Elastic Wire

Elastic Wire

Elastic Wire is the necessary accessory for the hail netting system. It is to play the role of tension, when the hail attack, its high elastic characteristics can be very good absorption and dissolve, the impact caused by the fall of the hail, effectively extended the service life of the hail net.

  • High wear resistance, Long lifespan
  • Ideal for the hail netting system
  • Excellent for overlapping and crossed elastic installation
  • High Elasticity: 200% of elongation for windy area
  • Reels of 200 linear meters/each


The Elastic Wire ( Bungee Cord) is made of a latex wire as the inner core and a High-Tension polyester outside woven covered. It is an accessory that can simply secure, bind, strap up, and attach everything you are working on during hail netting structure.

Bungee cord handles pressure very well. It has the characteristics of high elasticity, high wear resistance, and anti-aging. It is an energy-absorbing accessory specially designed for a hail prevention system.

The secret is in the innovative design and manufacture of our bungee cord.
With a latex core that retains its elasticity more effectively than rubber, this bungee cord keeps its resilience over the long haul. Additionally, the outside covered material is black polyester, which is made with UV-resistant materials that will stand up to the sun’s punishing rays.

The polyester of the bungee cord doesn’t retain water so there’s no moisture rot.

Available type:

  • Dia. of Cord: 5mm
  • Dia. of Cord: 6mm
  • Dia. of Cord: 8mm



Latex inner corn with High Tension Polyester covered.

Dia. of Cord

5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm

Elastic force rate

1: 2




Reels of 200 linear meters/each

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