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How to Protect Grape Vines From Birds

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Bird Netting
The best way to protect your grape vines from feeding birds is installing bird netting right before the grape begin to mature.
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Every summer, the grapes begin to ripen, that is the harvest season after extremely hard work. But the growers find that along with the joy of the harvest come a series of troubles followed, the worst of which was that the birds begin to eat their harvest.

Although there are some ways to deal with these fruit-stealing birds like noisemakers and high-tech scarecrows but their effects are not very good. The best way to protect your grape vines from feeding birds is installing bird netting right before the grape begin to mature.

What is birding netting?

Anti Birds net  (bird control net, vineyard net ) is a kind of special knitted net to keep cultivations away from birds. It is a relatively wide mesh net allowing the air and light to pass through. It is the ideal non-chemical protection against birds as they will neither be trapped in the net nor damage the plants.

How to choose?

Since the fruit needs enough sunlight to ripen, the bird net cannot be as dense as the sunshade net. It is a relatively wide mesh netting. You can choose different mesh diameters depending on the size of the birds that often appear in your orchard.

Usually, the bird nets are white because this colour could help the grapes ripen. And while swaying in the wind it is easy for birds to see and might help scare them away.

Generally the bird nets are UV stabilized to ensure lasting for several years, thus could reduce the initial spend.

How to install?

You need to measure the length and width for the netting you need. You have to measure from the ground from one side, and going over the top of the vine to the ground on the other side. Make sure the netting connected to the ground is totally closed in case the bird can sneak in. If two person can cooperate to install it, it will save more effort and time.

Well begun is half done. When you begin to plant the vine, you should know how to protect your fruit and get more.

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