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Golf Green Covers

Golf Green Covers

The Golf Green Cover helps maintain your turf against snow, ice, frost, or undesired animal activity. Come Springtime, EYOUAGRO golf course green covers reveal a lush green that lasts the whole season instead of a patchy, dry golf course.

Allow your members and other players to start their golf trip as early as possible and get an edge on your competing courses, with spring greening for earlier season openings!

The Penn university studies tracking the effect of golf cover on turf highlights some trends

  • 10.5% higher turf temperature in January
  • 60% better color
  • 78% higher growth yield for spring


The EyouAgro Golf green covers are also named golf green blankets. This material serves as a blanket to keep the warm temperatures suitable for good grass growth. You can protect your golf fields from the winter months by creating a similar environment as greenhouses which lead to warm temperatures. In the end, the grass will grow quicker and thicker, and the germination will start earlier in the spring

  • Promote Growth & Maintain Your Golf Course With a Winter Golf Green Cover

The golf green winter covers will provide a greenhouse with a warm temperature. And that is important because it will create a greenhouse effect. As a result, the grass will grow faster and thicker, which will lead to early spring green-ups. Also, it will most likely delay autumn dormancy.

The growing season for the turf will be longer. And it will increase its density with better color.

  • Why is it Important to Choose a Good Cover’s Quality?

Like with any other product, good quality will guarantee success. The golf course will be protected against the harsh effect of the winter months. An extra feature this material has is making the autumn dormancy come later than usual. The turf then experiences a longer growing season with better density and color. Our permeable growth covers are excellent winter security choices for golf greens. Especially, in the harsh winters when the chances to cause permanent damage are higher.

  • What Does Protection Include?

Safeness from wind desiccation, erosion, frost, and winter kill.

EYOUAGRO permeable growth covers have outstanding results against the outcomes of severe winters.

Turf Cover Key Benefits

  1. Reduce the risk of winter turf kill,
  2. Bring spring greening for earlier openings,
  3. Speed up turf germination,
  4. Reduce seeds loss from the elements and birds,
  5. Promote healthy roots and turf development,
  6. Reduce fertilizer evaporation and
  7. Prevent overwatering

Golf Green Cover Details

In the picture above, the damages caused by cold winter (see left side) are visible. While the perfect-looking field protected by a green cover is on the right side.

This picture is in the same line as studies done on this matter. Penn University has conducted research where it was concluded the positive effect golf green covers have on supporting turf viability.

turf cover
turf cover

Why We are So Special and Effective?

  • Breathable Golf Greens Cover Advantage over the Competition:
eyouagro golf green cover
eyouagro golf green cover
    • Special insulation coating three layers: aluminum film/PP film
    • The cladding film is composed of two sides: silver side aluminum film, black side PP film
      • Inside-facing, the silver aluminum film is used for reflecting heat preservation and moisturizing to reduce frostbite in winter.
      • Outward-facing, black PP film is used to absorb and retain heat. Effectively dissolve snow and frost.
    • Double layer PE Monofilament: transparent color with aluminum film surface, black with PP film surface,
      • Stable braided structure,
      • Effective against Silver reflection insulation and black heat absorption insulation
    • Special 5-warp/inch construction: The film strip is 5.08mm, 16.7% wider than normal strip
      • Greater reduction of wide cutting space,
      • Better storage temperature
    • Thermal Transmittance: 62.2%
    • Thickness: 1.20mm
    • Tensile Strength ( N/5cm )
      • Warp : 280
      • Weft : 380
    • Air Permeability: 338 mm/s


EYOUAGRO Green Cover is an agricultural/horticultural specialty fabric. It consists of reinforcing PP film and Alumimiun film and super UV stabilized polyethylene monofilaments.

The unique weave creates a greenhouse effect to warm the soil but allows the grass to breathe. That results in a quicker spring “green up” and faster seed germination. Besides, the cover allows the right amount of water to pass through. With this combination, the root development is profound, and turf thicker.

Bear in mind that EOYUAGRO golf green covers are custom-made to order. That means that we’re providing you with any size you need!

The Standard cover comes with three layers of special film. Plus, lock-stitched seams are included for the most extensive durability. The multipurpose surfaces are suitable for winter protection, early greening, or turf rebuilding. We are proud to offer competitive prices and the best quality.


Unit Weight

115 grm


5 Warps/inch

Tensile Strength N/5cm

Warp 280, Weft 380

Air Permeability

338 mm/s

Thermal Transmittance


UV Resistance @ 1500 hrs.


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