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Top 10 Bird Netting Suppliers in New Zealand

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If you're looking for a quality bird netting supplier in New Zealand, you've come to the right place. In this blog post, we will be sharing with you the top 10 suppliers in the country.
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Investment in bird netting is not something one can afford to get wrong. With so many variables to consider, finding the best company to use might seem like an impossible task. The secret is finding a company with vast experience in the product, unparalleled customer service, and easy transaction options. Here are the top 10 bird netting suppliers in New Zealand that meets most of these criteria:

Top 10 Bird Netting Suppliers in New Zealand

Bird netting is a great way to keep birds out of your orchard. You can use it at the start of the growing season to protect your crops from birds and other pests, or you can use it throughout the season if you have a problem with birds eating your crops.

If you are ready to install bird netting for your home or business, it is important to find a supplier near you that sells high-quality products and services.

Here is the top 10 bird netting suppliers in New Zealand:

No.Company NameYear EstablishedLocation (City)Employee
1Joyeyou Industry/ EyouAgro1996Shanghai, China120
2PolyNet1988South Island, NZ50+
3Ritex1988Nelson, NZ10+
4NetMaster1976Auckland, NZ50+
5Drape Net2005Nashdale, NZ10+
6Easytek2001Nashdale, NZ10+
7Bunnings1952Avondale, NZ15
9Mitre 101974NewPlymouth10+
Table of Top 10 Bird Netting Suppliers in New Zealand

Joyeyou Industry | EyouAgro

  • Location: Shanghai
  • Company type: Manufacturing, supplier
  • Year founded: 1996
  • Number of employees: 120
  • Main product: Bird control nettings, Orchard Netting, Windbreak Netting, Hail Protection Netting
  • Other products: General netting accessories
Joyeyou Industry | EyouAgro
Joyeyou Industry | EyouAgro

 Joyeyou’s range of protection textiles is made of good quality materials, soft enough on plants, but tough enough against pests and birds. It can be used as a bird barrier on fruit trees, on crops against bird pests. The agricultural protection textile trademark is known as ‘Eyouagro’ has the singular mission of producing high-quality bird netting for the commercial farming, agricultural, and construction sectors that can stand up to tough conditions. EyouAgro’s bird netting is available in various sizes and grades. If you’re interested in buying bird netting from a bird netting supplier with a quick delivery service, it is worthwhile contacting Joyeyou.

Joyeyou (EyouAgro) is not a New Zealand company. But as a Chinese company with more than 20 years of netting industry experience, we have been supplying the New Zealand market for many years. China is a world factory, producing goods for suppliers from all over the world. Buying from China may be cheaper and more cost-effective than buying from New Zealand. So we put Joyeyou (EyouAgro) on the list.


  • Location: Christ Church, South Island
  • Company type: Supplier
  • Year founded: 1988
  • The number of employees: 50-100
  • Main product: Shade net, bird net, Olive netting, Mikroclima, Insect Mesh
  • Other products: Fiberglass Rods, Accessories

Polynet Products Limited distributes knitted polyethylene and extruded polypropylene mesh netting products for use in orchards, farms, and gardens. Polynet bird fencing provides excellent performance at an affordable price, helping you keep your fruit harvest free from attacks by unwanted visitors. Their strong, knitted polypropylene netting acts as a protective fence, deterring birds from eating your fruit or spreading disease to your vines. Polynets are very versatile. You can reduce the size of gaps using clips to connect sections or extend another section of netting over the top.


  • Location: Nelson
  • Company type: Importer and Distributor
  • Year founded: 1988
  • The number of employees: 10-50
  • Main product: Bird protection netting, shade cloth, hail and frost netting, and planter bags
  • Other products: Scaffolding, woven produce bags

Ritex is one of the main suppliers in the world that provides high-quality products to protect plants in agriculture. Ritex supplies agricultural textiles including fabrics and products for Viticulture, Horticulture, and Agricultural improvement. This product range is also available to growers, nurseries, and gardens to nurture and protect the plants and crops. Ritex Supplies a wide range of bird protection netting, which is used to prevent birds from damaging crops. They offer bird control netting made of 100% Polyethylene Monofilament netting of Diamond configuration and also Hexamesh netting.


  • Location: Auckland
  • Company type: Supplier
  • Year founded: 1976
  • The number of employees: 50-100
  • Main product: Bird netting, Bug netting, Hail netting, Knitted windbreak, shade cloth, Vineyard netting
  • Other products: Weed mat, construction netting,

Netmaster has been in the wishbone business for over 40 years. Netmaster provides a range of nets and barriers to meet your requirements. They supply a variety of netting for diverse purposes from gardens and orchards to construction sites. Most of their nets are sourced from factories overseas by companies that can deliver to the production standards that are required for the New Zealand weather conditions.

