollination in your garden.With various designs and shapes with varying specifications, bee netting efficiently blocks the bees’ entry into the orchard and consequently inhibits the undesired pollination.

Commercial Bee Netting

The FAIL-PROOF Netting Solution For High-Yield Orchard!

  • Impedes the bees and other predators such as wasps
  • Restricts pollination
  • Allows the light, moisture, and spraying to reach the plants.
  • Eco-friendly-Certainly an important feature given the deteriorating climate condition.
  • Weather, water, and acid resistant
  • UV-stabilized
Vineyard Netting
Your Reliable Bee Netting Suppliers

Keep The Bee & Wasp Away From Your Orchard Completely!

  • Short-Delivery Time: Fast quality, so you move towards the goal of achieving a thriving garden as soon as possible.
  • Flexible Manufacture: Customized solutions calculated acknowledging the needs of your orchard.
  • Low Minimum Order Quantity: Low Minimum Order Quantity(MOQ) available.
  • 24 Years Professional Experience: 24 years of industrial experience and teamwork
More Related Bee Netting Supplies

The Smart Way To Protect Your Orchards From Bee & Wasp

Grape Vine Netting
Bee Netting for Grapes

Intricate mesh with small holes to obstruct the bees’ assault, wasps, and other insects on the grapevines while allowing the sunlight and moisture to reach the crop.
It’s see-through, which means you can monitor the plants’ development and growth from outside without actually having to remove the netting to peek inside.

  • UV-stabilized: Screens the harmful ultraviolet radiations reaching the plants.
  • Environment Friendly: Free from any type of harmful and eco-dangerous chemical- another plus for availing this option
  • Light on your pocket: Yeah, it is cost-effective and would not be heavy on your pocket.
  • Light-weight, and durable: it’s a one-time investment in years.
  • Reusable: You can wash it, again and again, until it screams no more
Apple Orchard Netting
Bee Netting for Trees

Though tall and sturdy, appearing almost impermeable and undefeatable, trees could also fall at the hands of the vexing bees and the havoc they bring. Beware of those little jackals, and cover your tree field with viable netting before it’s too late. Its key features involve:

  • Light-weight
  • Bars the bees and insects
  • Made from HDPE-UV stabilized material.
citrus bee netting
Citrus Bee Netting

The use of citrus bee netting to exclude the bees and pollinators is irresistible while cultivating seedless citrus varieties. If not netted, bees and other pollinators would have leeway to enter and exit the garden at their own will; thus, paving the way to fertilization besides damaging the fruit.

  • Biological control for the bee
  • Lightweight material, no damage for the trees
  • Resistant to weather, temperature, and acid
  • Protection again wind, rain, frost.
  • Easy to install on netting selvage
Permanent Orchard Netting
Bee Friendly Netting

Nets with small holes hamper the bees’ excursion. However, bees may cross meshes with a hole size of 12mm. So, these measurements are surely not good to consider for netting if your purchase’s prime purpose is to ward off the bees, but it can be if it’s for birds.

  • Medium-weight
  • Provides protection against the birds and also the pest animal and chickens
  • It is used to protect all the plants, such as strawberries, berries, vineyards, etc.
wasp protection netting
Wasp Protection Netting

Wasps, also casually called the Yellow Jackals in North America, must be tackled beforehand. Like bee netting, this lightweight and practical net could save you fortunes by keeping those troublesome jackals far, far away from your crop field. 

  • Light-weight
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Narrow holes, just appropriate for the wasps, bees, and other insects
Vineyard Netting Applicators
Bee netting for Vineyards

Vineyard bee netting is a great choice to safeguard your harvest from pest animals and insects. The exquisitely crafted net to impede the insects’ march lets the sunlight, moisture, and spraying through to preserve the field’s health while ensuring its safety.

  • Lightweight: 50grm, 60 gram
  • FabricStructure: Raschel Tricot Knitted
  • UV stabilized
  • Warranty: 5 years
Vineyard Side Netting Collection
Bee Netting Fasteners

We have a detailed overview of the ‘dos and don’ts’ of the bee netting; it’s time we take on the installation procedure.
But, before getting to that, it’s better to look at the tools such as fasteners we’ll need to accomplish the task.
Fasteners include:

  • Ground cover pegs
  • Shade cloth clips
  • Shade cloth hooks
  • Shark bite clamps
Bee Netting: The Ultimate Guide( 2021)

Land, water, and nutrients’ management is not everything to land your hands on maximum yield. Instead, if you want the best, you have to work for the best.
Bird Netting and bee netting are two of these choices. The nets repel the pest animals and insects, thus prohibiting their interaction with plants and fruits.
In the case of bee netting, the net contains small holes that easily resist the bees. So what is bee netting, and how is it beneficial?

