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The Knowledge of Kly UV Stability

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Exposure to sunlight has a negative effect on the useful life of plastics.UV radiation will break down the chemical bonds of the polymer.
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Exposure to sunlight has a negative effect on the useful life of plastics.UV radiation will break down the chemical bonds of the polymer.The process results in cracking, chalking, colour fading and loss of mechanical properties such as tensile strength, elongation and tearing strength. UV stabilizers will slow down this degradation process.

For products that require a longer lifetime UV stabilisers are added to both yarns and lamination during the production process.

The solar radiation is measured in kilo Langley (Kly) per year and mapped worldwide per region.

The average value in central Western Europe is 100 Kly.

UV stabilisers in plastics usually act by absorbing the UV radiation and converting the energy as low level heat.The chemicals used are similar to those used in sunscreen lotion, which protects the skin from sunburn.

All our products with UV stabilisers have an indicative Kly value, which will give you an idea about the expected lifetime under normal conditions. The retained strength after the given Kly period should be at least 50%. Please note that these values are only an indication since there are many circumstances that influence the result such as cloudiness, atmospheric humidity, snow reflection and altitude .

All Joyeyou/EyouAgro Textile yarn incorporates stabilizers as protection against oxidation and ultraviolet rays in sunlight.

Solar energy radiated in 1 year, according to Landsberg, varies from a minimum of 60 Kilo-Langley in the Polar region to 100/120 Kly in warm regions, and to a maximum of 200 Kly in the African desert.

Spain receives 100 Kly cm in the North and about 140 Kly cm in the South. 

Our fabric is protected so that after 120 Kly, i.e. 1 year of exposure, it maintains 70% of its initial mechanical properties.

Our laboratory includes ultraviolet acceleration equipment, (xenon light), complying with the regulations of exposure acceleration ISO 4892, DIN 54004, ASTM D583.

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