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Windbreak Netting: The Comprehensive Guide (2022)

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Windbreak Net
Windbreak Netting is a mesh fabric used for blocking wind, dust, and sunlight. They can prove damaging for crops and vegetation.
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The strong wind and destructive weather have a damaging effect on crops and other vegetation. Wind can destroy gardens, fields, and crops in winter, autumn, and spring, mostly in flat and vast land areas. A shielding windbreak netting can prove useful in a healthy harvest. It also ensures proper light and also protects wild animals. It’s critically essential what steps you take for the protection of crops and gardens. You may find some useful suggestions for its usage, material, and installation methods in this guide.

Agriculgure Windbreak Netting
Agriculture Windbreak Netting

What Is Windbreak Netting?

A windbreak is a mesh fabric used for blocking wind, dust, and sunlight. They can prove damaging for crops and vegetation. It manufactures flexible, strong, and durable fibers of polythene. We add some additives of fire retardant and anti-UVagent. The best quality net can provide both protection and blockage from sunlight and wind. It’s an ultraviolet protector and saves from the powerful sun rays. Some other names of windbreak netting are:

  • Dust Breaking Wall & Windbreak Mesh
  • Flexible Windbreak Netting & Windbreak Fencing
  • Dustproof Netting

Where Can You Use Windbreak Netting?

Applications and usage of windbreak netting are unlimited, and some of its uses are:

The Agricultural Industry

Windbreak nets can protect crops, fruit trees, nurseries, beaches, farming animals, and gardens. It can reduce wind and dust. Windbreak nets can also protect crops and gardens, and other areas from hail, sunlight, and low temperature. Its performance depends on its structure and material. It can also use for a fence in the building areas. It keeps animals and people away from the construction areas.

Windstop Netting
Windstop Netting

The Domestic Purposes

Windbreak netting can use domestically to create a comfortable environment for the sitting areas. It protects them from dust and wind. It also proves helpful for reducing sound, and its light colors give you a soothing feeling.

The Construction Sites And

It can block the human and animal entrance into the construction sites. In industrial areas, windbreak netting can reduce dust pollution, such as in the open pit. It protects and works as a fence for the free entrance of wild animals and people.

The Playground Area

You can use windbreak netting for the reduction of wind in the playing areas. You can cover the playing area with the net.  It proves effective for your game.

The Most Popular Types Of Windbreak Netting

Some popular types of windbreak netting are metal windbreak panel/wall and plastic windbreak netting. Both types separate due to their manufacturing material.

Plastic Windbreak Netting

 Plastic windbreak netting is further divided into:

  1. Flexible windbreak netting that supplies 50-55% wind reduction.
  2. Knitted windbreak netting that can provide 35-75% wind reduction.
  3. Extruded windbreak netting can supply 50-60% wind reduction.

Plastic windbreak netting is mostly used to reduce wind, dust, sand, hail, and snow. It also protects crops and gardens from damaging things and the climate. It’s suitable for air ventilation. Plastic windbreak net has the properties of rot resistance, flame resistance, and ultraviolet stabilization.

Metal Windbreak Wall/Panel

It can reduce wind and dust from 65%-90% and be used in coal mines, power plants, and industrial areas where you need high rigidity, strength, and stability. It provides hail, wind, and dust resistance. Metal windbreak wall made with the material of cold roll steel plates, galvanized steel plates, aluminum zinc steel plates, and stainless steel plates. It can further divide into four types:

  1. Single peak windbreak panel
  2. Twins peaks windbreak panel
  3. Three peaks windbreak panel
  4. Five peaks windbreak panel

Metal windbreak panels find in multi-colors such as green, yellow and blue. The length of it may be from 0.5m to 0.8. The diameter of the hole can be between 6mm to 10mm.

Anti-Litter Netting

An anti-litter net can use to prevent litter and is mostly used on a solid steel mount frame. These frames are five meters tall. It has high tenacity polypropylene. Some attaching accessories required for the proper installation of anti-litter netting are:

  1. Galvanized wire rope clamp
  2. Open ring & ground anchor
  3. Drive rod for ground anchor & PVC coated steel wire rope

Anti-Hail Netting

Anti hail netting protects hailing from your crops and gardens. It designs with 100% UV stabilizer HDPE, UV radiation, and tear resistance material. Anti hail netting performs like a protective shield against severe hailstorms.    

  • Antifouling & Durability
  • Flexible & Cost-friendly
  • Provide Complete Coverage
  • Available in different colors as black, green, white, and blue

How To Buy The Windbreak Netting?

You can buy windbreak netting from a certified and expert manufacturer/supplier. You can check online reviews and search for good manufacturing companies. It can prove helpful for choosing the right net. It’s important to know what type of quality they’re providing you. Is it according to your specifications and can fulfill your requirements and needs?

What Color Do You Need?

You can purchase windbreak nets in various colors such as black, green-white, blue, and dark green. Double colors are more popular for blending with surrounding areas. Black and green color decor the environment.

What Size Do You Require?

You can get windbreak netting according to your specification.        :

  • Size: Net size may be from 2 mm-4mm. It’s easy to attach it with another netting for the increment in size.
  • Length: The length of the net can find from 1m-100m.
  • Width:  The net’s width is from 1m -6m but can also purchase per your requirements.
  • Weight: 200 g/m2, 250 g/m2, 280 g/m2, 300 g/m2, 350 g/m2, 400 g/m2, 450 g/m2, 500 g/m2.

Which Anti-Wind Rate Do You Need?

You also can choose your anti-wind rate according to your preferred specification. Anti-wind netting can use in many fields and industries, such as commercial and horticultural industries. It can give you a 90% reduction in wind and dust. It can provide 20% to 60% shading, and length can be from 50m to 100m. You can purchase it in custom packaging.

Contact us for high-quality windbreak netting. We are providing our services to domestic and foreign customers all over the world. We manufacture windbreak netting with 100% HDPH material and with UV stabilizers.

How To Install The Windbreak Netting?

Proper fixing of nets is essentially crucial for crops and gardens.

Some installing accessories are:

  1. Cable ties/ Zip ties
  2. Waterproof lamps & Galvanized bolts
  3. Bungee cord & U-shape cable clip
  4. PVC binding wires & Steel wire rope

You can purchase waterproof clamps, hook ties, and ball bungees by paying some extra amount. It can also link to an existing fence to make it more protective and comfortable. It ensures you perfect conditions and environments for your livestock. It improves the performance of windbreak netting/fencing. We can link it with:

  • Attaching with chain link fencing: We can reduce the harsh effect of wind in playground, stadium, or badminton where we need a smooth and everyday environment. By attaching windbreak netting with chain link fencing, we can get the improvement in the tensile strength. Its functionality can improve with this step.
  • By attaching steel windbreak netting: Windbreak net performance can enhance by connecting with steel windbreak netting. We mostly use this method in coal mines, polluted areas, and coal storage yards. Steel netting and the flexibility of windbreak netting provide you more horticulture. It also provides a healthy environment for the growth of plants and crops.


Windbreaks netting manufacturing companies give you five years of warranty in normal condition. You can find complete detail and guidelines by contacting your company.


Windbreak netting is used all over the world due to its unlimited beneficial qualities. It can perform protection, reduction of wind, and dust. It can improve the growing environment for your crops and vegetation.

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