Windbreak Netting

Windbreak Netting

Windbreak netting is one of screens protecting the growth of plants or crops from been destroyed by winds. This wind net has been widely used in agricultural industry.

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100% Virgin High Density Polypropylene


Monofilament Raschel Knitted

U.V. Resistance



5 Years

Details Windbreak Netting


Windbreak Nettings are a major component of successful agricultural and commercial operations throughout the world.

They can help control erosion, blowing snow, enhance habitat diversity, control air blown litter and dust, reduce evaporation etc

Moderate winds are more than welcome in agriculture if we consider that they help the pollination process, eliminate cold and humid air, reduce the risk of fungal diseases, etc.

But if the region is exposed to strong winds, cold or hot, this can cause one of the biggest problems for producers, whether they grow in tunnels or in open fields.


– Reinforced selvedges with eyelets for strength and ease in fixing

– Knitted in ultramodern plants with high quality CIBA U.V.stabilizers

– Strong, durable lockstitch technology that resist tearing, fraying, stretching, and sagging

– The monofilament nets will not unravel or ladder, even when punctured.

– Light weight for easy handling and positioning

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