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How to Take Care of Weeds in Your Horticulture Nursery

This blog post will show you how to control weeds in your horticulture nursery so that you can enjoy the fruit of your labor hassle-free.
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Weeds are a nuisance in any garden, and when they grow in your horticulture nursery, it can be even more frustrating. They take away valuable space for your plants. And they are hard to get rid of. But All is not lost. We have some good news for you.

With the proper care and treatment, you can keep weeds from taking over your plants. This blog post will show you how to control weeds in your horticulture nursery so that you can enjoy the fruit of your labor hassle-free. But before that, let’s see what weeds are and why you need to control weeds in your horticulture nursery first off.

What Are Weeds?

Weeds are plants growing where they are not wanted or to an extent beyond what’s expected or desired. Many weed species can be very aggressive and take over entire areas in your garden (or nursery), reducing the yield of the plants you want to grow. Controlling these “invasive” weeds in your horticulture nursery is very crucial for the success of your business.

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Why You Need to Control Weed in Your Horticulture Nursery

  • They cause active or passive reductions in plant growth and are unsightly.
  • They compete with crops for water, nutrients, and light and can stunt the growth of woody plants by producing toxins that inhibit growth.
  • Weeds impact crops and landscapes because they harbor rodents that chew the bark of trees plus shrubs, causing severe damage or even death.
  • The presence of weeds complicates many nursery practices, such as pruning.
  • Weeds also slow air movement, which may increase the incidence of foliar diseases and frost damage.
  • Weeds present an unappealing image for a nursery and are generally unwelcome in a landscape.

Taking Care of Weeds in Your Horticulture Nursery

Scouting your Nursery for Weeds

Ensure you scout all your nursery areas for weeds. The areas should include

  • Nursery fields
  • Greenhouses
  • Holding areas
  • Shade houses
  • Propagation areas

Scouts this area for the presence of weeds regularly. Be keen to single out weeds new to your nursery.

You can record the weeds and this will help you to plan and implement weed management strategies for your nursery. Always aim to prevent the weed from growing or reaching the growth level where they can seed.


There are many ways to control weed growth in your nursery. One popular option is to use mulch. Mulch is a layer of organic or inorganic material spread on the soil’s surface to suppress weed growth, retain moisture, and improve the soil’s overall health.

Mulch can be made from various materials, including

  • Wood chips
  • Bark
  • Straws
  • Leaves,
  • And newspaper.

Mulch is an excellent weed suppressant. A thick layer of mulch impedes weeds by covering the soil and stripping weeds seeds of light the desperately need to germinate. So, with a warm, dense layer of mulch in place, weeds will never have a foundation in the first place.

Bare dirt is ideal for weed seeds to settle and germinate. Weeds will be unable to contact the soil if you cover all of your exposed soil with mulch.

Use of Herbicides

Another option for controlling weeds in your nursery is to use herbicides. Herbicides are chemicals that kill plants. There are many different types of herbicides available, and each one is effective against different types of weed plants.

Isoxaben, simazine, and oxyfluorfen are effective against broad-leafed weeds. For control of grass weeds, use pendimethalin, oryzalin, and prodiamine.

You can apply pre-emergence herbicides. It is essential to read the label of any herbicide you use to make sure you are using it safely and effectively.

Install Weed Mat Ground Cover

Weed mat ground cover is another great way to keep weeds at bay in your horticulture nursery. These are composed of UV-stabilized woven polypropylene. They’ll be invaluable in your greenhouse, nursery, and vineyard. . These are made from woven polypropylene with UV stabilized. They are great helpers for your greenhouse and nursery, vineyard.

weed mat

The weed mat ground cover has the following benefits:

  • Keep weeds at bay,
  • Block the sun
  • Allow air and water to pass through
  • Retain moisture
  • Prevent soil erosion.
  • Moderate the temperature

You can source your netting products from the world netting suppliers in your locality such as Eyouagro.

Rotation of Your Nursery Crop

Crop rotation is a planned sequence of crops grown in the same field year after year. Crop rotation adds variations to the cropping system, enhancing the system’s sustainability. Farmers conform to crop rotations in reply to

  • Environmental,
  • Infestation,
  • And market forces.

Crop rotation is the foundation for long-term weed management. Planting diverse crops with varying characteristics minimizes the possibility that specific weed species will become accustomed to the farming system and become troublesome.

Pulling Weed by Hand

Another excellent option for controlling weeds is to pull them out by hand.

Removing weeds by hand is one of the most eco-friendly ways to control weeds. You can do it whenever you see weeds coming up throughout the season. It can be tiring, but pulling weeds by hand is definitely worth the effort.


You will know that your garden has fewer weeds than ever before—and your plants are getting more nourishment and better protection from insects because of less competition for resources.

Soil Solarization

Solarization has been used for decades to reduce the emergence of weeds and pests. It works by heating soil so high that it can kill weed seeds, which would otherwise sprout into new plants when temperatures drop at nighttime.

The soil surface should be smooth and have enough water to maximize the polarization effect, promote heat transfer down the profile, and make pests and weeds’ reproductive structures more sensitive to heat damage. Before solarization, the soil is irrigated, and a plastic mulch film is laid down to enhance soil heating and prevent heat dissolution in the atmosphere.


No matter what method you choose, staying on top of weed control in your nursery is essential. Weeds can quickly take over an area and reduce yield, so controlling them is vital. By using mulch, weed mat ground cover, herbicides, and manual removal, you can keep your nursery weed-free and productive.

Eyouagro provides superior polymer netting to create a microclimate in your nursery that encourages plants to grow better and healthier. Hail netting, bird netting, greenhouse climate screen, bug netting, shade cloth, and windbreak netting are among the products we offer. We also specialize in orchard and vineyard supplies, as well as cherry coverings.

Please contact us if you would like additional information about our crop coverings and other horticulture solutions, or if you would need recommendations for a specific product.

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