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Weed Mat Ground Cover

Weed Mat Ground Cover

Weed Mat Ground Cover also known as Weed Barrier Cloth, Weed Control Mesh, Weed Ground Cover, Fabric Weed Protection Mats, Weeding Mat.
It’s made from top-quality woven polypropylene with UV stabilized. It is suitable for both domestic and outdoor applications.
They are certainly an excellent helper for your Greenhouse,Vineyard, Nurseries to cultivate plants, crops,fruit tree growing.

  • Block sunlight to stop weeds
  • Let air & water through
  • Retain moisture & reduce erosion
  • Moderate soil temperature
  • Increase yields 10% to 20%
  • Make Planting a breeze
  • Last up to 5~8 Years


Weed mat ground cover is designed to reduce weed growth and help to prevent erosion.
It allows the passage of air and water to the soil beneath, any excess water filters through the fabric without stagnation.

And weed mat ground cover can be used to prevent the growth of weed in greenhouses, and intelligent tree nursery, planting fruit trees and flowers, and there is no need to use herbicides and other harmful pesticides,

thereby achieving the production of green food, at the same time, the weed mat can be recycled to reduce waste for the environment.

Feature & Benefit

  1. Garden Mats block out sunlight so weeds just can’t grow. You win because you spend much less time weeding—and much more time enjoying life. Your plants win because they don’t have to compete with nutrient-robbing weeds.
  2. Plastic weed barriers can slow weed growth—at least for a season until they wear out. But they also stop air and water from reaching the roots of your plants. Garden Mats block weeds, but let air and water through to nourish your plants and promote lush, productive growth.
  3. Too little rain can mean huge watering chores—and water bills! Too much rain can mean erosion that carries soil and nutrients away. Garden Mats protect against both, holding in moisture during dry spells and protecting your soil from being carried away by heavy downpours.
  4. From the late frosts of early spring to the broiling heat of midsummer and the cold snaps of fall, Garden Mats insulate the soil from spikes and drops in temperature that can slow growth and reduce yields.
  5. Garden Mats block out competing weeds and hold in moisture and nutrients to boost your yields by 10% to 20%, season after season. You’ll enjoy more tasty veggies and berries than ever before.


Weed Control mat can be used in many fields, like agriculture, garden, paving road, and so on.
Now it is widely used to prevent grass growth.
Great for seed growth by restraining the weed growth but without holding back the air, sunny, wet, etc what the seed plant growth need. Weed mat can produce with holes to prevent weed growth, and keep agriculture growing well.

  • Used for Agriculture and Horticulture project to retrain the grass growing.
  • Ideal for Nurseries and Greenhouse program to prevent weed growth.
  • Vineyard and Orchard Growing Protection.
  • Corp Row Ground Covers for vegetable planting.
  • Hoop House Ground Covers



100% Virgin High Density Polypropylene with UV additives



Fabric Structure

Tape Woven


Black, Green


1.83x100m, 3.66x100m

UV Stability


Tensile Strength

428 N/5cm – 683 N/5cm

Flame Retardant



5 Years pro rata warranty

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