Heavy Duty Orchard Netting

Pests, sunburn, hail, wind are generally damaging orchards constantly. There is a prevention method that is considered to be environmentally friendly and an adequate solution for such damage. Orchard netting will provide you with a physical barricade from these problems. So, no more animals like birds, fruit pricing moths, and fruit flies in your orchard.

Commercial Orchard Bird Netting

The FAIL-PROOF Netting Solution For High-Yield Orchard!

  • Change the orchard microclimate; healthy and bigger plants,
  • Moderate approach for pest control
  • Protection from hail, wind, and sunburn.
  • Lightweight yet heavy-duty netting.
  • Easy to use (install and remove)
  • Up to 100% protection
Vineyard Netting
Your Reliable Orchard Netting Suppliers

Keep The Pest Birds Away From Your Orchard Completely!

  • 100% virgin High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) resin
  • Can be draped over grape vines and fruit trees.
  • Suitable sizes for your orchard terrain,
  • The longevity with a 5 – 8 years guarantee.
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The Smart Way To Protect Your Orchards From Nuisance Birds

Fruit Orchard Netting
Fruit Orchard Netting

Several issues of fruit growers are solved with fruit orchard netting. Birds and fruit fly usually destroy a vast majority of fruit yield in an orchard. There are several cases, for instance, parrots will eat cherries if there is no protection to reach them. Having orchard netting protecting your fruit trees will minimize the damages on yields and will offer your orchard a long-life solution.

  • Highly efficient against sizeable birds
  • Different types of nets suitable for different fruit trees,
  • Lightweight, it will not damage the canopy of the fruit.
  • Life Expectancy – 5 years
Apple Orchard Netting
Apple Orchard Netting

Apple orchard netting provides a more favorable atmosphere than harsh, direct sunlight to apple trees. Using these kinds of nets will lower the surface temperature of the leaves and apple fruits. Netting will additionally lower the soil temperature. Consequently, evapotranspiration is reduced to a level suitable for your orchard.

  • Material – Raschel Tricot Knitted
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Protection from sunburn
  • Protection from birds
  • Warranty – 5 years
Cherry Orchard Netting
Cherry Orchard Netting

Cherry orchards will face profound problems with pests. When the orchards are left unprotected, growers will face considerable damages in their orchards. Cherry orchard netting is an easy and practical solution for this problem. Protection against rain, wind, and frost are also applicable to an extent.
Listed below find the beneficial features of this material.

  • Biological control for the pest
  • Lightweight material, no damage for the trees
  • Reduction of chemical usage
  • Protection again wind, rain, frost.
  • Easy to install on netting selvage
Permanent Orchard Netting
Permanent Orchard Netting

Permanent orchard netting is a category of netting build to stay the same for a long time. The net hanging on a metal structure covering the whole orchard. No annual installation or removal costs are needed to maintain this structure. These nets will be a very good solution against birds and bats. In case of mesh size is small, other small size pest damaging will not have access to penetrate the nets.
Some of the feature unique for these nets are:

  • One time installation
  • No need for yearly maintenance,
  • UV resistant
  • There will be no interruption for harvesting
Vineyard Netting Applicators
Diy Orchard Netting

Diy orchard netting is a short-term structure made to hold the net off the orchard tree. Structure frames can be from different types of materials. Starting from PVC material, wire, wood, etc. These structures will protect your orchard and will reduce yield loss. They cost cheaper to install but the installation process should be done yearly. Long term this will raise the costs. Some of the DIY orchard nets features are listed below.

  • Easy to install
  • Easy to remove the structure
  • Protection from birds and other pest
  • UV protection
Vineyard Netting Applicators
Orchard Insect Netting

Orchard insect netting protects insects such as birds and bats. Moreover, this material can be useful to protect your orchard from smaller pests too. The usability of orchard insect netting starts at cherry tree cover, fruit tree cover, or floating row plant covers. This is a material from high-density polyethylene, build to protect your orchard from UV lights too.

  • Suitable for vegetables or seed sowing
  • Row covers, against insect and hail,
  • Very handy for organic agriculture.
Vineyard Side Netting Collection
Orchard Netting Clips

Net clips are accessories to help the farmers connect nets properly when building structures to protect the plants. If we use them properly, nets will connect tightly together. To have an impenetrable barrier, no gaps should be left in between the nets. To make these accessories very useful, they have some unique characteristics.

