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Top 10 Bird Netting Suppliers in the USA

Bird Netting Suppliers USA
This article introduced the best suppliers in USA so you can spend less time shopping and more time gardening.
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After reading this article, you’ll be able to choose the best supplier of bird netting in your area. Certainly, as a farmer, you don’t need another bed pecking through your fruits and harvest after a long day of labor. Bird netting is a great way to keep pests out of your garden, but finding the right supplier can be a challenge. So, I put together this list of the best suppliers in the state so you can spend less time shopping and more time gardening.

Let’s get right to the first on the list.

Top 10 Bird Netting Suppliers in the USA

Joyeyou Industry

  • Location: Qingpu, Shanghai
  • Company type: Manufacturing, wholesale
  • Year founded: 1996
  • Number of employees: 250 People
  • Main product: Bird control nettings, Orchard Bee Netting, Hail Protection Netting, Windbreak Netting, Insect proof netting
  • Other products: Shade cloth clip and general netting accessories
Joyeyou Industry | EyouAgro
Joyeyou Industry | EyouAgro

You will find this company specifically amazing. Joyeyou industry is an interesting enterprise that is revolutionizing the production of agricultural protection textiles. Their trademark, EyouAgro, speaks of these innovations in many of their products that range from shade cloths, anti-bed netting to anti-hail netting.

Farmers have been relying on the family-owned business for over 20 years now, as it offers a wide variety of quality agriculture protection supplies. Production takes place in a modern Chinese factory equipped with cutting-edge technology and top-quality machines.

As one of the best bird netting suppliers, EyouAgro will give you a customized netting solution that fits specifically for your orchard, gardens, or farms.  This is useful for people that need solutions that are not general. Customer service is also top-notch with maximum attention and feedback.

US Netting

  • Location: Erie
  • Company type: Manufacturing, Supply
  • Year founded: 1987
  • The number of employees: 50
  • Main product: Agricultural netting, pest control netting, safety nets, Barrier nets
  • Other products: Cargo netting
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US Netting

US netting is renowned in the US for making different types of nets which include bird netting and other bird control solutions.  US Netting has a wide range of different types of nets, including rollouts and customized dimensions for you. These nets are made from Double Helix Polyester (DHP) and don’t contain any UV additive, which allows them to be resistant to harsh weather conditions. If anything like wear or tear occurs, they provide sewing services along with net repair.


  • Location: East Moline, Illinois
  • Company type: Manufacturer, Supplier:
  • Year founded: 1950
  • The number of employees: 50
  • Main product: Fire retardant netting, bird netting, hail netting, netting accessories
  • Other products: Acoustic dispersals, cleaning products
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Nixalite manufactures barriers for birds and climbing animal control. They distribute bird netting and accessories with staff and technicians that can help with the layout and installation of bird nets. They pride themselves on inventive and extensive design capabilities, and attention to detail is evident in every order fulfilled. Their knowledgeable support team can guide you through the entire process of selecting the right materials for your particular project.

American Netting

  • Location: Ferndale, Michigan
  • Company type: Supplier
  • Year founded: 1986
  • The number of employees: 10-50
  • Main product: Knitted bird netting, floating crop cover, Garden netting, Knitted shade
  • Other products: Netting accessories, fabric clips, Biostakes
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American Netting

When it comes to netting products and accessories, Americans Nettings have an extensive and diversified portfolio for both home and commercial applications. Some of their notable products include bird nettings, shade cloth, deer fencing, Trellis Netting, shade cloth, landscape fabrics, and more. Most of their products are high-end and may not be common in stores or online discounters. This shows their commitment toward an effort to make sure customers have many products to choose from. The company boasts of 8 warehouses, a custom sewing facility, and a forerunner in the agricultural netting solution industry.


  • Location: Saint Remi, QC
  • Company type: Supplier
  • Year founded: 2004
  • The number of employees: 10-50
  • Main product: Nets and fences, Mulch, Agric machinery
  • Other products: Irrigation equipment
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Dubois is an innovation company that produces tailor-made solutions for farmers, greenhouses, nurseries, vineyards, and orchards. They also provide expert advice and solutions in plasticulture, plant protection, irrigation, and equipment. These solutions are scalable. They meet the needs of large agricultural companies or small-scale producers. The company shows a genuine willingness to listen to customers’ needs and invest greatly in research and development.

