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Weed Mat Ground Cover

Weed Mat Ground Cover

Enhance your agricultural projects with EyouAgro’s UV-stabilized Weed Mat Ground Cover.
It efficiently blocks sunlight to stop weeds, while facilitating air and water flow to the soil.

  • Block sunlight to stop weeds
  • Retain moisture & reduce erosion
  • Moderate soil temperature
  • Increase yields 10% to 20%
  • Last up to 5~8 Years
  • Available Size
    • 1.0x100m  
    • 2.0x100m or As Requested


EyouAgro’s Weed Mat Ground Cover, also known as Weed Barrier Cloth, is crafted from top-quality woven polypropylene with UV stabilization.
It’s designed to reduce weed growth and prevent erosion, allowing air and water to reach the soil.
This versatile cover is suitable for various applications, including greenhouses, vineyards, and nurseries, aiding in the cultivation of plants, crops, and fruit trees


  • Made from high-quality woven polypropylene.
  • UV stabilized for durability.
  • Permeable to air and water.
  • Blocks sunlight effectively.
  • Suitable for multiple agricultural uses.

What People Use

  1. Improved Crop Yield in Vineyards: A vineyard in Spain reported a 15% increase in grape yield after using the Weed Mat Ground Cover. The mat effectively controlled weeds, reducing competition for nutrients and water.
  2. Longevity in Greenhouse Settings: A greenhouse in Australia noted that the Weed Mat remained effective and intact for over 6 years, showcasing its durability and UV resistance.
  3. Soil Health in Organic Farms: An organic farm in the United States observed improved soil health and moisture retention, leading to healthier vegetable crops, attributed to the Weed Mat’s permeability and erosion control features.


  • Reduces weed growth significantly.
  • Prevents soil erosion.
  • Easy to install and maintain.
  • Increases crop yields by 10-20%.
  • Eco-friendly, reducing the need for herbicides.
  • Long-lasting with a 5-8 year lifespan.


  • Used for Agriculture and Horticulture projects to retrain the grass growing.
  • Ideal for Nurseries and Greenhouse programs to prevent weed growth.
  • Vineyard and Orchard Growing Protection.
  • Corp Row Ground Covers for vegetable planting.
  • Hoop House Ground Covers


  1. Q: How long does the Weed Mat Ground Cover last?
    A: The Weed Mat Ground Cover is designed to last 5-8 years, offering long-term weed control and soil protection.
  2. Q: Can the Weed Mat be used in greenhouses and nurseries?
    A: Yes, it’s ideal for greenhouses, nurseries, and other agricultural settings to prevent weed growth and maintain soil health.
  3. Q: Does the Weed Mat affect soil moisture and air flow?
    A: The mat is permeable, allowing air and water to reach the soil while retaining moisture and reducing erosion.
  4. Q: Is the Weed Mat environmentally friendly?
    A: Yes, it reduces the need for herbicides, supporting eco-friendly and sustainable farming practices.
  5. Q: How does the Weed Mat improve crop yield?
    A: By blocking weeds and preserving soil health, it can increase crop yields by 10-20%.



100% Virgin High Density Polypropylene with UV additives



Fabric Structure

Tape Woven


Black, Green


1.83x100m, 3.66x100m

UV Stability


Tensile Strength

428 N/5cm – 683 N/5cm

Flame Retardant



5 Years pro rata warranty

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