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Why You Should Use Silage Film To Protect Your Harvest?

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This article will tell you why you should use silage stretch film and how it can improve the nutritional value of your cow feed!
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If you have ever wondered whether you wrapping your silage was the way to go or not Eyouagro can give you a few suggestions on the matter. For many livestock farmers, feeding their animals with the most nutrient-dense food is their priority. Saving money is equally crucial, and a silage film come in handy.

Read on to find out more about why you should use silage stretch film and how it can improve the nutritional value of your cow feed!

What is Silage Film?

Stretch film is a bale wrap for the silage.  The silage film preserves silage, hay, and maize. They preserve the food’s nutritional value and stop harmful fermentation processes. 

The silage films are made of Special Metallocene Polyethylene or LLDPE material. In addition, they have

silage film
Silage Film
  • 5 layer technology
  • Excellent cling
  • Tear and puncture resistance
  • UV protection
  • Over 18 months lifespan

There are many reasons why we should use Silage Film:

Produce Higher Quality Silage

Silage film can be used to protect your harvest from pests and other damage. You can use silage film to extend the shelf life of your silage, which will help you get more money from every bale of hay or bale of grain.

The longer a food item stays fresh, the better it tastes in general; this applies to all foods except for fresh produce (which is usually eaten immediately after harvest).

Silage film works as a mini-refrigerator for your silage. It helps keep the temperature inside your sealed bales stable during storage. This prevents spoilage from occurring, which will help you get more money from every bale of hay or bale of grain that you sell.

Increase the Intake and Performance of Livestock

Silage film is a great way to reduce intake time and wastage, which in turn increases the nutrient intake of your livestock. In addition, silage film helps reduce spoilage by keeping the feed protected from moisture and insects. This can also increase productivity by reducing labor costs associated with feeding and handling.

Silage films are effective at increasing animal performance because they allow for 

  • More efficient movement between pens or yards, 
  • Reducing disease spread between animals or between areas within an enclosure (which could lead to overpopulation).
  • Prevent injury during transport and help keep your animals comfortable. 
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Silage Wrap Film

Maximize Nutrients in Silage

Silage film is an inexpensive, easy way to keep your silage from drying out. It also helps keep the silage from getting too wet and hot. And it can help prevent the temperature of the silage from dropping below 50 degrees F (10 C). 

So if you have ever had a problem with mold in your silo, or if you’ve been wondering why some farms use plastic wrap over their bins when they are storing grain, now you know why:

Reduce Waste and Spoilage, Protecting Your Investment

Silage film is an effective way to protect your harvest, reducing waste and spoilage.

If you have spent time and money on growing a crop, you must keep the quality of your product high. This means protecting your investment from pests such as flies and rats which can cause serious damage to crops if left unchecked. 

The same goes for livestock too. Silage film is an excellent way to prevent them from chewing through their feed or damaging crops when they are brought into a field before harvest begins!

Use Silage Film to Maximize Your Harvest

Silage film is a great way to maximize your harvest. It can increase yield by up to 30% while reducing waste by up to 70%. 

Silage films keep the moisture content of the silage at a consistent level, improving both the quality and consistency of your final product. This makes it easier for you to sell at higher prices because customers will be able to buy more high-quality silage from you, which means they don’t have any leftovers after they get their money’s worth!

Low Cost and Modern Technology

To invest in quality silage film, you don’t need to spend a lot of money. The most recent packaging innovation is the 5-layer extrusion blown film. The film is flexible and can be made to your specifications. The five-layer stretch-warp film is mechanically sound.

Depending on how much you require and what kind of application you have, silage film costs vary. Depending on your demands, you can buy silage film in large quantities or lesser quantities. You can buy silage film as needed by the roll or by the yard if you just need a little amount to cover a vast area.

Silage film is Durable

One of the silage film’s qualities is durability. The slim won’t lose its quality or be tarnished even in the presence of UV radiation and agricultural chemicals

Silage film is long-lasting and robust. It’s vital to think about how long the cover will endure and whether it can be restored if it becomes damaged by animals or environmental factors like rain or snow when choosing a sort of cover for your silage.


Silage film has become a popular tool for farmers, ranchers, and gardeners alike. There are many benefits of using this product on your crop, including the increase in the quality of your silage and the ability to protect it from mold or fungal growth. Silage film is also easy to use and can help save time during harvest season. We hope that you will give it a try today!

 Eyouagro produces a wide range of specialist polythene films for increased protection against breakages, contamination, and damage. This film is typically heavier duty compared to standard polyethylene blends. Made from denser polythene, it increases the protection offered to products and vehicles even in adverse environments, enabling you to operate wherever and whenever you need to.

If you’re looking for wrapping and packaging crop services, our team here at Eyouagro is here to help! We offer a wide range of services designed to help you with your crop protection. Reach out to us today to find out what it is we can do for you.

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