Belton Industries

  • Location:  Hamby Road, Georgia
  • Company type: Manufacturer, Supplier
  • Year founded: 1916
  • The number of employees: 50-100
  • Main product: Crop protection, frost protection, reflective fabric, shade fabric, wind-break fabric
  • Other products: Geotextile, military textile
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Belton Industries

Customer collaboration combined with years of experience is one of the few things you will get from Belton. Established over 90 years ago, they have known a lot of success in the industry and their product covers a wide range of niches from agriculture to the military. Their 200,000 square foot facility near Belton, SC operated 24 hours a day, 5 days a week makes mass production possible. Apart from their already made product, they will work with you to determine a custom solution for your particular situation.

Bird B Gone

  • Location: Santa Ana, California
  • Company type: MAnufacturer
  • Year founded: 1992
  • The number of employees: 50-100
  • Main Products: Bird netting, shades clothes, supersonic deterrent
  • Other products: Anti-Bird accessories
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Bird B Gone

Just like the name sounded, Birds B gone takes the anti-bird job seriously. They have diverse solutions from bird netting, sonic chasers to laser technology for different industries like agriculture, food processing, oil and gas, residential homes, and more. They have a culture of customer-first service with a willingness to always improve on their products.  Bird B Gone’s unique and innovative approach to solving bird problems focuses on eco-friendly and humane bird deterrents, as well as the most technologically advanced tools available.

Bird X

  • Location: Elmhurst, Illinois
  • Company type: Manufacturer, Supplier
  • Year founded: 1964
  • The number of employees: 50-100
  • Main product: Bird Netting, Bird Spikes, Solar Bird repellers, Ultrasonic bird repellers
  • Other products: Solar Panels, Insect repellants
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Bird X

Bird-X offers the best in bird netting, from fine mesh to heavier styles.  The design has a wide selection of bird netting to fit your individual style preferences. Prices vary based on the thickness of the netting. Their Netting grade is in three types: standard, heavy-duty, and premium. Premium netting is the strongest and the most durable and comes with a 10-year warranty on material defects and workmanship. In case you’re struggling to decide which anti-bed netting is the best for your farm, you can ask the company’s experts to help.

California Industrial Fabrics

  • Location: San Diego, California
  • Company type: Manufacturer
  • Year founded: 1976
  • The number of employees: 50
  • Main product: Commercial shades, Bed netting
  • Other products: Construction nets, sport nets
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California Industrial Fabrics

The CI fabric has extensive experience in the design, development, production, and application of high-quality products for agriculture, horticulture, construction, exploration, or construction. CI fabric provides products tailored to customer needs with the best technical support. They have a wide range of products including agricultural products, fence construction screening, truck tarps, overhead dispensers, and sports products.


  • Location:  California
  • Company type: Supplier
  • Year founded: 1971
  • The number of employees: 10-50
  • Main product: Agriculture shades and nets, Vineyard fencing, Netting accessories
  • Other products: Irrigation tools and supplies, wildlife protection supply
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Orchard and Vineyard supply (OVS) has been supplying agricultural nets and fabrics for over 50 years. The companies expertise and the products they sell to cover all growing categories including orchards (fruit and nut), vineyards, hops, berries, nurseries, home supplies, etc. Starting with Trellising, nettings, and Fencing, Irrigation, Tools and Supplies, protective Gear, and custom design are among their offerings.


If you are wondering which type of net to choose, you need something that has a sturdy material and large enough mesh to keep larger birds out. Above all else, a product that is quick to set up when you need it. This type of product is especially supplied by Joyeyou bird netting supplier under the EyouAgro trademark.

Joyeyou’s new design does not interfere with aeration so plants can breathe while being protected from birds. The flexible mesh allows for more sunlight exposure and maintains the environment inside the greenhouse.

To find out more about their product and how it can help you, contact them here for a free consultation.

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