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Cherry Rain Cover Tarpaulins

Cherry Rain Cover Tarpaulins

Production of Cherry, berry, and other soft fruits is uncertain as it depends on weather conditions and insects;
Cherry Rain Cover Tarpaulins are the grower’s best protection against Rain Cracking and other damage caused by rainfall at the wrong time while providing a Micro-climate for Crop growing.

  • Quality Material: Utilizes 100% Virgin HDPE for durability.
  • Waterproofing: LDPE lamination on both sides ensures 100% waterproofing.
  • Reinforced: Special 4-layer taped selvage adds extra protection.
  • Customizable: Offers transparent options and customizable intervals for grommets.
  • UV Protected: Features UV stabilization to shield crops.
  • Available Size
    • 1.8 x 15m
    • 2.0 x 12m
    • 2.4 x 12m


Cherry Rain Cover Tarpaulins, also known as Cherry Covers, is a type of rain cover designed to protect fruit trees from damage during rainfall.
They are used for cherry orchard protection.

EyouAgro rain covers are made of high-density polyethylene woven waterproof tarpaulin fabric
They are low-density polyethylene laminated on both sides to ensure 100% waterproofness.
The finished covers are custom-sized, reinforced at the seams, and have grommets or eyelets for easy anchoring to crop protection structures or systems.
This makes them highly durable, so they will last for 5~8 seasons of use.

cherry rain cover tarpaulins


The premium quality of cherry rain covers has the following properties.

  • Water-resistant low-density polyethylene coating (top sheet),
  • High-density polyethylene weave (middle layer),
  • Water-resistant polyethylene coating (bottom lamination),
  • Poly-rope into the hem (on the inside of the folded tarpaulin).
cherry rain cover tarpaulins
cherry rain cover tarpaulins


  • Enhanced Durability: Reinforced seams and high-quality materials ensure long-lasting protection.
  • UV Stabilization: Protects crops from harmful ultraviolet lights, preserving fruit quality.
  • Customizable Sizes: Tailored to fit various crop protection structures or systems perfectly.
  • Easy Installation: Equipped with grommets or eyelets for hassle-free anchoring.
  • Eco-friendly: Made from 100% virgin materials, contributing to environmental sustainability.
cherry rain cover tarpaulins
cherry rain cover tarpaulins


  1. Orchard Protection: Ideal for safeguarding various orchards from adverse weather conditions.
  2. Berry Production: Suitable for protecting berry crops from rainfall and UV damage.
  3. Soft Fruit Shielding: Provides a protective layer for different soft fruits, preventing damage.
  4. Micro-climate Creation: Creates a conducive environment for controlled and healthy crop growth.
  5. Agricultural Solutions: Serves as a reliable protective solution for diverse agricultural needs. 


  1. Q: How does the tarpaulin protect against rain cracking?
    A: The waterproof material prevents water from reaching the fruits, reducing the risk of rain cracking and maintaining fruit integrity.
  2. Q: Can the tarpaulin be used for other fruits besides cherries?
    A: Yes, it’s versatile and suitable for protecting a variety of soft fruits from weather conditions.
  3. Q: Is the tarpaulin resistant to wind damage?
    A: The reinforced seams and secure anchoring options make it resilient to wind, ensuring stable protection.
  4. Q: How does UV stabilization benefit the crops?
    A: It shields the fruits from harmful ultraviolet rays, preventing quality degradation and ensuring healthy growth.
  5. Q: Can the tarpaulin be customized to different sizes and specifications?
    A: Absolutely, we offer customization to meet specific needs, ensuring optimal fit and protection.



100% Virgin HDPE Scrim with LDPE laminate


140gsm (Scrim:84gsm, Coating: 56gsm)


10×10 Tape Woven



U.V. Resistance



2mm rope around, Alu. eyelet every 50cm


5 years ( Seasons) for reuse

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