Table of Contents

What is bee netting?

Bee netting is a fine mesh that is used to keep the bees away from the crop field. It is beneficial as it protects the crop from the bees and wasps and cuts the losses they induce.   

But there is an additional advantage you can secure from setting up bee netting if you are growing seedless fruits. Yes, bees are potent pollen carriers. They fly from flower to flower in search of the nectar. During the drill, they catch the pollen and transfer them to the flower they land later. 

The result is fertilization, and seeds are formed. But, you can stop the pollinators from entering the field crop by installing a bee net. 

What is the bee proof netting material?

Bee proof netting is made of HDPE. The material is so designed to endure harsh weather and the environment and is also UV-stabilized. 

As we are moving towards the future, there is an increased debate about applying techniques that are environmentally friendly and do not deteriorate the natural balance. 

Sticking to this conviction, bee netting is designed that it’s free from any harmful chemicals. It’s user-friendly and, most importantly, environment friendly. 

Why is the bee netting design for?

As also mentioned previously, netting is mainly used to serve two purposes. 

  1. To repel the pest insects.
  2. To protect the seedless varieties from pollinators.

Is the honey bee netting safe?

100 percent. Bee netting is processed using the HDPE. High-Density Polyethylene is eco-friendly and is also recyclable plastic. So have no fear. You can use bee netting blindly. 

How to choose the right orchard netting?

Well, it depends on the requirements. If you grow fruit plants, you definitely can not ignore putting on a bird netting. Trust me, if you neglect it, you may not even get to touch a fruit from your garden, because those birds will eat everything. 

Next comes the dimension of the land you want the netting for. Don’t worry if you cannot find dimensions compatible with your garden. Contact the expert, and get your hands on customized netting, exclusively crafted for your garden. 

The most popular type of bee netting?

This is something you get to ask frequently. What is the most popular type of bee netting?

Netting comes in many mesh sizes, shapes, squares, and crossover, and colors such as black, white. Custom options are available too.
Which is better and what is popular? That has to be checked with the expert you are working with.  

The cost of bee netting?

The cost varies depending on the length and width of the netting. Ask for a quote to get the most affordable rates for your project. 

Where to buy bee netting?

No hassle at all. You can purchase the bee netting online. Browse EyouAgro, choose the product, ask for a quote, and that’s it. However, if your project has some specific requirements, reach out, and we will help you find the best solution to your problem.  

When to cover bee netting?

Cover the orchard with bee netting while harvesting in order to protect the plants from bees, and pollination, in case you grow the seedless crop. Bee netting does not hinder the sunlight and moisture. So, it will not impact the development and growth of the crop. 

How to install bee netting?

Put on the bee netting as the fruit starts to ripen. If you delay, birds will devour them all. Tunnel, canopy, and overhand are a few of the installation methods. Discuss with the industry expert to find what suits you best. 

Forget the hard work and labor invested in setting up the netting manually. We are a ‘business in support’ and are here to ensure that you have the smoothest and the best possible experience. 

Using the netting applicators, our professional and expertly trained members will install the net for you. You can also contact us with the task of removing the net from the field, and we will accomplish the job swiftly and smoothly. 

Bee netting accessories list?

Netting accessories include:

  • Bee netting posts
  • Polyester wires
  • Bee netting fasteners: 
  • Bee netting clips
  • Net fastening clips


Bee netting is a practical option as it’s reusable and can last multiple growing seasons depending on how much you take care of it. But, still, it is wise to consider the option that comes with a warranty. 

In this regard, our products feature a minimum of 3, 5 years of warranty, extending up to 8 in some cases.  These extensive warranty periods are reflective of the high quality of our products. 

Yes, that’s all. I hope you will benefit from these responses by an industry expert, Kevin Lyu.  Feel free to contact the company for all your orchard’s problems, and I believe, considering their experience in the field, EyouAgro will guide you the best. 


Finally, we reach the last part of the discussion- The conclusion. 

To conclude, I would say bee netting is an economical, practical and obtainable option to get your hands on. As it protects the orchards from bees, wasps, other insects and also stops undesirable pollination in the orchard. 

We are here to make things easier for you and are a one-stop solution to all your agriculture-related problems. Get in touch now to find answers to all your questions. 

We are at your disposal for any technical or commercial information


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