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All You Need to Know About Livestock Sun Shade

A cow shade will protect your livestock from the harshness of sunlight. It will also help keep the cows comfortable and calm.
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Stress is the main reason for medical conditions, plus other significant problems in our lives. Stress impacts your attitude, energy levels, and productivity.

The sad part is that livestock, just as humans, experience stress in equal measure and suffer devastating effects as a result. 

Stress affects your livestock production in every way, and that’s why you need to nip it in the bud before it wreaks havoc on them.

One of the significant causes of stress in livestock is exposure to the sun during summer. To protect your livestock from intense heat, you need a livestock sunshade. 

What is Livestock Sunshade?

shading for cattle sheds

A livestock sunshade is a shade structure you use to keep your livestock cool during the scorching sun, especially in summer.
An outside cow shade is a necessity to maintain the proper body temperature for your livestock. To avoid sunburning, your animals should get shade during the hottest part of the day, which should be between 10 AM and 3 PM. 
This is when they should receive different types of shade to keep their temperature constant.  They can still move around freely without getting tired. Choose a shade that won’t cause irritation or discomfort for your animals.

What are the Benefits of Cow Shade Protection?

Shade is a method of reducing heat load and offering cattle an environment conducive to their well-being. The benefits of installing a cow shade outweigh any hurdles you may have to jump. Here are some of them;

  • Shaded cows display reduced respiration rates, panting scores, and body temperatures compared to unshaded cows in conditions that escalate the danger of heat stress. 
  • Cattle are in dire need of shade in hot weather. That’s why it’s easy to see them standing or sleeping under a tree when the sun gets hot.
  • Also, using a cow shade improves the quality of your beef and increases milk production by up to 1.2 liters per cow. 
  • Having a cow shade will protect you from the sun and improve the quality of your milk. 

 Depending on where you live and how often you take your animals to the hay, it may be necessary to install a cow shade. If you fail to establish a  cattle shade cloth, your cattle risk overheating during the summer months. 

shade net mono 1

Risks to Livestock Overheating 

Before a cow collapses and dies due to overheating, it must show signs of overheating. So, to tell whether your cattle are in trouble, keep an eye out for the following symptoms before they become considerable enough to cause lasting effects.

  • Increased Rate of Respiration
  • Looking for shade continually
  • Making a mad dash to the water sources
  • Reduced appetite
  • Several cows lamping for shade
  • Breathing heavily while their mouth is open 
  • Convulsions
  • Falling over with no reason
risks to livestock overheating 
risks to livestock overheating 

Types of Cow Shade 

A livestock shade structure can be either permanently or a mobile unit.   A cow shade is a structure that consists of wood or steel pipes on the sides and a Uv treated polypropylene fabric on the roof. Also, you use galvanized iron sheets as a roof.

To make transportation easier, movable units should be mounted on the skids. It should be proportioned for ease of use.

A single portable device should not be greater than 25 ft. x 42 ft.

The amount of artificial shade the cattle shade cloth provides is determined by the amount of natural shade the area receives and the breed of cattle you rear. Some cattle shade cloth can provide 80% shading. 

Features of A Livestock Sun Shade 

  • A good quality livestock sunshade should have the following qualities
  • It should be affordable and durable to safeguard your livestock for many years
  • It should do away with sprinkler usage and minimize the mess that comes with sprinklers
  • Its cover should look like an arc to enable simple rain runoff while keeping enough shelter for the animals
  • It should be movable and straightforward to install
  • It should be manufactured from galvanized steel and a long-lasting vinyl net cover system 
  • It should be formulated to withstand harsh weather
  • All parts should be bolted together to eliminate the need for welding
  • It should have pre-drilled holes for simple assembly
  • All steel components should be galvanized to minimize corrosion and guarantee long life. 

How to Choose Shade Cloth For Your Livestock 

To ensure you are investing in the correct type of cattle sunshade, consider the following factors.

Understand the reason for installing the cattle sun shade cloth -Think about the type of cattle breed you are rearing.

Size of the area you need to install the cattle shade – Cattle shade cloth comes in various sizes and shapes. If you know the size of your site, you’ll pick the ideal size to minimize losses.

Fabric quality – The better the quality of livestock sunshade, the higher the Ultra-violet protection will be. Buy a cattle shade cloth based on the level of protection your animals need. Note; high-quality fabrics may be expensive initially, but they’ll save you a lot in the long run.

Ease of Installation – Before investing in shade cloth, consider how easy it is to put it in place. Buy the one you can install quickly and move it around as the need arises without hiring a professional.

Manufacturer expertise and warranty – Ensure your manufacturer has a long experience and expertise in making cow shade cloth. Also, check whether your manufacturers provide a warranty for their products.  The EyouAgro cow shade cloth comes with an 8-year warranty.

How To Install a Cow Shade

The accessories you need will depend on what type of shade you are installing. We’ll talk about how to make a cow shade using bamboo strips. It’s cheap and straightforward.

livestock windbreak


Prepare bamboo sticks in full length and attach them to bamboo posts using wooden screws. The strips will be nice and sturdy, and comfortable for the cattle.

Step 2

Make a bamboo roof to use as support for the galvanized roofing

Step 3

Fix the galvanized sheets to the bamboo roof. You can also use high-quality cattle shade cloth from a recognized manufacturer.

Step 4

For the floor, place bricks on the soil to make it easier to clean. 

Step 5

Make a door using bamboo strips and use two diagonal stripes to hold the other strip together. Use a screw to hold the pieces together. Dig a bamboo stick to the earth and let it act as a pivot for the door. 

Shade cloth warranty depends on the type you buy, but it ranges from 2 to seven years.  


A cow shade will protect your livestock from the harshness of sunlight. It will also help keep the cows comfortable and calm as they travel around in the hot summers and cool winters. Different breeds of animals require different temperatures to keep them comfortable.

So get livestock sunshade and enjoy all the benefits that come with it.

If you want to know more about cow shade, visit our website at EyouAgro or drop us an email at

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