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Reflective Ground Cover Application in Different Fruit

reflective ground cover
In this article, we will describe the Eyouagro reflective ground screen application in different fruits.
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Do you find that the fruit grown in your orchard is smaller or less sweet-tasting than your competitors’? Or perhaps you find that the fruit in the middle and lower parts of your fruit trees is not as big as the fruit in the upper parts? These are the questions we need to address today. These problems can be solved by the use of the Reflective ground screen.

In this article, we will describe the reflective ground screen application in different fruits. In the beginning, you are going to know about what is the reflective ground screen.

What is Reflective ground screen?

What is Reflective ground screen?

Reflective ground screen is a significant element in fruit-producing. It is basically a plastic cover and the color of these covers is generally silver or white because they help to reflect light. Farmers use reflective ground screens over the ground to improve the reflection of light on the plant. Indirectly, the reflective ground screens help to improve the quality of the fruit by providing proper lights. When a farmer uses a reflective ground screen for his plantation, he can grow more crops and the quality will be better.

reflective ground film
Reflective Ground Film

Effects On Fruits Quality

Reflective ground covers have an amazing effect on fruit quality because this screen secretly works to produce good quality fruits. The reflective ground screen ensures the maximum amount of light for your plants which results in higher yields and larger fruit size, increases the sweetness of the fruit, and also gives it a more vibrant color.

Light is necessary to get the proper color of fruits. Colors boost the market value of fruits. When you can assure suitable and sufficient light, you need not use dangerous chemicals to get the attractive appearance of the fruit. That’s how we will get promising quality fruits without toxic products.

Furthermore, another benefit of using a reflective ground screen is getting appropriate heat with adequate lights that stimulate the ripening time and increase tests of the fruits. If you can manage adequate light and heat for your garden, your trees will grow very fast with a nice appearance from the external as well as wonderful quality from the internal side. And you can confirm proper light and heat by using a reflective ground screen in your plantation.

3 Application In Different Fruit

Now, we will discuss the application of reflective ground screens in different fruits. Here we have chosen some light-loving fruits which grow better with plenty of light. They are apples, sweet cherries, and kiwi fruit. Let’s see the applications.


The first application is making a nicer appearance of apples to increase the demand for apples. People always want a fruit that does not have any defects from the outside and also has appropriate color. The component which is the main factor for making the red color of the apple is anthocyanins. Light helps to accumulate anthocyanins to the outer part of the apple. So, we obtain attractive and appropriate colors for quality appearances.

apples, apple tree.jpg

Now it’s time to discuss the second application which is increasing the taste of apples.
The reflective ground screen helps to reflect light correctly. Besides, with the light, we get proper heat that enables the ripening processes fast but naturally. So, the taste is superior. The more you can grow tasty apples, the more you will be successful commercially.

Finally, we will describe one of the most important factors.
Apples are sweet. So, birds can easily attack them to eat.

But, when you use a reflective ground screen, it reflects lights.
So, birds are not able to attack your apple garden easily.

Sweet Cherries

The first and foremost application is frequent bud formation in sweet cherry flowers to produce sweet cherries. And experts say, the bud formation increases for a high level of light.
This high-level light range we get for using the reflective ground screens.

When the bud formation occurs quickly and frequently, the amount of cherry production increases vastly.

cherries, fruit.jpg

Another important application is improving the growth rate.
As the reflective ground screen can ensure high-frequency light, the growth rate increases up to 32% which appears by research on sweet cherries shoot growth rate.

You can use a reflective ground cover to ensure adequate light because the light is essential for growing plants, increasing crop rate, and producing quality fruits.


When you produce kiwi fruits in a low light condition, your products take more time to grow, you cannot get the appropriate color of the fruits. So, you will face a commercial loss. In this situation, the best option is, use a reflective ground screen. It will help you to make a proper reflection of your light so that you may provide appropriate light for your kiwi fruits. In this way, you can get a delicious appearance from the outside and reasonable quality from the inside.

kiwi, fruit, chrysanthemum.jpg

If you want to do business with kiwi fruits, the most crucial factor will be transportation. Using the reflective ground cover can improve the fruit firmness by providing sufficient light.

This is a great application for all the farmers out there.
Use a reflective ground screen to expand the firmness of kiwi fruit and transport your products without huge losses. As the firmness helps to protect the fruit from being wasted at the time of transporting.


We hope you get a clear view of the applications of reflective ground screens in different fruits. Now, you can apply those applications to improve your fruit harvesting system.  Overall, a Eyouagro reflective ground screen is a valuable invention in the agricultural field. It reduces the use of harmful pesticides and protects us from dangerous diseases.

Eyouagro is a green solution manufacturing company that deals with crop protection netting. Our consumers have long enjoyed our services since we have been in existence for more than 23 years. Our netting products include frost protection, wind protection, pest control, bird control, ground cover, fruit harvest, among many others. Our quality is guaranteed.

So, contact us and make inquiries here today! Kindly also visit the Eyouagro for information on netting products.

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