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Fruits also attract the birds’ attention, and it is essentially vital to protect them from birds in the phase of veraison the final stage of ripening. To prevent grapes from birds, you need to protect the grapes with the installing of grape netting. Grape netting can use for the covering and protection of grapes in the vineyard.

Commercial Grape Vine Netting

The FAIL-PROOF Netting Solution For High-Yield Orchard!

  • It applies according to the birds involved.
  • Grape netting manufacture with HDPE (high-density polyethylene) material.
  • It is UV stabilizers and has at least five years warranty.
  • Grape netting is available in various colors and sizes according to your requirements.
  • It offers the solution for grapes’ protection from birds and severe weather conditions.
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The Smart Way To Protect Your Orchards From Nuisance Birds

Over Row Netting
Grapevine Netting

Grapevine netting can use for the infected birds and creatures that can prove harmful to your property and crops. It mostly suggests using for large surface areas. It can easily cover the areas you need to protect from infected animals. Some main benefits of grapevine netting are

  • An excellent physical barrier between grape and birds
  • Manufacture with high-density polyethylene
  • Available according to your concerned birds
  • Can find in various color and size
Table Grape Netting
Table Grape Netting

Nets have great importance for table grape production and in citrus. Farming and cropping in the sand are not easy. Table grape netting also provides some solutions to your problem. Net proves a suitable method for table grape and produced the double production. Some of the prominent features of table grape netting are:

  • Reduce pest problems and damages
  • Less labor may require for table grape netting
  • The net grape table is more profitable than another netting
  • Extends the productivity of crops and grapes
White Grape Netting
White Grape Netting

White grape netting considers as one of the best grape nettings. It can provide less shading than other grape nets. But white grape nets have more advantages than black and green mesh. The white net is more flexible and more prominent. White net can capture the attention of birds distantly. It can prove more useful to deter the birds and other insects that can damage your crop. The main features of white grape netting are as following:

  • More flexible and useful
  • Have more power to deter the birds than another netting
  • Suitable for less shading fruits and crops
  • One of the highly recommended one
Eyouagro Vineyard Side Netting
Grapevine Side Netting

Grapevine side netting covers the fruiting area of the yard. It can prove a cost-effective method for the growers. Side netting is easy to apply in the vineyard. You can roll up on a string or wire. You can leave side netting for years long. Some advantages of grapevine side netting are:

  • Easy to cut and install
  • Less price and cost-effective
  • Have long service life & more reliable
Grapevine Netting
Grapevine Bird Netting

Birds are also prone to fruits and other sweet crops. It is essentially vital to protect the fruit from birds and all the creatures that can prove harmful to your fruit and produce. Grapevine netting is a cost-effective and easy to use method for saving grapes. Grape nets are strong and can use for a long time. The main features of grapevine bird netting are: 

  • Protect your fruits and crops from birds
  • Best way to cover the crop and fruit in the ripening season
  • More durable than other methods
Vineyard Side Netting Collection
Grape Netting Clips

Net clips are accessories to help the farmers connect nets properly when building structures to protect the plants. If we use them properly, nets will connect tightly together. To have an impenetrable barrier, no gaps should be left in between the nets. To make these accessories very useful, they have some unique characteristics.

  • Bright colors to make them visible and harder to lose
  • Easy install and easily removable
  • Reusable several times
  • No damage will happen to nets when using netting clips
Grape Netting: The Ultimate Guide(2021)

Are you planning to harvest grapes and have much growth expectation? Is it possible? Without appropriate management and awareness, it’s impossible to get red, juicy grapes, and of course, you, like every grower, want a good return for your hard labor. It will be heartbreaking for you when you see birds and pests damaging your fruit. To control them and have a good return on your labor, this guide helps you a lot. You will find every solution to your problems. So check out this guide and make a reliable solution for your problems.

Table of Contents

What is Grape Netting?

Grape netting is one of the best-chosen methods for the deterring of birds. It is an economical way that can use for fruit protection. There is a lot of grape netting available in the market. They are easy to purchase and install.

Eyouagro Grape Netting
Eyouagro Grape Netting

What is the Grape Netting Material?

Grape netting can manufacture with HDPE (high-density polyethylene). HDPE has mixed and melted beads and that can include UV filtration and color pigments. It makes graph netting more durable and long-lasting.

Why Does The Winery Put Netting Over Grapevines?

It is the best way to stop the birds and other pest animals that can damage grapes, especially in the maturing stage of grapes and fruit. You should carefully install the netting and make sure there is no hole in the net. Little animals and birds can make their way in the mesh and can eat your fruit.

Winery Grape Netting
Winery Grape Netting

How Do I Protect My Grapes From Birds? 

You can protect your grapes from birds and other pests by putting grape netting over your vineyard. It provides the solution to you for placing a physician barrier over grapevines for the protection of birds.

It suits the large surface area such as an industrial roof or a tall building. It can perform a great job.

How to Choose the Right Grape Netting?

You can select the right netting according to your concerned birds and requirements. Large size netting may prove less susceptible, and it can be less visible. You should choose the size and as per your specification and need.

