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2 Types of Cherry Rain Covers You Need to Know

cherry rain covers
Learn about the top rain cover options for cherry farming: HDPE Tarpaulin and 3-Layer Anti-Dripping Film. Explore their benefits and make the right choice to protect your cherries and boost your harvest
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In cherry farming, effectively protecting the fruit from adverse weather conditions is crucial. Rain covers protect cherries from rain and regulate light, aiding in fruit ripening.

This article will introduce three common types of rain covers: HDPE Tarpaulin (PE), and 3-layer anti-dripping Film (Film), and compare their advantages and disadvantages.

2 Types of Cherry Rain Covers

HDPE Tarpaulin

pe tarpaulin
pe tarpaulin

HDPE Tarpaulin, also known as PE Tarpaulin, is favored for its toughness and durability, with a lifespan of up to 5 years. Its slightly frosted surface creates diffuse reflection, providing ideal lighting conditions for cherry cultivation. Additionally, PE Tarpaulin features the following characteristics:

  • Waterproofing: Lamination with LDPE (Low-Density Polyethylene) on both sides ensures 100% waterproofing.
  • Reinforced Edges: Special 4-layer taped selvage adds extra protection.
  • UV Protection: Features UV stabilization to shield crops from ultraviolet damage.
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3-Layer Anti-Dripping Film

3-Layer Anti-Dripping Film maximizing light and waterproofing.

This material is highly transparent, providing ample light beneficial for the coloring and growth of cherries, and boasts excellent anti-drip properties to prevent water accumulation and dripping. A light transmission rate exceeding 90% offers ideal conditions for cherry cultivation and can be used for up to five growing seasons. While it demonstrates good tensile strength and tear resistance, making it more robust and durable under harsh weather conditions, one should note that this type of tarpaulin cannot be fitted with aluminum grommets. Instead, it requires folding at the edges and adding eyelets, which may slightly impact the strength where the grommets are placed. Despite this, its overall durability and protective features make it a highly advantageous choice for farmers.

3 layer anti dripping film 1

Below is the product’s quality certificate and test report.


Nominal Thickness200 microns
Thickness Range±10%
Test ItemsUnitTypical ValuesTest ResultsTest StandardTest Range
Tensile Strength at BreakMDMPa≥3031.5ASTM D882
TDMPa≥3030.6ASTM D882
Elongation at BreakMD%≥8001148.6ASTM D882
TD%≥8001038.6ASTM D882
Tear ResistanceMDgf/mic≥710.2ASTM D1004-2009
TDgf/mic≥1414.5ASTM D1004-2009
Dart DropMethod Ag≥8001226ASTM D1709-15
Global Light Transmission%≥9090.5Internal Method
Clarity%≥9394.4Internal Method


Experimental environment: temperature (23±2)°C, humidity (50±5)% RH


Comparative Analysis of Tarpaulin Materials

Material AttributesLight TransmissionAnti-Dripping PropertiesTensile and tear resistanceLifespanAluminum Grommet CompatibilityCost of Use
HDPE TarpaulinModerate(75-80%)NoGoodUp to 5 seasonsYesModerate
3-Layer Anti-Dripping FilmVery High (>90%)ExcellentExcellentUp to 5 seasonsNo (requires folding and eyelets)Low

When choosing a rain cover, it’s important to consider your specific needs.

HDPE Tarpaulin is suitable for those seeking durability and diffuse reflection effects,

and the 3-layer Anti-Dripping Film is ideal when maximizing light and anti-drip effects is a priority.

Which Rain Cover is Most Suitable for Cherry Cultivation?

When it comes to cherry cultivation, selecting the right rain cover is crucial for maximizing yield and ensuring quality.

Among the options discussed, the 3-layer Anti-Dripping Film is particularly beneficial for cherry growers.

The 3-layer Anti-Dripping Film is known for its superior light transmission qualities, essential for cherries’ healthy growth and coloring.

Its complete anti-dripping capability ensures that cherries are protected from excess moisture, which can lead to various issues, including disease. These features make it an incredibly effective option for cherry farming.

This type of cover is being widely adopted in the Chilean market, where its benefits for cherry cultivation have been clearly recognized. Adopting a 3-layer Anti-Dripping Film in such a significant cherry-producing region is a testament to its effectiveness and suitability for cherry farming.

By choosing the 3-Layer Anti-Dripping Film, cherry growers can ensure optimal crop growth conditions, leading to higher quality produce and potentially greater yields.

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Q: Why is PP material not used for tarpaulins?

A: PP (Polypropylene) tarpaulins are not typically used when durability and long-term strength are required. They are less resistant to UV light and extreme weather compared to other materials, which can lead to quicker degradation and a shorter lifespan. Materials like HDPE or specialized anti-dripping films are preferred for applications that demand robust and enduring protection.

Q: Can the 3-layer Anti-Dripping Film be reused for multiple seasons?

A: Yes, the 3-layer Anti-Dripping Film is designed to be durable and can typically be used for up to five growing seasons, depending on the environmental conditions and proper handling. Its high-quality material and UV stabilization contribute to its longevity, making it a cost-effective option in the long term.

Q: How does the 3-layer Anti-Dripping Film affect the growth of cherry trees?

A: The 3-layer Anti-Dripping Film has a light transmission rate of over 90%, which is beneficial for the growth and coloring of cherries. The anti-dripping properties also protect the fruit from excess moisture, reducing disease risk and promoting healthier growth conditions.


Selecting the appropriate rain cover material is vital for protecting cherries and enhancing yield and quality. The 3-layer Anti-Dripping Film, in particular, has shown great promise in cherry cultivation, especially with its growing adoption in markets like Chile.

For those looking to make the best choice for their cherry farming needs, EyouAgro is here to assist. Specializing in agricultural protection nets, tarpaulin, and film, EyouAgro is committed to researching and producing top-quality solutions for agricultural needs. We welcome inquiries and are eager to help you find the perfect solution for your cherry cultivation. With our expertise and range of products, we aim to support and enhance your farming success.

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