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5 Applications of Fruit Trees Netting

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Fruit tree netting is an ideal and full proof way to save your precious fruits from damaging. The net comprises a high-density polyethylene monofilament with a mesh size that ensures the flow of wind, appropriate sunlight, and water for fuller growth.
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Getting fruit from the farm is the best way to enjoy its freshness. But unfortunately, such fruit is stolen by pesky birds before you reach it. Birds and animals like bats, insects, bugs, snakes, rats, and other birds can damage. In general, fruit tree netting is an ideal and full proof way to save your precious fruits from damaging. The net comprises a high-density polyethylene monofilament with a mesh size that ensures the flow of wind, appropriate sunlight, and water for fuller growth. Mesh square box varies in length, and knitting patterns assure wildlife safety. A netting structure is made by following the rules made by wildlife management. To protect your fruits from these animals, cover them with fruit tree netting available at Eyouagro. Here is our guidance for netting according to animals and birds.

Apple Orchard Netting
Apple Orchard Netting

Fruit tree netting for birds

Fruit tree netting is the best in controlling birds‘ attack on the fruits. The net is a lightweight plastic that saves the fruit by ensuring proper ventilation, moisture, and light.  For best results, you need to find out which birds are attacking your orchard. The most common birds that feed on fruits are parrots, small sparrows, crows, and other similar animals. Pests controlled by fruit tree netting are bats, flying foxes, and possums.


  • Netting is available in white, black, and green color.
  • Provide 100% protection against birds.
  • Netting material manufactured from HDPE making it an eco-friendly product.
  • Have weather, acid, and water-resistant property.
  • Highly durable and UV stable.
  • Netting has a life span of up to 8 years

Fruit tree netting for squirrels

Fruit tree netting for squirrels is usually installed in a drape over position sp that the squirrels cannot enter the tree from the bottom. Drape net protects rodents and other damaging elements like hail, strong wind, and the sun’s heat. It is economical in cost, easy to install and remove.



  • The netting material is 100% Virgin HDPE.
  • UV treatment enhances its longevity.
  • Strong enough to bear poor weather conditions.
  • It does not allow rodents, especially squirrels, to damage fruits.
  • Easy to apply and remove; cut to customized size and not require a ladder to install and repair.
  • Environmental friendly material makes it recyclable.

Fruit tree netting for fruit fly

Fruit netting tree isolates the crops that protect them from fruit fly and encourage pollination through the wind. This netting structure is feasible for biological crops. It is available in different mesh sizes, protected from various insects and bugs, including fruit flies. The net used on vegetables and flowers prevents them from other types of flies.

fruit fly
fruit fly


  • Top-quality HDPE monofilament utilized to make netting
  • UV proof material makes it a strong and long life net.
  • Easy to stretch and spread
  • Available in different mesh sizes on request
  • Enhance the productivity of the farms
  • Ensure a maximum supply of light, air, and water.

Fruit tree netting for insects

This fruit tree netting protects the fruits from insect damage. The best protection against insects as it prevents the use of pesticides spray. This netting yields higher chemical-free productivity. Block insect penetration saves the plant, especially from leaf miners, thrips, and whiteflies. The fine mesh ensures appropriate sunlight, water, and wind to properly grow farm trees.

Pest Problem
Pest Problem


  • Protect contamination by insects
  • Pesticide reduction prays.
  • Ensure higher productivity
  • Mesh size vary as per requirement
  • Transparent colors ensure proper sunlight transmission.

Fruit tree netting for bugs

Fruit tree netting for bugs was designed in cooperation with the orchard owners to save their trees from bug damage. A lightweight net ensures the safety of fruits along with blocking bugs. Smaller mesh sizes help to prevent bug transmission in damaging the plants. The transparent mesh provides proper light and healthy fruit growth.



  • Net can control the birds, bees, wasp, and bug interaction with the plant.
  • Ensure complete protection to the fruit.
  • The waterproof property allows the sprays and water to pass to the plants.
  • UV resistant
  • Environmental friendly netting

Fruit Tree Netting for snakes

Fruit tree netting installed in drape over position works best to inhibit snakes from entering the fruit trees. Works best against damaging creatures like rats, snakes, and squirrels. These animals are likely to harm your fruit growth; stoping their entrance through fruit tree netting is an effective and environmentally friendly way. Netting ensures the development of fruit along with the safety of wild animals.


  • Net using is the cost-effective way to prevent fruit from damaging.
  • A durable and long-lasting net made with lockstitch technology
  • Net has easy installation; easy to handle and position.
  • Anti rip and anti-sagging property
  • Netting is Lightweight and ultra-violent protected.

Fruit Tree netting for fruit bats

A unique knitted net that protects the fruit trees from birds like bats. It has an appropriate mesh size that does not allow the bats to pass hence securing the fruit from damage. A wildlife-friendly mesh allows proper passage to air and light to aid the fruit in ripening—one of the most affordable and practical methods to stop the bats from entering the orchard.

fruit bat
fruit bat


  • Net manufactured from high-quality HDPE.
  • Netting has a long and durable life
  • UV protected feature expands the life span
  • Netting is cost-efficient and has easy installation
  • Have a life span of 5 to 10 years
bird netting

Summing up

For the best productive results, the grower should use techniques to control the bird damage before developing a feeding habit. Once the feeding pattern develops, it will become difficult for the farm owner to change it. It is better to install a net based on pests in your area at the proper time. Because without adequate protection, fruit trees are at higher risk of being destroyed before harvest. Wildlife invasion is likely to waste all the efforts of growing fruit trees. Eyouagro has invested and developed an eco-friendly netting system with substantial barriers restricting the pests’ attack and ensuring higher productivity. Get connected with Eyouagro to save your fruits from damage.

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