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Top 6 Benefits of Ultraviolets Lights (UV) to Plants

ultraviolets lights (uv)
UV benefits are evident and effective in boosting your crops for higher yields.It is the surest way for your plants to yield a bumper harvest.
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If you are considering planting your crops, you perhaps have a lot of questions about UV benefits to your plants. I’ve been a crop farmer for years and I’m now clear about the benefits.

Many benefits are there to UV plants which you should know,  before your farming exploration. 

But, worry no more. We will be writing on the UV benefits for your crops and lots more.

Now. Let’s move on…..

What is UV?

Uv Light
UV Light

Ultraviolet light is a part of electromagnetic radiation from the sun.

This light is broken up into three types with three wavelengths as follows: 

  • UVA = 400nm-315nm     
  • UVB = 315nm-280nm 
  • UV = 280nm-100nm

The Uv wavelength is shorter than the visible light. it makes about 10% of the radiation from the sun. it also produced by man-made sources such as electric arcs and special lights.

The and biological effects of UV are greater than heating effects. Its applications arise from its interactions with organic molecules.

The  UVC is not present on earth due to the earth’s atmosphere. UVA and UVB are key parts of life.

Benefits of UV to Plants

UV light is important for your plant growth in safe doses, UV brings  the following key benefits:

1. Nicer Taste for Your  Food

If you grow your food you expect it to taste fresh. With the right UV light, this is a reality.

Post secretion, resins bring up beautiful flavonoids and terpenes resulting in rich and better-tasting yield. According to ScienceDirect Spices and herbs improve color and flavor. 

So, if you want a rich flavor on your crop goes for UV light exposure. Studies show light wavelengths can change compounds that control taste in crops such as strawberry, tomato, and blueberry. 

Other studies reveal that ultraviolet light makes strawberries and red lettuce a deeper red with more antioxidants.

2. Fasten Photosynthesis for Your Plants

UV-A light improves the photosynthesis process in the plant. It leads faster plant growth. 

Studies show that exposure to UV-A light improves photosynthesis in plants by 12%.

Fasten Photosynthesis for Your Plants
Fasten Photosynthesis for Your Plants

 Besides UV-A 

  •  Boosts the leaf sizes
  •  Improves growth levels 
  • And dry weight

So, if you want higher yields from your plant ensure you have both UV-A and UV-B.

3. Increased Production of Resins

The  UV lights stimulate the production of resin in plants. This enhances the quality of terpenes and flavonoids in your crops. 

And how do flavonoids and terpenes help? They provide a rich and vigorous shade to the plant. The terpenes contribute to your crop smell and taste.

The plant produces resin when hit by a strong UV wavelength. This resin is a defensive element that prevents your plants from losing excess water. It also protects your crops from infection, pests, and many other risks.

Some studies have shown that UVA and UVB light can enhance the production of terpenes and flavonoids in plants. In a study, growers cultivated tomatoes in a greenhouse using grow lights without UV. They noticed the tomatoes grow well but the taste was not good.

So, they grew another bunch with additional UV and found that flavor increased. This is great for those growing flowers because it means the taste and aroma of your flower will be increased.

A further study found that flowers grown without UV light missed  6 key deepened. Other studies show that UV can increase oils and resins found in plants.

Your flower will be potent, leading to higher prices as a commercial grower.


4. Protecting Your Plants from Pests and Diseases

UV increases resin production. This protects your plants from harmful pests and diseases. 

Again, growers noticed increased resistance to disease and stress when supplementing with UVA and UVB spectrums.

Plants produce 15 different varieties of defense proteins when they are exposed to UV light.

UV light destroys harmful microorganisms when the wavelengths are shorter than 300 nm. 

Besides, UV light increases your plants’ resistance to insects, bacteria, insects, and fungus.

If you grow your plants indoors without any UV exposure, and you miss all of these benefits. 

5. Enhanced Root Development

UV light can also increase the root mass of your plants and increase veg branching with less stretching – leading to tighter internodes, and heavier harvest weight.

Yes, UV light leads to, an increase in the root mass of your plants through

  • Strengthening the plants  for transplanting
  • Early exposure reducing shock

This is important in transplanting because when exposed to the right amount of UV light your plant won’t require any supplements. The plants will grow better and the roots will be healthier.

uv sunshine
UV sunshine

6. Faster Germination

UV light can promote faster seed germination. The UV strengthens the plant and ready it for higher light intensities.  It reduces the seedling’s shock of the seedlings.

According to research gate seeds germinate faster under UVB. For instance, in a study, the effects of UV-irradiation were studied on the germination of kale, cabbage, radish, and agave seeds.

Then UV light accelerated the germination of these seeds but the subsequent growth of the seedlings was markedly retarded.

Future Potential

In years to come, life is expected to change in many ways compared with today. 

During this time, UV will play a significantly increased role in our lives. 

Uv in Plastics are already becoming ‘smart’ and will likely serve numerous important roles in future living, 

These will contribute to the already extensive array of UV that plastics are well known for.

Any future scenario where UV plastics do not play an increasingly important role in human life seems unrealistic.


UV benefits are evident and effective in boosting your crops for higher yields.

It is the surest way for your plants to yield a bumper harvest. 

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