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The Importance of Vineyard Trellising

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This blog post will tell you what a trellis is, plus the importance of having one.
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Grapevines are genetic climbers and will cling to anything in their path, including other healthy plants. As a result, if you do not provide adequate support, they’ll grow wild wherever they wish.

Furthermore, when they are left to wander out on the surface, they are more susceptible to disease. Grapes will also be in the path of ground-living pests, who will feast on the fruit every chance they get.

That’s where a trellis comes in hand for you. This blog post will tell you what a trellis is, plus the importance of having one.

What is A Trellis System

A trellis is a lattice-patterned framed screen or net. You can place it horizontally in a grapevine garden to maximize growing space and light Penetration. You can use a trellis system both indoors and outdoors.

The goal is to curve and weave shoots through the structure’s holes. Trellising is the process of training vines to grow on a horizontal wire that is connected to overhead cables.

 Benefits of Trellising Grapes

When it comes to keeping your vines productive, one of the essential factors in keeping them organized. To grow healthy vines, you need to provide them with the right conditions. This begins with having the proper spacing and good support.

You can create solid overhead wires that support your vines by trellising, allowing them to grow long and strong. The benefits of trellising extend beyond just keeping your vines healthy and productive. It also helps to keep your rows neat, tidy, and organized. Let’s explore the many benefits of trellising your vineyard.

  • Creates more space for Growth

If you appropriately trellis your crop, you will have massive plants with similarly huge yields. Trellising grapevines is a must if you are serious about cultivating grapes. Monster buds can form as a result of the enhanced Growth and exposure to adequate light.

By providing something for them to cling to, you give the necessary support for their branches to grow swollen buds, which would cause the tree to

Break under standard conditions.

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  • It becomes much easier to control pests and diseases.

Grapevines are susceptible to various fungal diseases, and most of them are more lethal in stagnant, damp air conditions. Improved airflow is developed with your vine on a trellis structure and appropriate canopy management, minimizing the likelihood of disease outbreaks.

Grape Fruits will not be in contact with the soil when vines are trained to a trellis, thereby eradicating soil-borne fruit rots. Also, it’s easier to spray your vines and get more comprehensive and uniform coverage with crops on a trellis.

Moreover, with vines trained on a trellis structure, weed control beneath the plants is such a breeze. Vine spraying can be done more efficiently without fear of weed killer damage to the vineyards.

  •  It helps in light Penetration

Grapes require light to flower and grow into preferable grapes. All grapes will produce more if grown in full sun than cultivated in shady environments. Photosynthesis in the leaves results in the high production of sugars needed to develop high-quality fruits.

Furthermore, the formation of buds is critical to crop production in the following years. It is dependent on light falling on emerging canes. Pruning, canopy management, and a north-south trellis alignment are all methods for increasing sunlight to grape plants. A well-constructed trellis also makes it easier to manage vine size, formation, and canopy.

  • Helps in Making Harvesting Easier

Grapevines are vibrant climbers, and while you can leave them to their own devices, a trellis system will provide them with additional support. If you do so, they will repay you with an abundant supply of bulky bunches of grapes.

Grapevines grow very long tendrils that intuitively twist and curl around whatever they come across, whether an established woody stem, another shrub, or a trellis. They can not cling to any walls or fences, so you’ll have to support them. Harvesting becomes a walk in the park with a trellis structure in place.

A sturdy, well-designed trellis makes harvesting easier. The selection of a trellis system differs based on whether the grapes will be handpicked or machine harvested.

One of the most beautiful things about grapes is that they can stay long before going bad. Grapes that are ready for harvesting will have a whitish coating. Harvest your grapes when they are at their sweetest. You can keep them in a fridge or a plastic bag for two weeks.

The advantage of handpicking grapes is that you can train the pickers to pick just healthy and ripe fruits. Also, the grapes will reach the winery unbroken or undamaged. The downside to this method is that it is tiring and time-consuming.

Machine harvesting is quick, saves money on labor, and can be done at any time of day or night. It has many drawbacks. One, The machines cannot select only the ripe and healthy bunches. So, you can pick mildewed, rotten, dried-out, and unripe bunches alongside healthy ones.

Although machine producers have devised methods to eradicate undesirable grapes, they are not as meticulous as well-trained individuals.

Types of Vineyard Trellising

The following are the most typical trellis systems:

  1. Vertical Shoot Positioning (VSP) System
  2. Cordon System
  3. Geneva Double Curtain (GDC) System
  4. Scott Henry System

The Vertical Shoot Positioning (VSP) trellis system is the most prevalent type of trellis system. The VSP system uses canes linked to a wire to train vines up it. This method is more frequent in warmer climates since it provides for better ventilation around the fruit zone and decreases mildew and fungus danger.

Adding Vineyard Netting to Your Trellis

 Vineyard netting is the next step after constructing your vineyard trellis. The most effective and efficient approach to protect your vines from birds, insects, and harsh weather is to use this method. Netting is available from vineyard netting suppliers.

vineyard side netting
vineyard side netting

Install grape netting over your trellis system by stretching the netting over a rope that runs along the top of the posts. Birds should not be able to get under the netting if the rope is pulled tight.

Drape vineyard netting over the trellis system, allowing it to fall on both sides of the vines while avoiding contact with the leaves or fruit. Pull the netting down over one side of a double-post trellis system, weave it through the posts, then pull it up over the other side.

Vineyard Drape Netting.jpg
Vineyard Drape Netting.jpg


Trellising is an essential part of a vineyard’s system. The benefits of vineyard trellising extend beyond just keeping your vines healthy and productive. It also helps to keep your rows neat, tidy, and organized.

If you plan to invest in a vineyard, include trellising in your plans.

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