  • Bright colors to make them visible and harder to lose
  • Easy install and easily removable
  • Reusable several times
  • No damage will happen to nets when using netting clips
Orchard Netting: The Comprehensive Guide (2021)

Pests, sunburn, hail, wind are generally damaging orchards constantly. There is a prevention method that is considered to be environmentally friendly and an adequate solution for such damage. Orchard netting will provide you with a physical barricade from these problems. So, no more animals like birds, fruit pricing moths, and fruit flies in your orchard.

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Establishing an orchard requires a lot of investments. Hard work and dedication for several years, until it becomes economically profitable. Imagine all this hard work is impaired or destroyed by external factors. Birds, sunburn, hail, wind, etc., will work against you in this case.

orchard netting
Vineyard Drape Netting.jpg

So, should you quit your passion and lose all your investment money? We do not think so. They are some methods you can protect your precious orchard. The most effective one is orchard netting. You want to learn more about this topic. I will walk you through valuable knowledge that will make your plants in your orchard healthier and stronger.

Are you on board with me? Let’s check the facts.

What is orchard netting?

Orchard netting is an agriculture crop cover from different harmful factors affecting plants. Orchard netting is an environmentally friendly and adequate solution for damage such as:

  • birds, fruit pricing moths, fruit flies, etc.,
  • sunburn,
  • hail and
  • wind.

What is the orchard netting material?

The orchard netting material is made from HDPE knitted netting, with several shapes and sizes. Below find the details of this material.

  • Raw material (100% pure virgin HDPE resin), eco-friendly,
  • UV stabilizer (special UV stabilizer), 5 to 8yr guarantee,
  • Innovative agro textile (the fabric is strengthened), with special lockstitch, knit.

What is the orchard netting design for?

The orchard netting is designed to protect your plants. The main protection is from birds and harmful pests. In the long run, using orchard netting will cost you cheaper than other protecting methods. Because this is the most effective and long-lasting approach. When designing this material, the manufacture has these things in mind.

  • Protect from outsides threats to your orchard,
  • The longevity of the structure,
  • Environmentally friendly,
  • Easy to handle.

What pest can be controlled by orchard netting?

Orchard netting is an environmentally friendly way to keep pests away from your orchard. Once the material is set, the orchard owner will be released from the pest concern. Some of the important pests kept away from orchards are.

  • Several birds,
  • Fruit fly,
  • Fruit-piercing moth,
  • Weevils,
  • Borers etc.

How to choose the right orchard netting?

When choosing the right orchard net, they are a lot of variabilities you should consider. To secure profits out of your orchard. Here are some factors you should check before choosing the right one for you.

  • System of netting,
  • Parameters of the nets,
  • The area and the shape of the orchard,
  • The terrain you are building the orchard netting structure,
  • Height of the nets system etc.

The Most Popular Types of Orchard Netting

Table 1. Most popular types of Orchard Netting

LightweightBetter then extruded netSimilar to knitted nets
Polymer black polyethyleneHigh-density polyethyleneHigh-density polyethylene
Suitable for big birdsWithout knotsCommercial used mainly
UV protectionEasy to installWith knots
Less effective than two other optionsUV protection, water-resistant and fireproof abilityNetting can sustain a lot of kilogram pressure

Net types

To make an adequate choice, we should focus on choosing the proper mesh shape of the net. Those nets with more dense mesh are considered better. This is because the orchard will have protection from hail and heavy rain. Based on the size, we can categorize three types of mesh.

  • Square mesh,
  • Diagonal mesh and
  • Hexagonal mesh.

Net color

Color is an important factor for a net. Life expectancy, UV light refection, and other factors tend to be different when choosing a different net color. In recent years, these differences are minimizing.

White color nets– in the past these nets were of a lower quality than a black net. Nevertheless, this is not true anymore because white color nets are using chemical UV absorbance and life expectancy is similar to black nets.

Black nets– have a very good life expectancy and they use black carbon for UV protection.

