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Top 5 Benefits and Uses of Silage Film

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This article tells us about the top benefits of using silage film.
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Silage film is a great option for farmers to wrap their silage bales. The material can be used to protect the silages from rain, hail, and insects. It also prevents the spread of bacteria that can cause spoilage.

Silage films have many benefits over other types of silage wrapping options such as polyethylene film or polypropylene film because they’re stronger and less likely to breathe.

What are Silage Films?

The nutritional content of silage, feed mixtures, hay, and maize is preserved by silage film. Instead of relying solely on fresh feeds, farmers can use storage solutions to keep mixes fresh for extended periods.

To provide great moisture control and amazing damage resistance, silage wrap film is manufactured of special MV LDPE or LLDPE and with multi-layer technology. The properties of these materials prevent the silage film from puncture, abrasion, and rupture.

So, why use silage film? What are its benefits? We will discuss below:

1.  Improves Feed Quality

Silage films are a great way to improve feed quality, particularly for silages that have been stored for long periods. The film reduces the amount of degradation that occurs in the silage during storage and feeding, which can be significant when it comes to keeping your cattle healthy.

Silage films also provide a barrier between the environment and your silage, which helps keep them cool while they’re being stored or fed out.

The silage film protects the silage from environmental influences and ensures that the nutrients within the feed are not lost over storage time or that the nutrients inside deteriorate.

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Silage Wrap Film

2.  Ensure Anaerobic Fermentation in the Silage Wrap

Silage is a storage technology method that uses fermentation under anaerobic conditions to produce lactic acid to reduce the pH in the silage to 3.8 to 4.2, inhibiting all microbial processes and thus preserving the nutritional value of silage.

The perfect characteristics of the silage film, therefore, guarantee the absence of oxygen inside the parcel in order to ensure adequate fermentation of the silage, and the PH value inside, so that the silage does not deteriorate and the nutrients are not lost.

The silage wrap must be constructed in multiple layers, usually five or more, to a certain thickness, as well as incorporating an oxygen barrier, which ensures that oxygen cannot enter the silage wrap, thus keeping the internal environment oxygen-free for a long time.

3.  Cost Effective and Easy to Store

Silage films are cheap and easy to use or store. It only needs to be operated on a machine and does not require much labor to do a lot of storage work in the field. And it is very easy to store as silage bales can be placed directly in the field without the need for special storage space. When it is time to use the feed, the bales are then opened up inside the barn for use.

It will save you a ton of labor and storage space. Provide your animals with a nutritious diet even in winter.

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Silage Film

4.  Longer Shelf Life

High-quality silage film is guaranteed to last for more than 12 months outdoors. This is enough time to ensure that your silage does not receive environmental damage before it is consumed and that it does not become moldy or spoiled while maintaining its nutritional content. And your animals will be able to enjoy enough food to grow healthily during the winter.

5.  Harmless and Odorless

The silage film is harmless and odorless. This means that the film can be used on any type of farm and will not contaminate crops or harm animals. The film also does not contain pesticides or other harmful chemicals, so it is safe for both humans and animals.

Silage film contains no ingredients that are harmful to the environment or animals. Even after being exposed to direct sunlight and rain, it is still very safe and non-toxic.


There are many benefits to using silage film, including improved feed quality, cost-effectiveness, and timely delivery. The lightweight and portable nature of the product means it can be easily deployed by farmers for better storage facilities or as a temporary solution for damaged silage bales.

Eyouagro is a manufacturer of silage film products of high-quality and related agriculture netting, such as bird netting, hail netting, etc. With our expertise and experience, we are confident to deliver the best silage film with excellent service and competitive pricing.

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