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5 Tips to Use the Right Bale Wrap for Your Silage Saving

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This article will tell you 5 tips to keep in mind when using silage film.
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Bale wraps are an invaluable tool for not only agricultural producers, but also for those with livestock. Bale wraps provide the perfect solution to feed your farm animals and protect them from harsh weather conditions.

But if you forget the right tips, it can all be for nothing. From getting the right wrap for your application to knowing what else you need to know about it, we’ll be taking a look at tips to ensure you use the right bale wraps.

But first, let’s see what bale wrap is.

What is Bale Wrap?

Silage film protects the nutrition of feeds, silage, maize, and hay. If you are a farmer you can take advantage of storage options instead of relying on fresh feeds to preserve mixtures for long periods.

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Silage Film

Silage wrap film is made of a special MV LDPE or LLDHE. The MV LDPE has specially formulated polymers (combined with EVA and EBA) which can offer:

  • Excellent moisture control
  • Incredible damage resistance
  • Excellent puncture, abrasion, and resistance

What is the Importance of Quality Bale Wrap?

Using high-quality film wrap is essential for generating bale silage of the highest quality.

Leading silage film manufacturers such as with EyouAgro provide you with outstanding cling and exceptional puncture resistance. This assists to reduce silage spoilage and helps ensure that there is no penetration of oxygen and water to help retain the nutritional value of the ensiled silage.

1.  Buy from  a Reputable Silage Film Company

You should check out your supplier and ask them what kind of material they use for their silage stretch film.

You should also make sure that the company provides you with a warranty on their sillage film. This way, if there is any damage caused by the product during transportation or storage, then at least you will be covered by the warranty.  So you won’t have to pay extra money for repairs or replacements.

Another thing that you should remember when purchasing silage wrap is how long it stays in good condition after being used for its intended purpose

2.  Check the Materials Used in Silage Film

The materials usually used for silage film are MV LDPE or LLDHE, which guarantee good ductility and toughness of the silage film. These properties guarantee the proper use of the film. It has a high degree of firmness, can withstand high external forces, and does not tear easily. Different silage wraps from different manufacturers may be made from different materials, some are designed to break down more quickly in the field than others. For example, some wraps will break down during storage and become unusable after several months. Others can last up to18 months before being broken. With the addition of the right amount of UV stabilizer, the film can be used outdoors for a period of no less than 18 months.

So ensure you choose wisely when buying your wrap. If you’re planning on using your silage for longer than 18 months then consider investing in wraps which will reduce the amount of work required.

3.  Go for Silage Wraps that Stretch More

For a silage wrap to be effective, it has to be able to stretch more than common wraps. This is because when strapping, a high level of stretch is required to ensure that the strapping is secure and less likely to make the silage wrap rupture. This can happen if you use an old or low-quality material, which will not have the stretch strength necessary for handling heavy loads of grassy material. So when you get your silage film, try pulling one end apart and pulling hard to check the film’s extensibility.

4.  Be Sure it Protects from UV light damage

Silage films must be produced by adding UV stabilizers to minimize damage to the film from external UV rays. This ensures that the silage wrap can be used properly, even when exposed to the sun. It prevents damage to the silage stored in it. Regardless of whether you are storing silage or grasses at high or low temperatures, you must buy silage stretch film with UV inhibitors as part of its manufacturing process.

These films tend to last longer than others do because they don’t get damaged as easily by UV factors that can cause damage over time.

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Silage Wrap Film

5.  Check the Strength of the Silage Film to Ensure that No Tears are Occurring During Applications

The first step to making sure your bale wrap is working properly is to check the strength of the stretch film frequently.

When you first open a roll of silage film, you can try to puncture it. For example, try to puncture it with a branch or a small stick to check the strength of the film. This is because in normal use conditions there may be these external factors that can cause damage to the silage wrap.

Of course, it would be nice to have specialist testing equipment to check tensile and tear strength.


The right wrap can make your silage or hay more economical and help you save money on labor costs. It also helps to keep the environment in mind by using less wrapping material and reducing waste during disposal. And if all that isn’t enough, it’s also possible that there will be fewer problems with insects eating through the plastic film over time as well!

Eyouagro develops advanced and environmentally friendly film to protect your livestock feeds for quality, and nutrition and to last longer.

If you need a high-quality silage film or bale wrap, feel free to contact a reliable and trusted silage film manufacturer. They will advise on which silage film or bale wrap can give good conditions for your animal feeds.

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