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Greenhouse Shade Cloth

Greenhouse Shade Cloth

EyouAgro Greenhouse Shade Cloth is the perfect solution for keeping plants and vegetables warm in a greenhouse or shed, while preventing sunlight and heat from reaching plants.
They can be put to a variety of uses in tunnels and horticultural greenhouses, and outdoors under the framework.

  • High strength, durable
  • Restricted UV action.
  • Reduced crop desiccation.
  • Improved ventilation.
  • Reduction in temperature range variations.
  • Recyclable and environment friendly


Greenhouse Shade Screen (green house shade cloth, green house shade ) is used to provide shade against sunlight and to control the temperature.

It can also be used to protect flowers, and trees against frost, wind, and hail damage. It can also be used for temporary fencing, packaging applications, and greenhouse covering.
Greenhouse shade cover is used to lessen the effects of light during the summer.

Greenhouse screening fabric has shading capabilities ranging between 8% and 95%,
making it possible to adapt the system to crop requirements.

They can be put to a variety of uses in tunnels and horticultural greenhouses, and outdoors under the framework.

Feature & Benefits:

EyouAgro Greenhouse Shade Cloths are a translucent shade cover for your greenhouse.
It is made from high-strength materials that produce a perfect diffuse light diffusion and helps to keep the warmth within your greenhouse.
Its easy installation allows you to set it up within minutes and block off more than 98% of harmful UV rays, keeping home gardens growing at all times.
It prevents temperatures from rising inside the greenhouse when the weather is hot, whilst reducing temperature inside when the sun goes down.

Material Composition:

Knitted 100% Virgin High-Density Polypropylene with UV additives and No Fillers

Available Colors:

Black , Green

Standard Size:

4.2x100m or As Request

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Name of Plants
30% Roses, Strawberries, Gooseberries, Tomatoes, Cucumber
40% Bedding Plants, Gloxinias, Herbs, Iris, Lilies, Vegetables
50% Foliage plants, Cut greens, Orchids, Ginger, Pot plants
60% Orchids ( Oncidiums, Phalaenopsis ), Lettuces
70% Ferns, Orchids ( Cypripediums), Philodendron,Succulents
80% Indoor plants, Certain Orchids, Plantation crops, Tea, Coffee, Cardamom
90% Cattle shed, Poultry houses, Construction Scaffolding, and vehicular shades

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Weight 116 kg
Dimensions 400 × 40 × 40 cm

145 grm

Yarn Size

0.21mm – 300 dtex

Fabric Construction


Shade Factor


Air Permeability

Ca. 37 %

UV Stability


Tensile Strength

428 N/5cm – 683 N/5cm

Flame Retardant


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