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Hail Protection Cover for Your Car Lot

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Hail showers are unexpected weather and can damage your car. The damage can be costly running to thousands of dollars. hail protection systems and car covers can be good investments to protect your car from too much damage.
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When you see a storm start to roll in, know the hail might be on the horizon. 

The USA National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration says hail causes $1 billion in damage to crops and property each year.

So, how can you keep your car safe, even during harsh weather? 

You should not stress about the hail storm. 

If you’re looking for the best way to automotive hail protection, read on to learn more about hail protection netting.

So let’s get started.

Hailstone Size

How do we get hail storms?

Hail is an ice particle measuring between 5 and 50mm in diameter.  Some hail sizes can reach up to 15 cm.

The hail forms in clouds in a strong thunderstorm. These clouds have strong updrafts, high water content, and large water droplets. It also forms where the cloud layer is freezing at 0 °C. 

The hailstone begins as ice crystals or frozen water. This process of rising, falling, and collecting layers of ice continues until the hailstone becomes too heavy for the updraft to lift. It then falls towards the earth.

How to Tell  Hail Storms is on the Way?

There are telltale signs that hail is on its way coming.

Pray,  how do you tell? 

You can tell by the following: 

  • Get the weather report from your local areas
  • Switch your phone on automatic weather alerts
  • Check how the sky looks – whether gray or black
  • See if  there is lightning 
  • Check for thunderstorm clouds
  • See if there is a severe drop in temperature

When and Where is Hail?

Hail Reports Per Year 1000km2
Hail Reports Per Year 1000km2

You will get most hailstorms from May to July. However, note it can happen at any other time. 

The winter and fall seasons are not much affected compared to summer. 

Hailstorm is more frequent in some areas. For example, let’s take the case. of the USA. The hailstorms are frequent in the 5 states Colorado, Texas, Nebraska, Kansas, and South Dakota. This is according to the Insurance Information Institute that reports the five states had the most hailstorms in 2019. 

Keep in mind that hail can occur anywhere depending on temperature and other weather conditions.

Damages Caused by Hail

Hail is damaging to cars, crops, greenhouses, and much more.


Imagine that a liter of water weighs 1kg and very large hail can have 1/4kg of water then you can understand why hail can do so much damage to a vehicle. Even if the hail might not damage a vehicle,  anything more substantial than a pea size can create dents.

The hail can cause damage to the top surfaces of your car. For example, your hood, glass, roof, and trunk lid.

The damage caused by hail to your car can be very costly to your car. According to insurance records in the USA, $7.26 billion in hail damage repair was paid from 2008 to 2014. 

The car damage by hail depends on the number of dents, the size of the dents, and whether or not the dented areas will need to be repainted. If the windows, windshield, mirrors, lights, and so on have been destroyed in the storm the cost can rise.

Protecting Your Car from Hail Damage

The good news, you’re not helpless against hail. 

There are many ways to protect your car and keep it safe from body damage.  

The most effective hail protector is getting a car cover. It goes over your car smoothly, is easy to remove, and you won’t wake up to find your paint job damaged by hail. Other ways include:

hail netting for car 1
  • Be aware of the weather. You’ve got weather information at your fingertips including apps that will alert you to hail storms
  • Shelter when traveling. If you’re traveling in your car,  make a list of locations with covered parking areas. Just know in advance where you can park your car and keep it safe
  • Emergency plans. Floor mats make a handy emergency covering for your hood and roof. However, the mat can only protect a small part of your vehicle
  • Construct a garage in your home

Hail Netting for Your Car


Since the mid-1990s, hail damage has been on the rise in the USA and across Europe. Some other areas that require hail netting include:

  • Auto assembly plants 
  • Auto dealerships
  • Airports
  • Areas with high-vehicle volumes

The car covers are great to help minimize the damage to your car. 

Buying Your Car Hail Covers

There are things you need to consider when buying your car hail cover

  • Weight: Take a look at the weight. It is listed in grams per square meter.  It is an indicator of durability. This is useful when selecting from different covers. 
  • Thickness: The thickness is shown in millimeters. It varies from 0.1 – 0.5 mm. The thicker covers have more strength. 
  • UV: Check whether your cover is UV stabilized. If your cover is not UV resistant, it may degrade within a short time.  
  • Size: When you’re buying a cover, consider your car size.
  • Color: The covers come in a wide range of colors to suit your needs from black, grey, white, and green. Just go for your preferred color.

Better still, check whether your seller wholesaler or distributor fit the following criteria:

  • The cover is made from eco-friendly material
  • The company has a rich experience in making hail covers
  • The cover is made from cutting edge technology and is of high quality
  • Cost-effectiveness 
  • Continuous research and innovation 
  • Service and responsibilities


There are various types of car covers on the market today. Some of the covers have a weatherproof surface and an inner fiber. Others have many layers and are thicker. Here are some common types of car covers to select from:

  • Umbrella tent: helps protect your cars while parked or on the move. However, the tent is not the best protection against hail storms because it doesn’t cover the whole car. 
  • Fitted cover: The cover is great because it is made in the shape of your car. The elastics keep your cover fastened during a hailstorm. You can take the cover with you wherever you go, and it’s easy to set it up.
  • Inflatable cover: For light to heavy hailstorms, an inflatable car cover is the most effective in protecting against hail damage. It inflates to protect cars from large hailstones. car covers accessories
  • Carport: It lacks enclosed walls. It is not as effective as a garage. However,  having a  roof will reduce the damage to your car. To make the carport more effective you can fix a tarp to the side of the carport.

The car accessories will depend on the type of car cover. After deciding to buy the car cover, get the following accessories from EyouAgro. 

hail netting for car parking accessories
Hail Netting for Car Parking Accessories

If you settle for the umbrella tent, start with the fixings. The pegs keep your covers safely secured. Get a polyester wire for tying. Other fixings you may need include a shade cloth hook for stretching the cover on the rope.

Then grab the net fastening accessories. This provides points to attach your ropes and covers. The clamps hold your cover and ensure no damage.

Finally, for your car park, get the pole caps tie-downs to keep the cover secured. This is to protect your car cover from being blown by the wind. The pole caps come in concrete pole caps, wooden pole caps, and simple wooden cover caps.

Introducing the Car Hail Nettings 


The car cover is made of virgin High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE), it’s just like a hail blanket for your car. It is also waterproof and withstands harsh weather, thanks to its lamination with low-density polyethylene (LDPE) on both sides 

So, what’s so special about it?

The cover material is UV stabilized.  The UV-stabilized cover helps you protect your car from extreme weather.

hail netting for car
Hail Netting for Car


The car hail cover is made of woven fabric. It is constructed with a strong monofilament that provides extra tensile strength. The weaving prevents unraveling when cut. 

But is the cover material environmentally friendly as well?

Sure! The material is recyclable. EyouAgro ensures it will have no lasting impact on the environment.


The car cover is made in customizable sizes to suit your needs.


Hail showers are unexpected weather and can damage your car. The damage can be costly running to thousands of dollars. 

Therefore, the best way is to prevent hail damage. 

Having parked in a secure structure is the best thing to do. However, hail netting as hail protectors for cars can be a good investment to protect your car from too much damage.

The decent car covers for hail protection will reduce the danger of damage during a serious storm. You end up with limited repairs and no insurance claims. And what’s more,  your vehicle looks great all year long.

EyouAgro cover is the best hail protection designed to fit your needs. Hail netting has played a big role in both the automotive industry and agriculture. They are easy to install, economical, of high quality, and customized. 

You need to send an email to for all hail cover questions or visit the website and learn about everything about covers and choose the one that best suits your needs.

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