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How the Blueberry Netting System Improves Blueberry Yield

blueberry netting system improve yield
Wondering how to get better blueberry yield?
Check out this article for information on the blueberry bird netting system and how it can improve your harvest!
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Have you encountered commercial blueberry growers with improved farm yield? And not any berries but quality and pleasing to the eye. Well, they may not be gifted or put in more effort than you. 

How do they manage to improve their yield?
The blueberry bird netting system can increase blueberry yield by up to 30%.

So if you’re looking to enhance your berries yield, read on.

What is the Blueberry Netting Systems?

Blueberry netting protects your blueberries from birds and some small mammals, such as squirrels. Netting is reliable because it places a physical barrier between the birds and your blueberries.  

If you choose the right blue netting system, it will improve your yields.
The system works for all climates and uses lightweight fabric. 

Blueberry Netting

Why netting the Blueberry Bushes?

You can use visual and sound deterrents to keep birds away from your blueberry crops.
However, these deterrents’ effectiveness reduces after birds become accustomed to them. 

Bird Netting, when correctly installed above the blueberry bushes, provides far greater protection.
It also spares you the problems you may have with farms.

Blueberry Netting

Another problem with sound deterrent methods is that your neighbors may find them annoying.

The bird netting will foster good neighbor ties while protecting blueberries.

The Benefits of Investing in the Blueberry Netting System

Blueberry netting helps improve your blueberry farm’s quality.
It is the most effective and easy-to-use system for keeping squirrels and birds away from your blueberry bushes.

The bird netting is made from a durable plastic material to withstand harsh weather.
It has high tensile strength and is resistant to tearing and punctures.
It will not break when it comes into contact with branches.

Blueberry Netting

Blueberry bird netting also protects against diseases like fungus, mildew, and aphids.
These pathogens can cause damage to the fruit if they are left untreated.

Other benefits include

  • Bird Netting systems are permanent structures

  • Suitable netting can block out the sun

  • Blueberry bird netting is highly customizable and easy to use

  • The blueberry bird netting system is affordable and durable.

How the Blueberry Netting System Works

Blueberry netting is a great way to keep your plants healthy and secure. The blueberry bird netting system will allow you to grow berries on your farm.

Here is how a blueberry netting system works.

Blueberry Netting

Step 1: Get the net

Get the net from the leading bird netting suppliers in the world.

You just find the proper manufacturer, such as  EyouAgro

Measure the size farm you want to protect.

Calculate using the calculator.

You must ensure that the bird netting you select is enough to cover your farm. You can use a blueberry netting calculator to estimate your requirement.

blueberry bird netting
Blueberry Bird Netting

Step 2: Install the netting structures!

It’s easy to install the netting. There are two ways to install your blueberry bird netting. You can go for either a full canopy or tunnel netting.

Full canopy netting

 A solid framework of wood or metal poles and tensioned cables supports the net across the entire orchard.

bird netting
Full canopy netting

Tunnel netting 

A tunnel comprises many frames wired together. Wires are positioned regularly throughout the row to support the bird netting. When the blueberry bushes are ready to be harvested, the net is attached to the frame and removed

To install your bird netting framework, follow these simple instructions:

  1. You need to set up anchors and poles. Place anchors, corners, and perimeter poles 1-1.5 meters into the earth. You might need to put anti-sink pads in the holes.

  2. Build a tensioned wire grid for the company.

  3. Thread a net wire through the hem of the net. You can accomplish threading without widening the net.

  4. Place the stacked net panels atop the wire grid.

  5. Attach the net wire at both ends to the boundary wires.

  6. Hold the grid’s support wires close to the net wires using hooks or similar fasteners.

  7. Put too much tension on the net wires.

  8. Cut the net wires.

  9. Set the sidewall net panels in place.

  10. Tension net and support wires to their correct tension

  11. Interweave the net to right-angle grid wires for more strength. 

vineyard drape netting
Tunnel netting

How the Blueberry Bird Netting System can Improve Blueberry Yield

Blueberry netting improves blueberry yield by 30%. Over time blueberry netting improves harvest by the following:

Earlier Harvesting season.

As opposed to before installing the net, the harvesting season starts earlier—a large portion of the early-maturing blueberry fruit is lost before you cover your field.

Large fruit in the canopy, often eaten by birds, is saved.

The fruit size and pack-out improve after netting. Your bigger berries are plucked and packed. 

Berry’s quality is improved.

Your berry yields are higher because birds do not eat netted fruit. You will also experience less sorting and rejection of spoiled fruit. You speed up the harvesting and packing. 

Management of your berries improves.

You won’t need to conduct patrols to keep birds and squirrels under control throughout the harvest season. Then, you can focus on essential tasks like harvesting, packing, and marketing.

Netted blueberry bushes are simple to manage on defoliation and disease.

Your blueberries and bushes are healthier and of better quality, because shelter provided by the cover reduces wind rub damage to fruit and wood. 

Blueberry Netting

Netting can provide environmentally friendly control of some pests

You can reduce insect infestation by using a smaller bird netting mesh well installed and maintained. You guarantee adherence to the sanitary and certification criteria for export.

Improved water use

Shading provided by netting increased humidity, and reduced wind speed in netted blueberries may improve water-use efficiency through lower leaf evapotranspiration rates. 

Public relations

Netting is suitable for public relations. Netting draws the public’s attention to your blueberry operation, increasing farm gate sales. 

Fruit quality is improved as fruit is allowed to hang longer and develops a better flavor. 

Financial certainty is improved. With netting, you can plan your budget, knowing the sale of every blueberry will happen. You should anticipate higher prices for your netting blueberries in seasons when other farmers are experiencing significant bird losses.

Blueberry Netting


The blueberry netting system benefits prevent plant damage, diseases, and pests; it removes fruit that isn’t ripe to maintain quality control, and it reduces labor costs associated with berry picking. On top of all that, the system can be produced locally, which supports the economic viability of blueberry farming.

The blueberry netting system can help improve your blueberry yield. Contact us for more resources on improving your blueberry yield, or visit our website at www.eyouagro.com.

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