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70% WindScreen

70% WindScreen

70% WindScreen is made with windscreen fabric weave which we all know to be a high-density material with high water and wind resistance ability.
This mesh has up to 70% wind visibility blockage, and also adequately prevents UV penetrations.


  • Weight: 180grm
  • Wind Reduction: 70%
  • UV Warranty: 5 Years Pro-Rate UV Stability
  • Available size:
    • 2,00m x 50m
    • 3,00m x 100m
    • 4,00m x 100m


EyouAgro 70% WindScreen, often called 70% Wind Reduction,  is made from knitted polyethylene monofilament.
The mesh is available in various heights and is always provided with polyester eyelets for securing.

70% Windbreak mesh is suitable for protecting installations and premises against wind-blown sand, dust, and litter.
For such applications, windbreak mesh is usually made to measure and provided with metal eyelets for securing.

70% windscreen
70% windscreen


  • Raw Material:  100% virgin HDPE with UV Stabilizer
  • Net construction: Raschel knitted
  • Yarn: Monofilament
  • Dimensions: 2,00m x 50m – 3,00m x 100m – 4,00m x 100m


EyouAgro windbreak nets ensure that you’ve adequate protection for your homestead, preventing damage to your plants.
One major application of windbreak nets is protecting homestead installations and farmyards against sand, erosion, and litter.
The windbreak net’s flexibility also makes it applicable in several other fields.
The net could come in different colors green, red, black, and other colors.
When installed using the appropriate color that blends with the surroundings, windbreak nets make the environment more alluring, beautifying your homestead

Installation Guide:

Tensioning a windbreak net on a wire mesh fence

1. The net is completely unfolded on a clean surface.
2. A Ø 4mm polyethylene rope is passed through the upper row of polyester eyelets. Identical ropes are passed through the middle (if present) and lower row of eyelets.
3. The side of the net is turned around the first pole once and the three ropes are looped around the pole several times and tied.
4. The net is tightened over the ropes. The end of the net is turned around the last pole. The upper rope is looped around the pole, tensioned and tied. The procedure is repeated for the middle and lower ropes.
5. At least once every 8 eyelets, the tension ropes are attached to the wire mesh as well as to each pole by means of black cable ties.


Raw Material

100% Virgin HDPE with UV Stabilizer




White, Black, Green


Yes, 2cm interval every 10cm


2,00m x 50m – 3,00m x 100m – 4,00m x 100m

Tensile Strength

14,4 kN/m – 18,0 kN/m

UV Stability


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