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Top 10 Shade Net Suppliers & Manufacturers in India

shade cloth india
In this article, we will discuss ten of India's leading suppliers and manufacturers of shade nets.
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India has a thriving farming and agricultural community that greatly benefits from sunlight. However, when the sunlight is too much, it affects the growth and viability of crops, livestock and other farm produce. This is why many farmers and gardeners use shade nets. Shade nets help to reduce the intensity of sun rays as they fall on crops and make the rays safer for plants.

In this article, we will discuss ten of India’s leading suppliers and manufacturers of shade nets.

Understanding Shade Cloth

What is Shade Cloth?

Shade cloth is a woven fabric, primarily designed to control the sunlight and temperature. It is crucial in regions where controlling the exposure to the sun is essential.

aluminet 75%
aluminet 75%


Shade cloth aids in controlling the sunlight that reaches the crops, enhancing growth, and protecting against harsh weather.

Livestock Farming:

It is used to create sheltered areas that protect animals from extreme sunlight.


For residential purposes, shade cloth is utilized for garden shading or to make outdoor spaces more comfortable.

6 Key Considerations When Choosing Suppliers


  • Materials: Verify that the supplier uses high-quality materials that meet industry standards and applicable certifications.
  • Workmanship: Inspect the quality of workmanship; poor construction can lead to reduced effectiveness and durability.
  • Compliance: Ensure the products comply with local regulations and international standards.

Delivery Time:

  • Schedule Adherence: Gauge the supplier’s reliability in adhering to delivery schedules; delays can affect your timelines.
  • Flexibility: Assess their ability to accommodate urgent or custom orders without compromising quality.


  • Customer Support: Evaluate the responsiveness and efficiency of their customer support team.
  • After-Sale Service: Check if they offer warranties, maintenance, or other after-sale services that may be crucial for long-term satisfaction.
  • Customization Options: If customization is needed, understand the supplier’s capabilities in meeting unique specifications.


  • Competitiveness: Compare the cost with other suppliers while considering the quality, features, and overall value.
  • Transparency: Look for transparent pricing without hidden costs or vague terms that might lead to unexpected expenses.
  • Payment Terms: Understand the payment terms and conditions, and make sure they align with your business practices.
shade cloth mono


  • Experience: Consider their industry experience, which can reflect their expertise and reliability.
  • Reviews and References: Look for reviews or ask for references to gauge the satisfaction of previous clients.
  • Certifications: Check for business certifications that might indicate a higher level of professionalism and commitment to quality.

Local Considerations:

  • Proximity: Depending on your needs, selecting a local supplier might be beneficial for easier communication and faster delivery.
  • Cultural Alignment: Understanding business culture and communication practices can make collaboration smoother.

Important Points for Importing

When importing shade cloth to India, it’s vital to understand the customs regulations, duties, and required documentation. Proper compliance with local standards and engaging with reputable customs brokers can ease the import process.

Top 10 Shade Net Suppliers & Manufacturers in India

Based on customer requirements, we have identified their two main concerns: quality and price. Below is a chart detailing the product and quality of shade cloth suppliers in India, addressing these key factors.


Joyeyou Industry (EyouAgro)

  • Location: Qingpu, Shanghai
  • Company type: Manufacturing, wholesale
  • Year founded: 1996
  • Number of employees: 120 People
  • Main product: Hail Protection Netting, Bird control nettings, Greenhouse shade cloths, Orchard Netting, Windbreak Netting, Insect proof netting
  • Other products: Shade cloth clip and general netting accessories
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Joyeyou Industry (EyouAgro)

EyouAgro is a company under Joyeyou Industries, focusing on producing quality shade nets for agricultural purposes. The company also exports its products to other countries, which includes India. Thus, if you need the leading shade net supplier in India, EyouAgro from Joyeyou is your best bet.

Tandhan PolyPlast Private Limited

  • Location: Uluberia, Howrah, West Bengal, India
  • Company type: Manufacturing and Exporting
  • Year founded: 2008
  • Number of employees: 100 to 500 People
  • Main product: Shade Nets, Agricultural Protective Tarpaulins and Pond Liners
  • Other products: Vehicle Cover, Tarpaulin tents, Safety Nets and Hose and Garden Pipe
图片1 2
Tandhan PolyPlast Private Limited

Regardless of when a company starts its operation, as long as it puts quality products and service delivery as its priority, it will remain relevant in the industry. Quality product and service delivery is the hallmark of Tandhan PolyPlast Private Limited, which is why the company is one of India’s leading manufacturers of exporters of shade nets.

Priyadarshini Filaments Pvt Ltd

  • Location: West of Chord Road, Industrial Town, Bangalore, India
  •  Company type: Manufacturing, Wholesale and Retail Supplier
  • Year founded: 1988
  • Number of employees: 150 People
  • Main product: HDPE woven fabrics and monofilaments extrusion, Greenhouse shade net
  • Other products: Greenhouse net and Nursery shade net
图片2 2
Priyadarshini Filaments Pvt Ltd

Priyadarshini Filaments Pvt Ltd is one of the first companies to start the production of HDPE fabrics in India and its environs. The company specializes in producing and selling nursery shade nets, greenhouse nets, and other agricultural shade nets that protect crops from intense sun rays.

