Shark Bite Clamps

Shark Bite Clamps

Our Shark Bite clips can be used for fastening almost any fabric.

Use the non-tear clamps for tarps, poly films, banners, nets, drop cloths, curtains, green house polyethylene film and awnings. Hooking them on is easy and effortless, saving you time and energy.

Additional information


100% Virgin PA ( Nylon) with UV Stablizer







Bite Force


Bite Thickness

< 1.2mm

Package QTY

50pcs/bag, 8 bags/carton box

U.V. Resistance



8 Years Pro Rate UV Stability

Details Shark Bite Clamps


The Shark Clamps are The Ultimate Gripper-Fastener for almost any netting, fabric, or film!

It will grab onto almost any fabric, netting, film or substrate, and NOT LET GO. Made of tough, UV resistant nylon, the Shark Clamps is easy to use and will provide years of service in all types of weather!

Shark Clips work great as a replacement for any fabric fastener, especially grommets, Velcro, snaps and ground staples. Instant repairs are easy with the Shark Clips. Torn and missing grommets are no match. Keep a supply of Shark Clamps on hand for your next emergency repair!


·Fastener for almost any netting, fabric, or film!

·This amazing fabric clip holds most materials up to 1.2mm thick.

·Made of tough, UV resistant nylon

·Special Slide-locking design, Easy to use ( 5 Sec)

· Shark Bite Teeth , Tear Safe

·Replacement for any fabric fastener, especially grommets, Velcro.



Common uses:

• Tarps                                    • Silo/Bunker Film                             • Car/Boat/RV Covers

• Banners/Signs                   • Canvas/Tents                                  • Poly Film

• Nets                                     • Awnings                                            • Curtains/Backdrops

• Drop Cloths                        • Shade Cloth                                      • Weed Barrier and Geo-textiles

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