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2 Types of Aluminet Shade Cloth You Need to Know

aluminet shade cloth
This article is to tell you about these two types of Aluminet, and hopefully provide you with some guidance on how to choose one.
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Aluminet Shade Cloth is a shade net made of aluminium foil. It has a very good shading rate, which can be up to 99%. It has been used extensively for shading many areas, such as greenhouse shading or providing shade for animals.

We all know about Aluminet shade cloth, but did you know that it is divided into internal and external shade cloths? What are the characteristics of each of them? This article is to tell you about these two types of Aluminet, and hopefully provide you with some guidance on how to choose one.

Lightweight, Breathable, And Durable Aluminet Solution 

Aluminet is made from a fabric that is lightweight, breathable, and durable. It is the best solution for your farm, garden, pets, and more.


Aluminet shade cloths have excellent shading ability. It is a great solution to protect pets or crops from greenhouses to farms. 

Aluminet shade cloth made from aluminized fabric to reflect the sunlight. Because of the ability to reflect and lightweight, it is the best cloth. It can cover the outside of a greenhouse than other ordinary black shade cloth. It plays a vital role in maintaining the right temperature for plants because the temperature is harmful. In addition to this, the Aluminet has an excellent insulating effect. At night, when the temperature can be low, Aluminet screens help to maintain the temperature inside the greenhouse.

What is Aluminet Made of Made It So Durable?

The Aluminet mesh mainly has strips of aluminium foil woven through a special process, using monofilament PES or HDPE to weave it into a precise and flat mesh structure. The HDPE is reinforced with a UV-resistant component, which enhances the strength and durability of the foil mesh. This change in the material ensures that it will last for more than five years outdoors.

It can be used outdoors for a long time and can withstand all kinds of tests such as UV rays and rain. It avoids the weaknesses of pure aluminium foil, which is very fragile.

The shading rate, reflective rate and diffuse effect can also be adjusted by adjusting the ratio of aluminium foil, transparent film or blank strip according to the needs of the greenhouse. 

2 types of Aluminet Shade Cloth

Depending on whether they are used inside or outside the greenhouse, Aluminet shade nets are divided into interior and outdoor Aluminet shade cloths. Here are the differences, advantages and disadvantages of these two nets.

Interior Aluminet Shade Cloth / Aluminet I

Aluminet I” is a shade cloth for use inside the greenhouse canopy.
Its main component is a strip of aluminium foil, which is woven into a mesh using polyester yarn.
It has the advantage of being soft and easy to roll and is ideal for use inside the greenhouse as there are no obstacles to rolling it and it is easy to use.

aluminet 50 inside 1
Aluminet 50 inside

For internal shading, the weave can be in such a way that the aluminium foil strips are arranged in a certain ratio with the transparent film strips, which facilitates shading and at the same time has thermal insulation and diffuse reflection effect.

Outdoor Aluminet Shade Cloth / Aluminet O

In the beginning, there was no distinction between inside and outside shading nets and they were all designed to be of this inside type.
However, a few years ago our customers found that this type of netting was not strong enough for outdoor use and was prone to breakage.
So we changed from polyester to HDPE(a material more suitable for outdoor use) woven into what became “Aluminet O”. UV has also been added to the HDPE to make it more durable for the long term use outdoors.

aluminet 75 outside
Aluminet 75 outside

Of course, because HDPE is not as soft as polyester thread, it is not suitable for use in situations where repeated stretching is required.
Often after covering the roof with outdoor shading nets, these may not be rolled for several months.

For “Aluminet O”, the weave can be several strips of aluminium foil plus a blank strip, which helps the circulation of air and does not allow hot air to collect on the roof.

EyouAgro Aluminet Shade Cloth vs Traditional Aluminet Shade Cloth

Aluminet Shade Cloth

EyouAgro Aluminet shade cloth, which is woven in such a way that the strips of Aluminet aluminium foil are flatly embedded in the plastic wireframe of the mesh. The aluminium foil strip is not twisted, ensuring that it is flat and reflects light and heat adequately. A good reflective cross-section ensures sufficient reflective effect in order for the Aluminet to perform better in the greenhouse.

Traditional Aluminet Shade Cloth

The traditional Aluminet shade cloth, which is prepared using a twisted weave of the aluminium foil strips themselves, affects the surface area of the Aluminet and has a poor shading effect. It is difficult to get good control over reflectivity because you cannot calculate how much your foil strip is actually twisted. This is the biggest drawback of this traditional method of weaving Aluminet shade cloth.

This is why most greenhouses on the market today are using the latest Aluminet shade cloth, as they provide better shading and have a more aesthetic appearance.

Introducing the Newest Premium Aluminet 

Extreme sunlight can be harmful to your greenhouse or animals. The innovative design and reflective surface of Aluminet can help you reflect sunlight and reduce heat by air circulation. Aluminet can have a premium reflection. Its airy fabric allows optimal air circulation. Provide the most suitable indoor environment for your plants.

Eyouagro Aluminet can afford effective protection for crops and animals. It not only reflects the light but also provides warmth and shade.

Based on your needs, you can buy Aluminet from Eyouagro for indoor and outdoor.

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Eyouagro Aluminet shade cloth is a game-changer for a gardener or farmer. It protects the plants from direct sunlight, and farmers can benefit from using the Aluminet shade cloth. So, let’s try premium qualities Aluminet from Eyouagro.

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