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3 Key Factors Affecting the Environment in the Greenhouse

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Table of Content

1. Temperature

Every kind of plant has the most suitable growth temperature, but the temperature in nature is sometimes not conducive to plant growth.

Therefore, through the greenhouse’s regulation of indoor temperature, it can resist the severe cold and heat of nature. And create a environment that is most conducive to plant growth.

Generally, the role of a greenhouse can be divided into heat preservation and cooling.
·Thermal insulation methods include: adding thermal insulation layers and providing various heating (including hot water heating, hot air heating, electric heating, etc.).
·Cooling control includes: ventilation cooling, radiation-proof cooling (exterior shading, inside shading), and evaporation cooling.

Greenhouse Radiation Proof Cooling

2. Humidity

Humidity includes air humidity and soil humidity, and each plant requires different humidity.

Proper air humidity helps plants grow quickly. For example,when the air humidity is low and soil humidity is appropriate, the growth of plants will increase. But when the humidity in the air is too high, it will inhibit the growth of plants. And too high humidity in the air will also cause plants with various pests and diseases.

Generally, the methods to reduce air humidity are ventilation and heating. The main methods of adjusting soil humidity are irrigation and mulching.

Greenhouse Irrigation

3. Light

Light is one of the important factors affecting plant growth and the accumulation of functional chemical substances. It can affect the germination of seeds, the growth of stems and leaves, and the formation of flower buds.

Plants obtain energy through photosynthesis.

Light diffusion refers to the phenomenon that light is irregularly reflected in all directions by a rough surface. After the originally parallel sunlight passes through the rough surface, it diffuses to different directions, separating the light everywhere. The distribution is uniform.

Botanists have confirmed that diffusion light can make crops get more sunlight, enhance photosynthesis, and effectively increase the yield of plants in the greenhouse.

Greenhouse Diffusion Light

A study by the Wageningen University & Research in the Netherlands showed, by covering the greenhouse with a diffuser film, the diffusion light was enhanced. The quantity and the weight of cucumbers in the greenhouse increased by 7.8% and 4.8% respectively.

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