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Effect of the Red Net on Fruit Growth

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Red Net shading is used to protect your fruit from sunburn and other heat-related issues. As a grower, you need to know how net shading affects plant growth. Here are few ways how.
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Whether you are a farmer, gardener, or just curious to learn more about how plants grow, net protection can help to improve your crop. Net protection is often used by farmers everywhere to protect their plants from weather, insects, animals, and other pests.

The act of covering your orchard with mesh nets to protect it from pests has been dated back centuries. Farmers have been wrapping their orchards in netting for hundreds of years. Many farmers swear by this traditional method, but what does actual scientific research say about the effectiveness of this time-honored technique?

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How it Works

The fence indeed works by keeping intruders, birds, and other animals out of your garden. But chances are you didn’t know that the red nets used in plant shading also contribute to the growth of your plants and that red netting can improve your fruit?

You might be wondering, how is this possible?  The answer is not far-fetched, but not obvious either. Keep reading the rest of this article and you will learn everything you need to know about how netting can help your plants thrive.

However, before then take a quick look at some of the ways a red net shade can benefit your plants:

  • Increase the photosynthesis process
  • Help protect fruit trees against weeds and diseases
  • Protect your fruit from wind damage, thus preventing wastage
  • Protects leaves from damage by sunlight during the cold season
  • Protects the stem of plants even in cases of frosty weather
  • The reflectivity characteristic of red net fabrics preserves moisture from evaporating and hence reduces water consumption
  • Reduces heating costs (as the planted area gets covered) and protects plants
  • Blocks out harmful UV rays

How Red Net Impact Your Fruit Growth

Red Net shading is used to protect your fruit from sunburn and other heat-related issues. As a grower, you need to know how net shading affects plant growth. Here are a few ways how:

Modifies light for fruit growth

Like human beings, plants need food and water to survive. However, thanks to their self-contained photosynthesis abilities, they can create their food from light energy.

The process is called photosynthesis. It takes place in plants and most algae. But it’s not the beginning of the process that’s interesting, it’s the end. This light is the same sunlight that you bask in during picnics and barbecues, except it already has the colors of light plants need. 

Plants are picky eaters. But the good news is that red net shading can optimize this process and make sure that it is only what the plant needs that it gets by filtration and modification of unwanted light type.

Red nets modify light composition in the ultra-violet, blue, and red range influencing phytochrome and cryptochrome plant-mediated responses such as color development, shoot, and fruit growth.  Red net filtration can be used in large or small-scale vertical farming to ensure that all plants receive an abundance of life-sustaining light rich in the red spectrum and enhanced by wavelength filtration.

The Soil Temperature Reducer

Red shade nets are recognized worldwide for their capabilities of extending the growing season and for helping commercial fruit growers produce more of the reddest, juiciest, most prized fruits.

Ever heard of the American peach packed with a color so red you’d think it is candy? This is largely due to the efficacy of shade nets as an advanced protection device. The peach itself has a little direct effect on soil temperature. However, the red shade net exerts significant control over available sunlight in the time before and after sunrise and sunset.

Specifically designed to capture sun rays and induce cooler soil temperature, red shade nets help farmers grow berries in a broader range of conditions. The red shade nets also help you extend the day-to-night difference gap by preventing warm air from accumulating between the nets and the berry plants. This improves anthocyanin production and enhances fruit coloration.

Red Shade Net promotes photosynthesis

When solar radiation passes through red shade nets and covers crops, it lets the light wavelengths required for photosynthesis deeper into the plant. When you cover crops with red shade nets, it allows the higher red-light intensity to reach crops, the synthesis of photosynthetic enzymes increases, and so does the chlorophyll content per unit leaf area.

Selective red shade netting can be used to increase fruit yield and quality on existing, uniform citrus orchards. It has been proven that the application of selective red shade netting in early or mid-bloom increases photosynthetic enzymes such as chlorophyll reductase in fruit-bearing trees; the same enzymes that are critical to the synthesis of macro and micronutrients.

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Mechanical Protection

Netting is great for shielding birds, rodents, and even human predators from eating your plants. Even if they grow big and beautiful, netting can still protect them from pesky animals. These predators, when they thrive, put constraints on the plant’s growth and fruit development. Net shading helps to protect the plant from these predators.

A perfect insulator, one of the many benefits of a shade net is its excellent support structure for the plants. It helps to ensure an even and consistent fruit yield by controlling and maximizing the process of pollination that leads to fruiting. Developed fruits also retain their physical shape with less damage to the skin, hence increasing their market value, and increasing their storage or shelf life.

CONCLUSION: How Can I Grow My Fruit More?

Fruit plants need to be protected from the wind, sun, and rain, but they also need sunlight to help them grow. How can you protect your plants against weather conditions, and still have bright light shine on them? What do you use – a tent? Canvas? Plastic sheeting?

We have a solution that will ensure you get the most of your produce while keeping costs low. Protect what’s most important – with powerful, effective netting solutions from EYOUAGRO for farm and garden applications. Trust the experts with over a decade of experience for creative and cost-effective ways to protect your plants and crops.

Our Red Net is specially designed to provide effective protection for all kinds of fruit-growing activities. We have developed this after years of experiments and research with our experts. Our netting has been proven to be extremely effective at protecting your plant fruit from damaging weather conditions such as hail storms, strong winds, and heavy snowfall. Contact us to get started.

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