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Cherry Rain Cover Tarpaulins

Cherry Rain Cover Tarpaulins

Production of Cherry, berry, and other soft fruits is uncertain as it depends on weather conditions and insects;
Cherry Rain Cover Tarpaulins are the grower’s best protection against Rain Cracking and other damage caused by rainfall at the wrong time while providing a Micro-climate for Crop growing.

  • 100% waterproof material
  • UV protection
  • Lightweight cloth
  • Protect cherry from cherry fruit cracking
  • Ultraviolet lights stabilization


Cherry Rain Cover Tarpaulins, also known as Cherry Covers, is a type of rain cover designed to protect fruit trees from damage during rainfall.

They are used for orchard protection.

EyouAgro rain covers are made of high-density polyethylene woven waterproof tarpaulin fabric
They are low-density polyethylene laminated on both sides to ensure 100% waterproofness.
The finished covers are custom-sized, reinforced at the seams,
and have grommets or eyelets for easy anchoring to crop protection structures or systems.

This makes them highly durable, so they will last for many seasons of use.

cherry rain cover tarpaulin specifications
cherry rain cover tarpaulin specifications


–    Core Materials: 100% Virgin HDPE Woven Fabric
–    Lamination Material: Low-density polyethylene (LDPE) on both sides
–    GSM Weight: 140g/m2 ± 5%. Add 10% for reinforcement
–    Colors: Transparent
–    Reinforcement: Special 4-Layer Taped Selvage
–    Eyelets: Aluminum Grommets or Raw Drilled Holes at custom intervals

The premium quality of cherry rain covers has the following properties.

  • Water-resistant low-density polyethylene coating (top sheet),
  • High-density polyethylene weave (middle layer),
  • Water-resistant polyethylene coating (bottom lamination),
  • Poly-rope into the hem (on the inside of the folded tarpaulin).



100% Virgin HDPE Scrim with LDPE laminate


140gsm (Scrim:84gsm, Coating: 56gsm)


10×10 Tape Woven



U.V. Resistance



2mm rope around, Alu. eyelet every 50cm


5 years ( Seasons) for reuse

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