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New Zealand Apple Orchard Hail Netting System 2021

This article is about EyouAgro helping a Nelson, New Zealand customer build a hail protection net system to protect their 30 ha apple orchard. The entire protection system involves hail nets under high UV exposure conditions, as well as some custom development of exclusive accessories.

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Basic Situation

Nelson, located in the middle of New Zealand’s South Island, has pleasant scenery and plenty of light.

Nelson,New Zeland, weather
Nelson, New Zeland

Due to the sunny weather (often the sunniest area in the country), strong changes in temperature help optimize the quality of the fruit, while sufficient high sunshine hours make the fruit purer.

The annual sunlight reaches 2405hr and the annual precipitation is 970mm, which is very suitable for apple planting.

Temperature and Rainfall , Nelson, New Zealand
Temperature and Rainfall, Nelson, New Zealand

The warm climate in summer and the cool night in autumn can make the new season of apples bright in color and full in taste.

With the blessing of good weather conditions, it has become the second-largest apple-producing area in New Zealand.

Apple is an important local economic activity, and the prospect of apple season is very good.

Sunshine and UV index Nelson,New Zealand
Sunshine and UV index Nelson, New Zealand

But a sudden hail in 2020 caused heavy losses to the local orchard. Large areas of fruit trees were smashed by hail.

Boxing Day 2020 finished off a brutal year for many orchards in parts of Tasman as the hailstorm struck, destroying crops, including hops, grapes, kiwifruit, apples and pears.

As a result, the customer found that we wanted to build a hail protection system for his apple orchard, including

  • Leno Hail Netting
  • Hail Netting Clips
  • Hail Netting Wire Clips
  • Elastic Cord

Customer Demand Analysis

Hail damages your fruits and vegetables during the harvest season, making a lot of crop damage and putting your business at risk.

After receiving the customer’s inquiry, we carefully analyzed the demand,

  • Farm size: 100ha
  • Crops planted: apples

Customer Pain Point

Hail Disaster is a destructive weather imagination that damages and destroys their fruits and crops in what should be the harvest season. This has caused serious economic losses.

Customer Requirements

Hail is a destructive weather phenomenon. It can destroy crops and cause significant financial losses within the agriculture industry.

The Client wants to build a hail protection system, hoping to be used in an atmospheric environment with high ultraviolet radiation like New Zealand for 8 to 10 years.

Hail Netting prevents significant financial losses and protects crops.

Farmers no longer need to worry about the potential of losing their crops to hail.

EyouAgro Solution

Hail Netting is made from polypropylene, it’s woven into a net form and provides quick installation.
It has excellent UV protection and lasts for up to 10 years in most situations.

Product Solutions

According to the customer’s needs, it requires a service life of 8-10 years.

After comparing the advantages and disadvantages of various products
We chose Leno Hail Netting as the main material of the hail net system and used columns and steel wire frames to form the support structure of the Hail Netting System Structure, Instead of adopting the Drape hail netting scheme.

hail netting main
Leno Hail Netting

The main reason is that,

Drape hail netting is directly covered with fruit trees and hung up before the fruit season.
Then take it down before the harvest season. This results in repeated work that requires repeated hanging and storage every year. It will cause high labor costs.

And directly covering the suspension will cause too high a shading rate, which is not very powerful for apple coloring and results. Apples need more sunlight during the fruit growth stage.

Drape Hail Netting
Drape Hail Netting

We suggest to our customers that Drape Hail Netting is more suitable for Seedless citrus cultivation while preventing bee pollination.

However, Leno Hail Netting has higher strength and transparent color.

Under the 2.8x 8.5mm mesh structure composed of Leno structure with a monofilament diameter of 0.032mm( 700Den), it can provide sunlight transmittance of more than 93%, and reach the best balance point for hail protection and sunlight irradiation.

At the same time, a more demanding condition

As New Zealand’s ultraviolet radiation exceeds 160KLY every year, the customer’s service life requirement of 8-10 years is a very high requirement,

Global Radiation In Kly
Global Radiation In KLY

which means that the product has to withstand 1600KLY ultraviolet radiation for 10 years, and the product intensity cannot be lower than the original 50%.

The original UV formulation system suitable for Tinuvin 783 in central Europe will no longer be applicable.
We need anti-aging additives to delay the degradation of polyethylene plastic products in areas with large annual solar irradiation energy, so we have switched to a higher grade composite anti-UV formula based on Chimassorb 944.

Uv Stablizier
UV Stabilizer

The following is the test data that the strength retention rate of the product is maintained above 82% after the @ 5080hr test.

@5080hr UV Resistance Test
@5080hr UV Resistance Test

The moment the test data came out, the customer was very satisfied.

Finally, directly confirm the first phase of the order contract 4×40 ‘HQ for nearly 40ha (3x40HQ Leno hail Netting 1×40 ‘HQ Hail Netting Accessories)

Considering the cost economy, we recommend that customers purchase Support Poles and wire locally.

Project Completion

The customer received the goods from September 2021 and immediately started the installation.

Finally, after 2 months of installation, the installation will be completed, expecting the harvest season in February.

Nelson,New Zealand Hail Netting System Project Completion
Nelson,New Zealand Hail Netting System Project Completion

Review and Summary

The whole project was discussed in March 2021. We started with hail net accessories.

The customer combined some of the mesh clips commonly used in the market but was far from what he expected. Therefore, it was finally decided to independently develop a complete set of supporting accessories. After countless brainstorming, the function and prototype of the product were finally determined.

With the help of a 3D printer, we first made a prototype product, matched it again to modify it, and finally shaped and made the mold.

Hail net products, the main difficulties in the selection of anti-aging agent UV and leno hail net production is very low, long production cycle.

In the end, with the unremitting efforts of the team, the delivery was on schedule.
Looking forward to cooperating with this customer again.

If you have any request in the agriculture Protection, Pls do not hesitate to contact and discuss your solution

Client's Testimonials

The project was finished in a timely manner, the quality is outstanding and we are satisfied with the result. During the entire project, Kevin showed initiative, reacted quickly to changes, and was always open to better ideas. We are happy with our cooperation and would recommend EyouAgro to any company requiring hail netting products or assistance with hail damage.

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Crops Type: Apple
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Plantation Type: 30ha, Apple Orchard
Client Needs : Hail Protection Netting, Want to build a hail netting system
EyouAgro Solution: Leno hail netting, Accessories
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