Grey nets– are less used and their features are in between the two above mention nets.

Net width

Winder nets tend to reduce the costs of the installation because the connecting spots will not be as much. This will harden the erecting process a bit. If you make the net width in the same size as the plant row, this will make everything easier.

  • The width of the net panels are typically 10 to 15 meters,
  • With a grower’s requirements width can go up to 50 meters,
  • A flat canopy structure requires wire if a panel is bigger than 10 meters.

Which one we should choose?

Knitted net– high-density polyethylene material with UV and water-resistant,

Black nets– have a very good life expectancy and they use black carbon for UV protection,

Nets width– panels the same size as plant rows.

Two types of orchard netting structures commonly used by the grower

Two main types of orchard netting structures are:

Full canopy netting– the net is kept permanently, by a structure with poles and tension cables.

Tunnel netting- a structured frame, build along the trees keeps the net outside the tree. This net is removed after the fruit reaches the mature stage and is taken out.

The cost of orchard netting systems

Netting systemsFull canopy nettingTunnel netting
          Costs of buildingHigher costs, $23k to $73k/per hectare.Inexpensive costs, starting from $17k/per hectare.
  Net costs    Expensive nets are used to build this system. Because the structure should stay in the orchard permanently.Non-expensive nets for this system, because nets stay on the plant tree for only 1 to 2 months.
  Support structureThis structure stays there permanently, so it has to be strong and durable.Since the time is short, lightweight and cheap materials.
  Net quantityThe top and sides are covered with nets. So, not a lot of net is placed.The area covers with nets is bigger since the whole tree is covered.
Recurrent costsNo need for recurrent costs.Removing and installing again the nets each year is costly.
  Maintenance  Depends on the quality and the weather conditions. Repairing is needed.Farmers should be very careful and putting and removing the nets. And the storage place should be adequate.

How to Buy the Orchard Netting?

If you are in a market to buy orchard netting. EYouAgro offers a one-stop service, where you can find orchard nets and all the products related. Your advantage is that you are buying directly from the manufacture. This means you are getting low prices and premium quality. The scheme of the order movement after you have agreed to order is as follows.

How to install the orchard bird netting?

When installing orchard bird netting you should carefully follow the steps.

  Step I: Check the place    Step II: Decide the bird netting  Step III: Hardware and accessories
Carefully check for all the routs bird will potentially go in and out. Plan the installation.  Select proper net size and quality you need for your orchard.  The structure and the accessories following the building guide.  

Orchard netting accessories list

There is a long list of accessories necessary when building an orchard net. Depend on the type of net you are constructing, chose the right ones.

Orchard netting kit

Orchard netting kits provide everything you need to construct a structure to protect your plant trees. This may differ on the type of orchard net you are using. The full canopy netting pieces of equipment will be more expensive and better in quality. Comparing to tunnel netting orchards when the kit they need is less in quality and economical value.

Orchard netting frame

The orchard netting frames commonly used for building structures are:

The hoop frame– In the outer part of the tree, hoops frames are driven into the ground on both sides of the tree.

The coathanger system– A lightweight metal frame in the shape of a coathanger is built 20 meters along the row.

The single-pole and wireframe– In the tree lines, a single line of poles supporting a single wire above the plant tree’s canopy.

Orchard netting fasteners

They are several orchard net fasteners you can find in the market nowadays. For instance;

  • Fabric and tarp clips,
  • Fixing kit,
  • Bungee ball tie.

Orchard netting clips

C hook- a great tool for connecting ropes.


One of the most important parts of the process when selling a product is consumer satisfaction. Therefore, a good warranty deal will protect you in a long run. Depends on the product and purchase you have done; 5 to 8 year of warranty will get you covered properly.


Hard work and dedication for several years, making your orchard economically profitable. And yet your work is being impaired from external factors. We got you covered with a reasonable solution.

Orchard netting is an agriculture protection textile manufactured against harmful factors affecting your plants. This is an adequate solution against birds, sunburn, hail, wind, etc.

Get covered with top-quality orchard netting. And do not forget accessories that go along with it. You will do a favor to your berries which will be translated with a higher yield from your orchard. Save your orchard and save yourself from losing money. It is time to make a smart decision!

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