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How to Check up the Health of Your Growing Vegetables

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We've compiled some tips and tricks to help you tell if your vegetables need more water or nutrients so they can stay healthy and grow well!
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Growing vegetables is a very rewarding experience. The only problem with it is that you never know what’s going on underneath the soil or around your plants.

If you’re a farmer or just one of those people who loves getting their hands dirty in your vegetable garden, this blog post is for you. We’ve compiled some tips and tricks to help you tell if your vegetables need more water or nutrients so they can stay healthy and grow well!

Benefits of Checking Your Gardens Health

Homegrown veggies have a practically unrivaled flavor, and there is nothing more fulfilling than collecting vegetables from a garden that you have planted, nurtured, and watched grow. 

Sometimes there will be challenges in the vegetable garden, but there is always a cause, and there is often a cure or control. You should care about the health of the garden for the reasons below. 

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  • Gardens are essential for the environment.
  • They are beneficial to your health.
  • Improves your mood
  • Provides you with fresh food
  • Gardening in the home and the community fosters a sense of belonging.

Now that we know why it is essential to keep a healthy garden, let’s look at how to go about it.

How to Check up the Health of Your Growing Vegetables

Here are some of the things to check for in a healthy vegetable garden


Is your garden getting enough sunlight hours? Vegetables thrive in direct sunlight for eight or more hours every day. If your vegetables aren’t growing to their full potential or generating as much as you want, it could be due to a lack of sunlight.

It’s preferable if you can move your garden to a spot in your yard that gets plenty of sun. If that isn’t possible, concentrate on growing vegetables that require less sunshine.

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The two most significant aspects of the success of your garden are the sun and the soil. Suppose you have adequate sunlight to grow the vegetables in your garden. In that case, the next most likely source of some of your difficulties is a shortage of soil nutrients.

You will primarily benefit by fertilizing your plants with balanced organic manure every time you plant your vegetables. Even if you’ve ordered soil and set up a new garden, the ground isn’t going to be as healthy as it should be.


Vegetable plants can react strangely to specific weather patterns in your location. Tomato and pepper plants, for example, can lose their blooms if the temperature drops below 60 degrees F at night and rises beyond 85 degrees F during the day.

If the weather stays this way around the time these plants should be blooming and producing fruit, you might end up with less than you intended.

Some of your plants may be distressed if the weather has been hot and dry and does not rain frequently. This should not worry you because a simple sun protection shade cloth will help you manage this problem.

Ensure that your plants receive at least one inch of water each week.

Mulching your soil is highly advisable since it helps control soil moisture and traps water.

You  Should  Choose and Site Plants in a Proper Manner

Plants that are suited for your zone and environment are essential for successful gardening. Suppose you place a shade-loving vegetable, such as lettuce, in full sun. In that case, it will suffer from poor growth and bolting and be susceptible to illnesses and insects.

 Before Purchasing a Plant, Inspect it Well

The simplest method to keep disease out of your garden is to prevent it from getting there in the first place. Getting a sickness from a new plant isn’t something any of us desires as a bonus. Knowing what a healthy plant should look like is one of the most challenging lessons to learn, making it tough to tell if the one you want is sick.

Don’t bring a plant home that has dead areas, rotten stems, or insects. These issues can quickly spread to your healthy plants and can be difficult to eradicate once established.

Use the Right Fertilizer

When fertilizing plants, be cautious because too much fertilizer can scorch the roots, decreasing their ability to retain water. As a result, the plants are more vulnerable to drought, cold, and heat stress.

 Plants deficient in nutrients are smaller and more susceptible to leaf spots, but a more robust plant can fend against illness. Another technique to stress a plant is to give it too much of a particular nutrient.

Do Not Overcrowd Your Vegetables

When spacing seedlings, be careful and keep an eye on existing plants as they grow. Powdery mildew, rust, and downy mildew thrive in crowded plants because they create their humidity.

Due to intense competition for light, water, and minerals, too crowded plants develop poorly. These vulnerable plants are more likely to be attacked. When a contaminated leaf comes in direct contact with a good one, diseases can spread more easily when plants are close together.

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Water in a Proper Manner

Watering your garden is a good idea, but because many diseases require water in the same way as plants do, how you go about it matters.  Many pathogens in the soil and air need water to travel, grow, and replicate.

 Choose watering methods that minimize moisture on a plant’s foliage to avoid providing an ideal setting for these diseases.  You will accomplish this with drip irrigation. Hold the leaves out of the way while watering the roots if you’re watering by hand.

At the Appropriate Moment, Prune Unhealthy Shoots

It is preferable to prune your vegetable plantings in the late winter rather than in the spring. When your shoots are injured, they become infected throughout the winter, allowing the infection to thrive during the dormant period.

 Pruning in the late winter keeps illness from spreading to new shoots. Although late-winter storms can inflict more damage, it is preferable to clip back a broken shoot now rather than wait until spring. Always make clean, quick-healing cuts with sharp tools. 

Clean Your Vegetable Garden

Even if you live in a mild area, it is usually better to clean out your vegetable garden in the fall. Cleaning your vegetable garden is not only actual disease prevention. It is also a fantastic technique to control diseases that have already established themselves in your garden.


If you’ve spent much time in a garden, you’re aware that vegetable gardens are more helpful than fashionable. Keeping your vegetables looking happy and healthy can be tough. These conditions can lead to dry leaves, withering plants, and disease-prone plants. 

But you may grow vegetables in a garden that will feed your family with careful planning, regular maintenance.

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