Empire Group India

  • Location: 132 Feet Ring Road, Ahmedabad, India
  • Company type: Merchant Exporter
  • Year founded: 2018
  • Number of employees: 10 People
  • Main product: Outdoor Shade Nets
  • Other products: LLDPE Cling Film, Jumbo Bag, Strapping Roll, Metalized Polyester Film, Transparent BOPP Film.
图片3 2
Empire Group Indi

Empire Group, India, is a major exporter of outdoor shade nets and other polyester products. The company prides itself on its ability to deliver quality outdoor shade nets to its numerous clients in all parts of the world. Thus, it is not surprising that it is one of the leading shade net suppliers in India.

Indonet Plastic Industries

  • Location: Vaghodia Industrial Area, Vadodara, India
  • Company type: Manufacturer and Exporter
  • Year founded: 2007
  • Number of employees: 50 to 100 People
  • Main product: Outdoor Shade Nets, Garden Fence and Fencing Nets
  • Other products: Packaging Net, Underground Warning Tape, and Tree Guards
图片4 2
Indonet Plastic Industries

Indonet Plastic Industries is a reliable brand for manufacturing and exporting shade nets and other agricultural protective nets in India. The company has been in business for about 15 years and, as a result, has the necessary experience to provide quality products.

Vendant Speciality Packaging

  • Location: Nashik, Maharashtra, India
  • Company type: Manufacturer
  • Year founded: 2012
  • Number of employees: About 10 People
  • Main product: Shade Nets, Agricultural Cover and Nets, and Crop Support Nets
  • Other products: Transparent Mulching Film, Mulching Paper, Greenhouse Accessories, and Garden Shears
图片5 2
Vendant Speciality Packaging

Vendant Packaging is a popular manufacturing brand in India. The company focuses on the production of agricultural cover nets and mulching films. The company can consistently deliver quality products to its customers with special attention to quality.

Planet Polynet

  • Location: Pratap, Nagar, Nagpur, Maharashtra, India
  • Company type: Manufacturer and Wholesale Supplier
  • Year founded: 2000
  • Number of employees: About 10 People
  • Main product: Shade Nets, Agricultural Nets, Industrial Nets, and Leno Bags
  • Other products: Sericulture Crates, Vegetable Mesh, Metal Fencing, Packaging Nets, and Aluminum Fencing
图片6 2
Planet Polynet

Planet Polynet is a manufacturer and supplier of agricultural nets and covers in India. The company has spent over 20 years in the industry, learning and perfecting its trade. As a result, it has emerged as one of the most trusted and reliable companies regarding quality shade nets in India.

S.M Enterprise

  • Location: Janjikar Street, Masjid West, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
  • Company type: Manufacturer and Wholesale Supplier
  • Year founded: 2006
  • Number of employees: About 250 People
  • Main product: Shade Nets, Construction Nets, Safety Nets, and Anti Bird Nets
  • Other products: Protective Sleeves, Monsoon Shed, Tarpaulin, Bird Spikes, and Sport Nets
图片7 2
S.M Enterpris

S M Enterprise is a business that provides a balanced service regarding manufacturing and supplying. The company’s products cover numerous industries and sectors and are exported to over 80 countries worldwide. With its almost 20 years of experience, you expect only quality products from SM Enterprises.

Shalimar Thermoforming Industries

  • Location: Lower Parel, Mumbai, India
  • Company type: Manufacturer
  • Year founded: 1985
  • Number of employees: About 50 People
  • Main product: Shade Nets, Safety Nets and Anti Hail Nets
  • Other products: Grow Bag, HDPE Tarpaulin, Garbage Bag, Jumbo Bag
图片8 1
Shalimar Thermoforming Industries

Shalimar Thermoforming Industries is one of the leading manufacturers of shade nets and other agro textiles. Being one of the oldest companies in the industry, Shalimar devotes a level of expertise that can only be gotten through experience to the production of its products.

Nandi Tarpaulin

  • Location: J.C. Road, Bangalore, Karnataka, India
  •  Company type: Manufacturer and Wholesale, Retail Supplier
  • Year founded: 1960
  • Number of employees: 25 People
  • Main product: Agro Shade Net, Tarpaulin Sheets, Marquee Tents, and Carpets
  • Other products: Vinyl floor, safety nets, Hessian cloth, and LDPE Polyethene sheets
图片9 2
Nandi Tarpaulin

Nandi Tarpaulin is one of the oldest companies in India’s agro textile industry. The company has been around for over 50 years and has established itself as one of the go-to options for agro textiles, such as shade nets. The supply company works with manufacturers and suppliers to ensure farmers in all parts of Bangalore can access quality agro shade net.


Crop production requires a lot of time, resources, and energy. Without adequate protection, all of these resources could go to waste. This is what shade netting prevents. If you need a quality shade net for your farm or garden, check out EyouAgro. You can order your shade nets through this form or by sending an email.

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