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Livestock Sunshade For Protecting Your Horses

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There's no way to avoid some summertime heat. However, there are quite a few things you can do to make sure your animals are as cool as possible. Using livestock shades is a great option.
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There’s no way to avoid some summertime heat. However, there are quite a few things you can do to make sure your animals are as cool as possible. Using livestock shades is a great option.

Horses are active animals who breathe through their mouth and pant, meaning that they’re constantly sweating. To keep cool, they need to have an area where they can rest and take a nap during the summer months. This will help enable them to drink more water which in turn helps to regulate their body temperature.

Why is SunShade Important for Your Horses 

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The advantages of using a sunshade for your horse supersede any struggle you may have to face. Here are some of those benefits;
 To avert imminent death – Heatstroke is the leading cause of death in horses. Installing a sunshade can save the life of your dear horse. 
 It earns you respect –  Having a sunshade for your animals can earn you a pleasant reputation among fellow humans. People see you as a responsible person who cares about the health and safety of his horses.
 It protects the animals from adverse weather conditions -Sunshade can protect animals from elements such as hot temperatures and strong winds. These elements could cause sickness or death if left unattended. 
It keeps the animals happy and healthy– the most crucial reason for placing shade over your animals is health and happiness. Studies have shown that shade protects horses and other livestock from various ailments ranging from heatstroke to solar burns. 
In summer, horse flies and other annoying parasites are dreadful.  Pests like full sun, so if you have not shaded your horse, parasites will plague it in summer.
 You will keep the irritable pests at bay with a well-aerated shelter with a gentle breeze flowing through it. 
It would help if you chose a tall and wide shade to cover your animal’s entire backside comfortably. There should be approximately four inches between each tree limb on either side of your animal so that air can circulate its body without blowing away.

Types Of Horse Sunshade Structures

 For many years, people have built sun shade structures to keep their horses cool in hot weather.

 Today, designers have come up with various types of horse structures that might feel more at home in a small garden or large park. 

Types of horse sun shade structures include shade structures, bridle paths, solar shade boxes, and corrals for shade. 

You can use any of these to provide a place for your horse to rest when needed or avoid direct sunlight when it would irritate. 

Horse sun shade structures can be made from PVC pipe or timber boards, either fitted with metal rails or wooden posts. These structures must be built to last as they are subject to weather conditions and the activity present within the area. 

The last thing you want to do is spend hours – or even days – tramping around in the heat trying to find problems with your new horse sun shade structure only to have them blow away in the prevailing winds.

Horse shade structures are available in various heights and styles to suit different levels of proximity to the equinox.

Also, you take advantage of the natural shade on your land. Trees in the barn or along the corner of a fence can give a cooler location for your horses to evade the hot summer sun. Just trim the branches to enable the horses to walk easily under them. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Sun Shade

 The critical factor in choosing a structure is what works well for your horse and its environment. A horse needs an area protected from the elements and a system that allows airflow through it. 

The structure should also allow the horse to move freely. You get to decide on the shape and size of the shelter. You can opt for a structure that offers maximum protection from the sun or go for a cover that allows sunbathing without being overly exposed. 

The structure’s height should be ten feet or more, but you can have it a bit shorter for ponies. Regular depths are about twelve to sixteen feet, with much deeper sheds for colder climates.

You should locate the horse shade structure where you know the horses can easily access it when they need it most. Horses overheat very fast, and they get stressed if they can’t access the shade. 

 Orientation ( the direction) – usually, for a three-sided shade structure, the shelter should be oriented to safeguard the horses from wind-driven rain and hail plus the sun. If the predominant wind comes from the Southwest, the open part of the shelter should face Northeast or North.

A typical run-in shed is twelve to fourteen feet deep for one or two horses. 

Another standard measurement is 100 square feet for one horse and 50 square feet for each subsequent horse.

Tips for Livestock Sunshade 

Locate your shelters on solid ground, avoiding wet slopes, clay, or low-lying areas.

Construct shelters with erosion-resistant surfaces. Let the floors be made either from quarry rubber, concrete, and commercial horse rubber. Also, have gutters to manage or divert stormwater and rain.

If you are struggling with dust or mud, shell the adjacent areas with fine quarry rubble to steady the soil.

Consider making a movable sun shade shelter. You’ll be able to relocate the structure stress-free if you have to in the coming days.  


Horses spend a substantial time under a  shade or shelter. It is highly crucial to them, yet it is usual to see some horses with neither. A domestic horse should always have unlimited access to shade. 

A wild horse knows where to get it when needed, but a domestic horse will make the most of what you provide. 

Your horse should always be capable of getting out of the sun when it gets hot. Horses who don’t have access to shade become stressed if they can’t find a shelter when they need it desperately. 

Let your horses roam free and browse as much as they like by installing a livestock sunshade for them. The shelter will protect them from the blazing sun in summer and harsh cold winds in winter.

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