Frost Protection Netting

Frost Protection Netting

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The field crop nets have very valuable climatic features.

It actually creates a barrier against the cold associated with very good ventilation. It effectively combats many insects, especially the cabbage root fly.

It ensures protection from heavy rains, wind, hail, and birds.

Service life pan: 4-6 years depending on conditions of use.




Frost Cover ( Crop net, WinterNet, Anti Frost Net )  is a knitted net made from UV stabilized thermal poly tapes and is used as a fleece.

It is transparent in color, has a very good light transmission.

Crop net is designed to protect plants from heavy rain, hail, pests, and light frosts.

Crop net is permeable to air and water and thus allows rainwater to travel through it and irrigate the plants below.

A permeable textile will also allow the protected zone of the plant to “breathe”, reducing intense heat and humidity.

Feature & Benefits

  • Protect plants from cold and wind
  • Block insects and prevent the spread of disease
  • Keep soil and plants from overheating
  • light, not wire drawing
  • high performance
  • UV stability
  • easily-installed
  • promise enough air cycle and sunshine


Additional information


100% Virgin High-Density Polypropylene




Monofilament Raschel Knitted

U.V. Resistance



5 Years

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