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Why Grow Your Industrial Hemp under Greenhouses?

cannabis under greenhouse
Hemp or Cannabis, also known as industrial hemp, is legally allowed to grow.However, some farmers prefer growing industrial hemp under greenhouses.
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Do you know Industrial hemp was the first domestically cultivated plant dating back to 8,000 years?

Its resemblance to Marijuana has affected its legalization in most places the world over.

However, of late hemp is gaining popularity as a profitable plant.

In the past hemp was grown outdoors in large fields for mass production.

However, some farmers prefer growing industrial hemp under greenhouses.

A greenhouse is used for growing crops under controlled environmental conditions.

hemp growing under greenhouse
hemp growing under greenhouse

Importance of Hemp

It is 2019, more than half of Americans are legally allowed to grow hemp or cannabis. Although there is still a lot of regulatory debate among federal and state officials, the opportunities for farmers to profit from hemp cultivation are obvious.

Hemp or Cannabis, also known as industrial hemp, can be transformed into a boatload of important useful products.

It’s used in the following ways;


 You can make animal food with high protein and fiber for your livestock and fish from hemp., You can also make animal bedding using hemp fiber.

Textiles and Clothing

 One major use of hemp fiber is in the textile industry.

Do you know that an acre of hemp produces as much fiber as a 3-acre cotton farm?

The softness and durability of hemp fiber make it suitable for making clothes.

The hemp fiber tensile strength makes it desired material for ropes and cords. 

The pulp of hemp is used to make paper.

Health and Beauty Products

Cannabidiol (CBD )is a strong and reliable component for medicinal ingredients.

cannabis cbd
cannabis cbd

Hemp is also used to make products like balms and lotions to treat eczema and inflammation because it can be absorbed transdermally.


hemp oil
hemp oil

Hemp seeds are a source of oil. The oil is a good alternative to olive and canola oil.

The hemp seeds are also highly nutritious.

Did you know that hemp roots are also edible?


It may sound absurd, but shoes made from Hemp fiber are very durable and comfortable.

Building and Construction 

Using industrial hemp fiber material, you can make;

  • Hempcrete: An alternative replacement for concrete due to its durability and lightweight.
  • Insulation material that doesn’t rot away and can drive pests away.
  • Plastic with cellulose


To do away with crude oil and gasoline, which are degrading to the atmosphere, biofuel from hemp is yet to take over, according to studies.

Benefits of Growing Hemp under Greenhouse

Growing industrial hemp under greenhouses has a lot  of benefits:

Pest Control

No matter what you’re growing, indoors or outdoors, pest control is important. Growing hemp under a greenhouse helps to control pests. 

The controlled greenhouse environment makes it hard for pests and insects to thrive. Also, sealed windows and insect control measures put in place help with pest control.

cannabis greenhouse
cannabis greenhouse

Extension of the Growing Season

The controlled environmental factors like lighting, temperature, humidity, and other factors allow farmers to grow their hemp in greenhouses all year.

This means you’ll harvest your hemp more times a year.

Protection from Harsh Weather

A greenhouse’s major work is to protect what you’re growing from the ever-changing harsh weather conditions. It could be cold, heat, or hailstones.

Federal Drug Association (FDA) Compliance

According to Federal Drugs Association, hemp grown in pest-controlled environments without using pesticides is ideal for ingestion and making medicine.

The l operations aim to reduce cross-pollination with other plants.       

Positioning your Greenhouses

Before you set up a greenhouse, there are considerations you need to make:


Unless you plan to use raised beds with bags, compost,  pots, you should construct your greenhouse on level ground with good soil.

Also, consider a place that receives a lot of suns and natural light.


Depending on the amount of hemp you want to cultivate and produce, the greenhouses’ space is important.

This aspect will also come in handy when you decide to increase the number of greenhouses to construct.


Before constructing your greenhouse, make sure your land drains water well all year round.

You don’t want to realize that the area you built your greenhouse on retains water after constructing it, do you?

hemp under greenhouse
hemp under greenhouse

East to West or North to South

For average home greenhouses, orientation doesn’t matter. You can construct it facing North-South,  West-East whatever your fancy.

Unless it’s a lean-to greenhouse, its supporting wall should face the north.

Access to water and electricity

A picture-perfect greenhouse has water and electricity channels installed in it.

It is important to take into account how easily your hemp greenhouse will access water and electricity.

What Structure are You Going to Use?

The structure of a hemp greenhouse is going to determine how much yield you get. It also determines the quality of hemp that you’ll produce.

These structures come in different styles and shapes. 

Greenhouses can either have attached or free-standing structural features.

Attached Greenhouse 

As the name suggests, this is a greenhouse that is attached to a housing building.

With this type of greenhouse, you’ll use fewer building materials, and there is easy access to water and electricity.

You can attach this greenhouse to any part of the house except the north.

Free-Standing Greenhouse

This greenhouse structure is not attached to any other structure.

Its spacious nature allows a farmer to plant more plants, and the plants get a good supply of sunlight.

It is also easier to control the environment of the greenhouse.

When growing industrial hemp, use the free-standing structure to maximize the hemp quality.

Shade Cloth in Greenhouses

Overheating in greenhouses (whether glass or plastic) isn’t something new. 

Using a shade cloth prevents overheating. The shade cloth can be woven or knitted.

Shade cloth turns light into heat. As the cloth’s temperature rises, more than that of the surrounding air, heat energy spikes up, causing evaporative cooling.

A good shade cloth should be waterproof.

Installation and Where to Buy Shade Cloth

After purchasing the shade cloth for your greenhouse, move on to installation.

Installation Steps for Shade Cloth

  1. At the base of the greenhouse, attach S-hooks. Place them to match with the cloth grommets.
  2. Put the shade cloth over the greenhouses’ roof.
  3. Attach the hooks in the base to the grommets using a bungee cord.
  4. Use snap-on clamps for PVC pipe greenhouses and a lock channel for wood/aluminum greenhouses to secure the frame’s shed cloth.

Some installation tools and accessories will come with the shade cloth, and if not, you can purchase them here.


If there is a cash crop that is slowly but surely taking the world by storm, it is industrial hemp. This is since you can use it to produce thousands of beneficial products.

Growing industrial hemp in a greenhouse is, without a doubt, a wise decision to make. It is the first step to success. However, like every success story, the journey might be challenging initially, but it’s worth the struggle.

Utilize the above information or visit to navigate your industrial hemp growing journey successfully.

Happy Hemp farming!

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