The Most Popular Types of Grape Netting

There are a lot of popular types of grape netting available in the market. Some varieties are as follows.

1: Over the Row Netting

Over the row, netting uses for multiple rows or over rows. It depends on the width of the net. This type of net design with woven mesh and extruded black plastic makes it challenging for application and installation. When you use this net for a long time, you may find some difficulty removing this net.

Over Row Netting
Over Row Netting

2: Side Netting

Vineyard side netting can cover the fruiting area of the vineyard. This net has two main advantages. One is it is easy to install or apply, and second is less cost of the side netting. It would help if you fastened the net both underneath and above the fruiting area. Otherwise, it will be easy for the birds to enter and damage your fruit. This side netting mostly uses in new Zeeland, Australia, and some Eastern States of America.

Eyouagro Vineyard Side Netting
Eyouagro Vineyard Side Netting

3: Overhead Netting

Overhead full canopy netting is a new method for covering and protecting the vineyards. You can string an additional wire for wrapping and installing overhead netting. It looks like a net roof. One of the significant advantages of overhead netting is that you can raise the canopy, and a tractor easy to drive underneath the canopy. You can spray and harvest grapes without removing or touching the net.

What Factors To Consider While Choosing Grape Netting?

There are many factors to consider when choosing grape netting for your vineyard. Some most essential elements are:

Grape Vine Netting
Grape Vine Netting

1: Size and Shape of the Holes

Size and shape can prove useful for the strength of the net. The form of the net should be according to birds that are likely a problem for your crop. Hexagonal holes contain three stitches, while square holes contain one stitch at each corner of the net. Knitted nets are not suitable as they can separate during cutting.

2: Denier

Denier is the thickness of yarn, and a higher denier rate means an increased thickness of the fabric. Denier uses to knit the net, and you can find a different range of deniers. It may be between 410-510mm. Most of the denier nets have a range of 500 deniers.

3: Weight

The weight of the net depends on mostly two main factors. One factor is the number of stitches per square meter, and another factor is the denier. The more stitches make the net heavier. A woven net can be heavier than the extruded black plastic net.

4: Shading

Net shading can increase or decrease with different colors. Green nets provide 12% shading, while black nets give 14% shading. White nets provide less shading but are more suitable for the faster ripening of fruits.

Protection Grape Vine Netting Ideas:

Grapevine Netting
Grapevine Netting

Which Grape Net is Better?

How to choose the best net is not an easy job. You may consider many factors involving nettings, such as material, color, shading, and denier. Extruded black plastic nets are more assertive and have less weight. Their sharp edges can cut or damage you while removing the net, and knitted nets can shatter when you cut them. The white net can suggest the best one as it provides you more beneficial results than other nets. The white net can stretch longer. It is more flexible. Birds can see white color more distinctly, and they become frightened. 

The Cost of Grape Netting

The cost of grape netting may vary according to the requirements and size of the mesh. You can select a long-lasting and high-quality net from a certified and right netting supplier. You should not compromise the quality of netting. The net price may be from $49 to $750, and it can vary with the width and length size of the product. Online companies can prove helpful for you.

Where to Buy Netting for Grapevine?

You can buy nets from a good company that can provide you with the custom size, weight, and length of the nets. You can check a company’s background and reviews to check its products and quality. Make sure that the company can weave customs net and have designed and built netting structures.

When to Cover the Grapes with Netting?

The best occasion of the covering grapes is the ripening phase of the fruit. In mid-spring, after the development of bunches, consider the best time for netting. It would help if you kept the net over the yard until the full ripening of fruit. The mesh’s ripening stage attracts more birds and insects, and they can damage your crops and fruit. So it is the best time to cover the fruit.

How to Install Bird Netting Over Grapes?

There are many ways to install net over grapes. The cost of manual applicators can be less in the range of $200. The automatic applicators cost you a massive amount of more than $7,000. You can choose a net applicator- a tall machine that helps you in the installation process. The netter getter is a more advanced form machine for installing the net. It works efficiently and quickly. The netter getter is also proving money saver and time saver. The net is easy to apply, and it is easy to remove the net. It has three versions of machine such as manual, fully automatic, and semi-automatic netter getter machines.

Eyouagro Grape Netting Installation
Eyouagro Grape Netting Installation

Grape Netting Accessories

For installing and covering purposes, we use many netting accessories. For untrained people, installation is a big problem. Some of the main netting accessories are:

  • Grape netting posts
  • Bird netting ratchet
  • Hot rings stapler
  • Stainless steel screw fixing
  • Polyester wires
  • Shark bite clamps
  • Butterfly clips
  • Stainless steel slate bracket
  • Grape netting Clips
  • Grapenet fastening clip
  • Netting fasteners


Net supplier companies provide you grape netting warranty. You can get at least 2 to 5 years product warranty from the purchase date.


Grape netting or anti-bird netting is the best economical way to protect fruit, garden, and crop. Grape nets can deter birds and all other insects from landing on your wine yard and crop. It is the primary protection method for bird damage. Grape netting is reusable and can’t prevent pollinating insects from entering the yard. Grape netting requires proper maintenance. Proper maintenance increases the lifespan of graph netting. 

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