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The Benefits of Citrus Netting on Mandarins: A New Way to Increase Yields

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Here are some ways to incorporate citrus netting into your farming routine to improve your yield
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As the world’s population grows, food production has become a major issue. How can we produce enough food to feed all of these people? Luckily, there are a few tricks that mandarin growers use to increase yields. One such trick is called “netting.” Citrus Netting involves covering mandarin trees with netting to block bee pollination and increase yield.

Here are some ways to incorporate citrus netting into your farming routine to improve your yield.

What is Citrus Netting?

Citrus Netting is a thin mesh made from thick filaments with a sturdy sewn bottom. It’s ideal for grapefruits, lemons, and all types of oranges. You tightly stretch it over the tree branches where the fruit grows. Just make sure it does not touch the fruit itself. You secure it with twine or strong ropes.

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Netting traps the fruit on the tree and prevents it from pollination.

How Does Netting Work?

Citrus trees serve as an open buffet for birds, bats, bees, and other wildlife as they provide sweet fruits right in the open. Growers frequently lose a massive portion of their products because these unwanted animals invade the fruits before they are ready for harvesting. You enclose your citrus fruits, such as mandarine, in a simple, affordable netting to stop animals from stealing your fruit. Your mandarine will ripen safely without the risk of claws and beaks.

The benefits of netting are vast. For example, when you’re netting your mandarin trees, you’re helping to protect them from temperature fluctuations and certain pests that would otherwise destroy the crop. Netting also protects against frost damage and improves yields by up to 30%.

If you’re not sure if netting is right for your mandarin farm or orchard, don’t worry! There’s a simple way to find out. Contact us today for a free consultation on whether our product will work well with your farming operation.

Netting in Mandarin Farming

Netting is often utilized on mandarin trees because it prevents self-pollination and prolongs the harvest time, increasing yield.

Mandarin trees are protected against cross-pollination. Cross-pollination results in seediness. Seediness is a major drawback, limiting the use of a variety of fruits in the processing business. Citrus Netting is a useful netting for reducing the total number of seeds in citrus fruits or achieving total seedlessness.

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You may also cover your entire orchard with netting to prevent premature harvesting, which could significantly reduce your yield. And the good news is that if you would like to cover certain areas of your orchard, you can strategically place the nets over mandarins that have begun growing too fast or are at risk for dropping early due to external factors such as pests, infestations, disease, or sudden change of weather.

The nets will prevent these mandarins from being harvested too soon and reduce their damage chances. In addition, you can also place nets around individual plants that have been affected by an infestation so that they do not spread the disease to the healthy fruits in the vicinity. These are just some ways you can incorporate netting into your mandarine orchard and are helpful.

The Benefits of Netting on Mandarins

It Helps to Increase Your Yield

Netting on mandarins is a way to increase yields. Fruit on mandarin trees will not drop from the tree prematurely if the branches are covered in netting. This means that farmers will keep all of their fruit, and there will be more for everyone! Also, you increase your harvest by a considerable margin because of netting in place. You can harvest all the fruits, which means more money.

The Nettings Are Affordable, and You can Use them Repeatedly.

The benefits don’t stop there. Netting is not an expensive solution for increasing yields. So, you can easily incorporate it into your farming routine with no problem. You can install it and remove it hassle-free. However, you need to remove it at the end of the harvesting season so it doesn’t interfere with pollination or other growth processes.

The farmer can also harvest the fruits in the right manner by shaking them off the tree and not picking them one by one.

It is important to note that trees should not be netted too early to restrict their growth and development. For example, if you net a tree before it has fully developed its fruit-bearing capacity, it will not grow well and may die because it does not have enough nutrients to support its growth. Netting should be done at intervals of four years so that there is adequate time for the tree to recover and develop new branches before being netted again.

It Protects the Fruit from Bird Damage

No grower desires to lose their fruit to bird and insect infestation. When you put netting in place, you forget about the stress and worry about the safety of your mandarin fruit. Birds can strike any moment without notice, descend on your mandarine fruits and damage them. This lowers your yield, which affects how much you reap from the back-breaking task of caring for the fruit. Netting helps you enjoy the fruit of your hard work without hurting the environment.

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Netting is a new way to increase yields on mandarin farms. This technique involves planting the mandarin trees close together and covering them with nets to protect the mandarin fruit. The nets allow mandarins, not self-pollinate and to ripen more evenly, which means less waste, more fruit, and more profit for farmers. The nets can also be used for shade during the hot months, which reduces the need to irrigate.

Citrus netting from Eyouagro is built specifically for your location, fruit, and type of fruit. Our goal is for you to be able to harvest a high-quality crop. In the sector of citrus bee netting, Eyouagro is the market leader. All of the fruits are protected by our netting wraps. Contact us at to discuss the best netting for your mandarin farm.

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