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Elastic Wire

Elastic Wire

Elastic Wire ( Bungee Cord), essential for hail netting and cherry cover systems, plays a crucial role in tension management.
Its high elasticity excellently absorbs and mitigates hail impact and strong windiness, significantly enhancing the durability of netting systems.

  • High wear resistance, Long lifespan
  • Ideal for the hail netting system
  • Excellent for overlapping and crossed elastic installation
  • High Elasticity: 200% of elongation for windy area
  • In Stocks & Ready to Ship
    • Pack of 200m/each, Boxes of 1000 pcs/each


The Elastic Wire (Bungee Cord) is crafted with a latex core and high-tension polyester cover, ideal for hail netting systems and cherry cover systems.

It exhibits high elasticity, wear resistance, and anti-aging properties, effectively absorbing hail impact.
The UV-resistant black polyester cover prevents moisture rot, enhancing durability.

adjustable hooks for bungee cords
adjustable hooks for bungee cords


  • Latex Core: Provides high flexibility and elasticity, making it suitable for dynamic agricultural environments.
  • High-Tension Polyester Covering: Offers additional strength and durability to withstand wear and tear.
  • UV-Resistant Material: Ensures the wire remains effective and does not degrade under prolonged sun exposure.
  • Multiple Diameters: Available in various sizes (e.g., 5mm, 6mm, 8mm) to cater to different requirements.
  • 200-Meter Reels Packaging: Conveniently packaged in reels, facilitating ease of use and storage.

Tips on the Innovative Design of Our Bungee Cord:

The unique design and manufacturing of our Elastic Wire (Bungee Cord) lies at the heart of its effectiveness. We use a latex core that surpasses traditional rubber in retaining elasticity over extended periods. This core ensures that the bungee cord remains resilient even under consistent use. Additionally, the outer material is crafted from black polyester, specifically chosen for its UV resistance.
This design choice guarantees that the cord withstands harsh sunlight without deteriorating, maintaining its integrity and functionality.

What People Use

  1. Australian Apple Orchard:
    In a 100-hectare orchard, the high elasticity of the Elastic Wire effectively absorbed hail impact, reducing apple damage by 85%. This improved hail protection efficiency was critical for crop safety during severe weather.
  2. Chilean Cherry Orchard:
    In a 20-acre cherry orchard, the Elastic Wire’s high elasticity played a key role in windy conditions. It effectively unloaded stress and protected the rain cover system, resulting in a 25% reduction in cherry damage from rain.

Applications of Elastic Wire:

  1. Hail Netting Systems: Enhances the resilience and tension of hail nets in orchards and farms.
  2. Cherry Cover Systems: Provides flexible support to cherry covers, protecting against rain and wind damage.
  3. Greenhouse Shading: Ideal for attaching and tensioning greenhouse shading nets.
  4. Agricultural Fencing: Useful in creating flexible yet sturdy barriers in agricultural settings.
  5. Windbreak Systems: Assists in stabilizing windbreak nets, especially in windy areas.



Latex inner corn with High Tension Polyester covered.

Dia. of Cord

5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm

Elastic force rate

1: 2




Reels of 200 linear meters/each

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