Reflective Ground Screen

Reflective Ground Screen

Reflective Ground Screen is a shiny bright white/silver plastic cover for improving canopy light relation,
which are made to improve fruit quality including fruit coloration and sugar content,
thus improving fruit yield and quality.

It is developed to cover the entire orchard floor and not just the area immediately below the trees, which maximizes the amount of light that can be reflected back into the trees.

  • Improved blush color, fruit sizes, and fruit sets
  • Increased brix levels can lead to better-tasting fruits
  • Offers control over flying pests and reduces weed growth
  • Accelerates fruit maturity approaching harvest


Reflective ground film or reflective ground screen is a type of agro-protective textile. It is a reflective fabric that reflects light to the plants, mainly targeting the underside of the canopy. As the name suggests, it is a reflective ground film, meaning that this film is applied on the ground of your orchard.

It has been widely applied in different fruits including apples, pears, kiwifruit, cherries, and strawberries. Usually, it is applied prior to the harvest time because light also has an effect on fruit shelf life.

4 Ways Reflective Ground Film Improves Fruit Quality

  • Impact on Color
  • Impact of Fruit Size
  • Impact on Time to Harvest
  • Impact on Fruit Taste

4 Ways Reflective Ground Film Increases your Profitability

  • Enhances the Percentage of ‘Excellent Quality’ Fruits
  • Reduces Time to Harvest
  • Fruits Store Bette and Improve with Storage
  • An Easy and Simple Process

Additional information


HDPE Monfilament, alumimiun foil, PET Film



Reflection Rate:


UV Resistance


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