Drape Net

  • Location: Nashdale
  • Company type: Manufacturer, Supplier
  • Year founded: 2005
  • The number of employees: 10-50
  • Main product: Anti-Bird netting, Anti-Hail Netting, Anti-bee Netting,
  • Other products: Netting Accessories
drape net
Drape net

Drape Net creates a durable, protective layer of netting that can be draped over crops to protect them from birds, hail, wind, and other elements. Drape Net is very adaptable, portable, and cost-effective; it can easily be moved and stored. This innovative net will keep your most sensitive crops covered when you need it most, with no wasted time or expense. Unlike other netting alternatives, Drape Net’s simple open weave provides excellent airflow and light transmission without blocking views.


  • Location: Christchurch
  • Company type: Supplier
  • Year founded: 2001
  • The number of employees: 10-50
  • Main product: Bird controls, garden supplies, Nettings
  • Other products: Home and Garden Accessories

For years, EasyTek has worked with some of the biggest names in plant care to ensure their products meet the highest standards. They stock everything you need for indoor and outdoor plant maintenance. EasyTek brings the latest, environmentally-friendly solutions from trusted world leaders to the New Zealand market. These products will enable growers to protect their crops against pests like birds and have been developed to enable quick and easy installation on a range of plant structures.


  • Location: Avondale
  • Company type: Supplier
  • Year founded: 1952
  • The number of employees: 10-50
  • Main product: Bird netting and  Protection Supplies
  • Other products: Plumbing accessories

Thanks to Bunnings, it’s easier than ever to protect your garden from pesky bugs. Their bird nettings and covers provide an easy, economical solution to keep your crops safe. Made from durable polyester mesh, these covers keep the birds out while allowing air and water to reach the plant below. Made in New Zealand using only the finest materials, Bunning’s covers are both waterproof and breathable.


  • Location: Christchurch
  • Company type: Supplier
  • Year founded: 2015
  • The number of employees: 10-50
  • Main product: garden supplies, home supplies, Bird nettings
  • Other products: Most farm supplies and accessories

GrowShop is a place to get everything you need to grow your garden. They stock bird netting, butterfly netting, rabbit fence, sprinklers and watering supplies, garden tools, patio furniture and so much more. Their goal is to provide the complete package of supplies needed to get the most out of your garden and many other home and farm applications.

Mitre 10

  • Location: Auckland, NewPlymouth
  • Company type: Supplier
  • Year founded: 1974
  • The number of employees: 10-50
  • Main product: Garden sheds, Garden plants, lightning, Nettings, lawn
  • Other products: Building supplies, bathroom supplies, Kitchen supplies
mitre 10
Mitre 10

Mitre 10 is the largest home improvement and garden retailer in New Zealand. They have an extensive product range of over 30,000 products to choose from in their stores nationwide. Their product range includes DIY tools, accessories, outdoor living products, gardening chemicals, electrical goods, patio furniture products, and many more products for the home.


  • Location: Auckland
  • Company type: Manufacturer, Supplier
  • Year founded: 1964
  • The number of employees: 50-100
  • Main product: Shade cloths
  • Other products: Bird netting, orchard nettings

Shades systems manufacture netting to protect plants.  Their shade netting and screen products are available for the protection of trees and fruit crops against pests and birds and industrial screening against dust and bad weather conditions. If you want to protect your garden from pests and birds without harming the environment, their polyethylene netting is an ideal solution. It’s UV stabilized to not break down in sunlight, so you can place it outdoors and not worry about it fading over time.

How to Choose the Bird Netting Suppliers?

When you are looking for bird netting suppliers, it is important to consider a few key factors.

  1. Quality: When it comes to bird netting, you need to make sure that the quality is good. The last thing you want is for your bird netting system to break down and not work properly. There are a lot of different bird netting suppliers out there, so do your research and make sure you choose one that offers high-quality products.
  2. Price: bird netting can be expensive, so you want to make sure you find a supplier that offers competitive prices. There are a lot of bird netting suppliers out there, so take your time and compare prices before making a decision.
  3. Location: You also want to make sure you choose a bird netting supplier that is located close to you. This way, you can be sure that they will be able to deliver the products on time and without any problems.
  4. Customer Service: Last but not least, you want to make sure the bird netting supplier has good customer service. This way, if you have any questions or problems, you can be sure that someone will be there to help you.


It’s a bird netting jungle out there but Joyeyou stands tall among the rest. Joyeyou is a company that is engaged in agricultural protection textiles. They have been in this sector for some time now and are currently specializing in the manufacture and supply of bird nets. Their new EyouAgro agricultural textile products come in varieties from bird netting to shade systems and can supply bird nets around the world. Check out their website to know more about their product variety. You can also contact Joyeyou via email for your queries about purchasing, shipping, or anything else.

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