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Vineyard Side Netting

Vineyard Side Netting

The Vineyard Side Netting is specifically designed to protect the grapes-bearing vines by placing on the lateral sides of the vines.
It is perfect for trellised grapes balancing effective exclusion of birds, wasps, and other large insects with easy accessibility.

  • ideal for the vineyard trellis system
  • birds, grasshoppers, and wasps protection net
  • Eco-friendly PE material
  • Weather, Water, and acid-proof
  • UV Stabilized, 5 Years Guarantee
  • Available Size:
    • 0.75x300m | 2.5ft x 1000ft
    • 0.90x300m | 3.0ft x 1000ft


Vineyard Side Netting is the ideal way to protect your fruit from pests, birds, and other small animals.
It is lightweight plastic netting that protects the fruit and allows light and air to get to the tree.
The netting is made of extruded polypropylene UV-protected plastic.
It can last from 3 to 5 years, depending on the use and how much sunlight it is exposed to.
If you have birds eating your fruit before you get a chance, installing fruit tree netting is your best bet to protect the fruit.

We recommend these netting products for use in repelling birds, grasshoppers, Japanese beetles, and wasps for your viticulture.

Vineyard Side Netting 750x


– Characteristics of bird, wasp protection nets
– Protection 100%
– Eco-friendly PE-material
– Weather, water, and acid-proof
– Temperature-resistant from -30°C to +70°C
– UV-stabilized
– Colorfast and form steady

Available Size:

  • 0.75x300m | 2.5ft x 1000ft
  • 0.90x300m | 3.0ft x 1000ft

Accessories & Installation:


Installation 750x



Knitted 100% Virgin High-Density Polypropylene with UV additives and No Fillers


50grm, 60grm


0.75x300m, 0.90x300m


White, Green, Black

Fabric Structure

Raschel Tricot Knitted

Shade Factor


UV Stability


Air Permeability

Ca. 37 %

Tensile Strength

428 N/5cm – 683 N/5cm


5 Years

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