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4 Effects of Hail Netting You didn’t Know

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Here are 4 other effects of hail netting you didn't konw.
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Hail netting as a type of protective netting for orchards is very versatile.

Most people only know that hail netting prevents hail from damaging fruit trees, but what other roles does it play besides preventing hail from damaging fruit trees?

Let us tell you here about the other four roles of hail nets.

4 other Effects of Hail netting

Hail netting can provide protection against insects.

Many orchardists are worried about the pests in their orchards.

The extensive use of insecticides in orchards poses a great danger to the environment, as well as increasing labor costs and possibly posing a health risk to consumers. Overuse of insecticides can also increase insecticide resistance.

Therefore, the use of physical protection methods can be an effective alternative to pest control.

Hail nets, as effective protection against hail, also have the same control effect on pests. The small mesh size of hail nets can protect the orchard from insect infestation very well.

Hail nets have an impact due to the physical barriers that prevent insects from entering or leaving the orchard.

Furthermore, the nets prevent male moths from flying towards females, reducing their mating success, and may cause visual disturbances in searching males. The nets prevent male moths from flying towards females, reducing their mating success, and may cause visual disturbances in searching males.

The study from Valentina Candian showed that the number of pests decreased significantly after the use of hail nets, mainly fruit moths, Halyomorpha halys (Stål), and Drosophila suzukii (Matsumura).

moth, fruit-sucking moth, large-1164163.jpg

Also, Halyomorpha halys reduced fruit draining damage by 62% compared to fruit with insecticides.

In the meanwhile, the incidence of bitter pit in apples was reduced by 52% with anti-hail netting. And the quality of the fruit was not affected in any way.

A study by Irene Baiamonte showed a reduction in fruit infestation by Cydia pomonella in apple orchards after the use of hail netting.

These were effective in reducing the use of insecticides in orchards.

Hail netting can provide shade protection.

Hail nets can provide shade, which is dependent on the color, density, and weaving method of the net. Although plant growth is dependent on photosynthesis produced by light.

However, in some areas, too much sunlight can be harmful to the plants. In the case of apples, too much light and heat can burn the apples’ skins.

The Schrader survey showed that in Washington State, apple fruit loss due to sunburn was estimated at 10%, costing the industry about $100 million per year.
bungee cord and hail netting

In contrast, Amarante et al. reported that shade nets significantly reduced the incidence of sunburn by 12.1%. Black shade nets and crystal shade nets consistently reduced the incidence of sunburn in ‘Fuji’.

Hail netting also provides sun protection to some extent.

In areas where sun protection is required, it is important to choose different colors and densities of hail nets to better utilize the sun protection of hail nets.

This protects against hail and at the same time prevents the adverse effects of sunburn on the orchard.

Hail netting improve the efficiency of water use.

Growing fruit trees requires consideration of the use of water.

When hail nets are used in the orchard, evaporation is reduced because incoming solar radiation is reduced.

Less solar radiation will reach the ground of the orchard and the canopy, coupled with a slower wind speed, resulting in less water loss from the soil.

Hail nets can increase the efficiency of water use in orchards and increase fruit production.

Hail netting provide wind protection.

In orchards, high winds can cause problems as well.

Heavy winds can cause fruit and branches to break and become twisted. By protecting your plants with hail netting, you can protect them from any damage caused by wind. It reduces the speed of the wind and this may reduce the breakage of branches and the friction between the fruit.

As a result, excessive friction can cause scratches and bruises on the apples’ surface. Hence, reducing their yield and value.

The hail nets, therefore, are windbreakers as well, protecting the apples from scratches and bruises.


Hail netting is one of the most practical and effective types of protection netting used for hail control and many other purposes.

Orchards also benefit from their use for pest control, shade, water efficiency, and wind protection. This protects the fruit and results in a controlled financial return.

Plan your protection in advance, don’t wait until disaster strikes!

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